P.Y.T. (a Michael Jackson Love Story)

this is my first story ever. since i am such a big michael jackson fan, i decided that probably all of my stories are going to be michael jackson love stories. please no rude comments since this is my first time even writing a love story.

Chapter 3

The Room

then, about 20 mins of walking down the hall (the building was huge) he finally stopped in front of a door. then, he took a grasp of the handle of the door of the restaurant, and slowly opens the door. when i see what was inside, i gasp.
"oh my god"
(sorry i forgot to mention that the door was supposed to be a door for a restaurant)

the restaurant had red curtains covering the windows, a very dim light, and it was painted of a sort of sexy color, a redish brown. the waiter led us to a seat in the back with roses on the booth table, and a cake that said:
i looked over at michael. i was crying.i hugged him so tight. "oh my god, Michael, you didn't have to. i said. "i love you so much"
then we sat in the small, private booth since we were in the reserved section of the restaurant. one thing that sort of ruined the romantic Breakfast we were going to have was it wasnt very quiet because of all the screaming fans outside. but i wasnt going to complain to michael. i knew that he went through so much for me and that was the sweetest thing ever. after our breakfast, it was time to go to rehearsals. as we were walking. i suddenly stopped at a random place and went to a private corner of the building. then i kissed him. he kissed back. it wasnt a very intense kiss, just a short one. when i pulled away. i smiled. he was already smiling before i smiled.then i took his hand and we walked towards the stage to start rehearsals. we started with "speed demon" then "leave me alone" and then "liberian girl".
he didnt tie his hair up today, so in speed demon, his hair kept curling in his face. when i saw this, i giggled
-----------------------------------------------end of rehearsals--------------------------------------------
"you did TERRIBLE today!" i 'screamed' at michael
"what are you talking about?" he yelled back with tears in his eyes
"what do you think?" i yelled "you did bad today!!!"
but...but..." michael stammered "i thought..."
I laughed. "got you" i said cheerfully "you did AMAZING!!!
"oh my god. you're naughty" michael said.
"i know" i said proudly "you should have seen your face when i said that!" i said laughing.
"did i look bad?"
"oh my god, michael! dont say that!" i said "you had the cutest expression on your face!"
there was silence for a min. finally, Michael asked:
"you think i'm cute?"
"of course." i said smiling
"is that why you love me?"
"who said i love you?" i said coldly (i was playing with him again)
"wow Michael. i'm kidding. i DO love you."i said sweetly
"there a lot of other reasons why i love you too, you know" i said. "i don't know if you're being yourself sometimes, you just do what you do to get girls"
"what do i do?" he asked
"umm... let's see" i said sarcastically. "you're sweeet, cute, umm...don't be embarrassed by this, but you're super sexy." i said. "that's why girls love you"
"oh." Michael said staring at me
"what?" i ask
"oh, nothing"
"well, i have to head back to-"
"wait!" michael interupted " i almost forgot! come here." he said sweetly
he took my hand and took me to his dressing room. "i was wondering... if... you'd be my girl." he said. then he opened a small box with the most beautiful diamond ring i had ever seen.
i was crying already. "oh my god" i said "yes, yes, a million times yes!" i say
then he gently takes my hand and puts the ring on. i look at him. he looks at me then i hug him tightly, and start kissing him. a long one, too. he kisses me passionatley and i could feel his tongue against my lips wanting to 'come inside'. i open my mouth slightly to let him in. he pulls away slightly, saying "i love you" i respond:
"i love you more than anything" i say
then , we continue our kiss. as we were kissing, i could feel his hand tugging on my shirt, wanting it off. i let him. then i take off his shirt. he puts his hand on my bra trying to take it off. i take it off for him. i gently push him to walk backwards towards the couch. he falls on the couch, taking me with him. i feel the belt on his pants, umbuckling the belt. he pulls his pants off. then he pulls my pants off as we continue our kiss.
finally, i pull away, with both of us out of breath. i smile at him. then i quickly get off of him so he can get up. i put my bra back on as well as my shirt and pants.by the time i had all my clothes back on, he was done changing too.
------------------------------------------end of ex--------------------------------------

i was late out, and i told michael i really needed the excerise, so i walked home today.
when i got home, i screamed. but in a happy way, not a "someone is hurting me" way.
"uh-oh." my mom said. "what happened?"
"yea. what happened? asked brianna
"it's michael." i answer. "he asked me to be ''his girl'' ".i said, happily.
"and you said yes?" my dad asked
"of course" i said.
"wow. congratulations" my mom said cheerfully
then, there was a knock at our front door. i went downstairs to the front door, hoping it was my new boyfriend, MICHAEL JACKSON!!!
when i opened the door. my smile turned upside down.
"and what the hell are you doing here?!?" i yell
it was my ex-boyfriend, mathew.
" i heard you're now dating a popstar" he says coldly
"and does it concern you ?" i say back, coldly
"actually, it does" he said "why would you want to date him, when i know you still have feelings for me?" i said, trying to be cool.
"oh. you know i don't" i say
thank god my dad was home. he heard that i was fighting,and he recognized the voice right away. my dad was nice, but he can be scary and mean. he came rushing downstairs.
"stay away from my daughter, you b
*ch!" he yelled
i knew that mathew was scared of my dad, but this time, he didn't even move.
"or what?" he talked back "what are YOU going to do about it?"

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