P.Y.T. (a Michael Jackson Love Story)

this is my first story ever. since i am such a big michael jackson fan, i decided that probably all of my stories are going to be michael jackson love stories. please no rude comments since this is my first time even writing a love story.

Chapter 1

moving to LA

Name: Reed
Personality: down to earth, curious, loving, caring
Born: Washington DC
B-Day: May 25
Age: 27

(okay, this is where the actual story begins)

"Reed! Come inside!" my mom yelled at me. "coming!" i've never had a normal life before and i'm dying to find out. i am a singer. i started singing when i was 7. well, a back up singer/ background singer.
i am a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson. i will do ANYTHING to do a duet with him or a background singer or whatever! anyway, i always have to wake up early every morining. and i am NOT a morning person.
so today, i get a call at 3 a.m. from sheryl crow, wanting me to be a background singer for her concert in a month. i didn't like sheryl crow that much, so i declined. i decided i needed a break. we were going to move to LA in about 2 weeks. i was really excited. we would've never have been able to afford it if i was never a background singer. even though i was a background singer, i wasnt famous or anything, but i wasnt just a normal girl.

about a week has passed and we were packing all of our things to move. i didn't have to say good bye to a lot of people since i didnt have a very big family. but i do have A LOT of cousins. it was going to be 4th of july in about a week, and we were hoping to spend 4th of july before we move.

now, here we are, at LA. for such a big fan of Michael, I didnt know michael lives close by, only 2 hours away. i got so so so excited when i heard this. he was going to have a concert in a month! i have to do auditions! i ran to the kitchen screaming at the top of my lungs. " mom! dad! mom! dad!"
"what's with all the screaming?" my mom asked
"it's Michael Jackson! he's-"
"he's here?" my dad joked.
"no, " i said sarcastically "he's going to have a concert in a month, and I HAVE TO TRY OUT!!!" i yelled. " you KNOW how much i love him!"
" ooh.... someone has a crush on a popstar!" my sister, brianna exclamed. god, she can be a real pest sometimes, but i still love her.
"shut up!" i yell back
"hey! no fighting !" my mom jumps back in the conversation
" yeah, what your mom said!" my dad says.
"so can i try out?" i ask
"um... yea sure why not?" my dad says
my mom glared at my dad. "what?" he asks
"well since your dad approves, i guess you can" mom said
" oh my god!!! i can see Michael Jackson!!!" then i started crying (happy crying) and couldn't stop myself. tommorow are the auditions and i was so excited! i went to bed early so i have enough energy.

the next day:

when we were driving, my mom was worried that we might go to the wrong place and then be late...(whatever) but i knew we wouldn't be lost, cuz there was a HUGE line, with about 400 people trying out. we had to follow the line to the back of the line. oh boy, this is going to take a long time!
i was so worried that i wouldn't get the part because he only needed 5 background singers and there were 400 people trying out! then, suddenly, everybody started screaming their heads off cuz Michael stepped out of the building to announce that there are going to be three lines instead of one cuz of all the people. i could barely hear him,and i think i almost got deaf! then, about 10 minuetes passed after he went back inside, finally it got A LITTLE bit quieter.

an hour later...
so, now i have been waiting for an hour now, and we are down to 350 people in line. my dad finally found parking! (thank god) it was already time for lunch, but we didn't bring anything. so my dad had an idea that we wait in line so we don't lose our spot, while he gets something from somewhere. (my dad does not go to a specific place. he just goes to the first place he sees where you can eat) about half an hour later, he came back with Subway. he handed all of us a sandwich.

4 hours later...

finally, I was up next! i got really nervous think that i would mess up and humiliate myself. then as i walked across the stage, i saw michael at a table, with some other people, talking to .... the director or something. then he stopped talking and looked up. now he was looking at me. then the choreographer stepped up and so did about a dozen people did too. i guess they are not going one by one. then we did some singing practice. about 10 min.s later, we were done.
after it was over, i saw michael wink at me. i blushed and quickly looked away. i didn't want him to see me blushing.
"oh my god..... i saw him wink at me!!!!!!!!" i said
"who?" my dad joked " i'm gonna beat him up!"
"hey! you cant beat up MIchael Jackson!"
" i know i know" my dad said
" are you so excited cuz you have a crush on him?" said brianna
"ugh. well, you know that's why all the girls scream and faint"i said
" i knew it!"
" yea. sure you did"
" so how was it?" my mom asked
"um.... i think, well i hope i did good enough to be in his concert.
" well, at least you tryed your best"

then, we started back home. it was already late out, so we had dinner, and went to bed.

the next day...

at about 5 a.m., i get a phone call from...Michael Jackson's manager telling me that i made the part!
i screamed so loud i woke up everybody. then i ran upstairs as fast as i could to tell my parents. they were so happy for me. since we got the call, we were supposed to be there at 6a.m. this time, instead of MJs manager calling out the names, Michael was going to do it. when he called my name, he told me come to him first. then he whispered in my ear "you'll do great. and i like your name"
i gave him a smile, then i just couldn't help it, and i hugged him. Michael was surprised a little, but he hugged me back. his scent was so sweet. it smelled of flowers, men cologne, and just a very good smell. his smell made me daydream and forget where i was supposed to go. then i finally remembered and took my place on the stage. when i got in line, all the girls gave me looks, not bad looks but a "i'm jealous" look. i looked at Michael and then i blushed. then i looked away. he had the most amazing smile and i loved his hair. it curled in such an adorable way and i loved how some of it was in his face, and when he pushed it back, it just sprung back into it's place. i could tell that sometimes he would get annoyed and fustrate about it, and then he makes an adorable face when he is annoyed. finally, i stopped day dreaming and went back to work.
first we practiced "bad", then we did "man in the mirror", then "another part of me". we did three songs each day. tommorow we will do "the way you make me feel", dirty diana", and "smooth criminal. and the day after tommorow, we'll do "speed demon", leave me alone", and "liberian girl" and the day after that we are going to do are "i just can't stop loving you", and "just good friends". that is four days of practice to get through all the songs. each song is going to take half an hour because we have to do it over and over again until we get it right/ perfect.

--------------------------------end of practice-----------------------------------------------------

"reed! reed!" michael said "come in my dressing room!"
i looked over at michael i mouthed "ok" to him. he nodded then winked.
i blushed. first i had to get some water. after i got a water bottle from the vending machine, i headed over to Michael's dressing room. then i saw a door that said Michael on it. i knocked. "come in" said Michael
i quickly came in. "oh, hey reed" said michael
"hey, is something wrong?"
"come here"
i came to michael. he was in a chair. he stood up. i instantly felt short next to him. " i just wanted to tell you something"
he looked directly in my eyes. i blushed again and looked down. he gently lifted my chin with his surprisingly large hand so that i looked into his eyes too.
then he came and whispers in my ear "i love you"
my eyes got big at first, then i smiled and told him i loved him too in his ear. then he gave me warmest hug i have ever felt in my life. i got so relaxed in his arms and felt safe there too. then he pulled away and looked into my eyes again. this time i was silently crying because i was so happy. then he gently lifted my chin slightly and kissed me passionatly. i put my hand on his cheek and kissed him back. i could smell his sweet scent and never wanted to stop. then i felt his tongue wanting entrance to mine. i opened my mouth a little to let him in. then i finally pulled away, out of breath. he was too. i asked him "why me?"
"because you're different. you're not like those gossip girls or a super shy girl. you're perfect" he said softly
then i responed "that's the sweetest thing i've ever heard in my life" i said. as i said it, i was smiling.
then, since we enjoyed your first kiss so much, he leaned in to my face and kissed me again. i kissed him back.
this is the best day of my life.

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