I Found Love in the Mall!! (A Taylor Lautner Story) [Story Version]

I Found Love in the Mall!! (A Taylor Lautner Story) [Story Version]

Okay I had this really funny dream of what would happen if Taylor Lautner came to MY school and started hanging out with all of MY friends, because they know how much I obsess over him and they would probably EMBARASS ME TO DEATH! I wrote this back when I was in high school but I'm graduated now :D But I will still continue it and update a little. Yes Dakota is my best friend, well used to be before we got mad at each other. I miss him dearly! He has read the story and loved it!

Chapter 1

OMFG Taylor Lautner is in town!!??

"AHHHHHH! Mom! Mom!" I screamed tripping over the cord to my laptop and fumbling to the floor.
"What's going on?" She said slightly amused at my hysterical laugh, I do that when I hurt myself.
"Taylor Lautner was spotted here! He could be in town. Can I got to the Mall?!" I said my eyes welling because I stubbed my toe.
"Sure, but if you see him don't attack him okay?" She laughed.
"Whatever, me? Do that? Pfft, your crazy mom! Now where did those handcuffs go..." I snickered.
"Danielle!!" She laughed.
"Just kidding!" I ran to my room and put on my new moon shirt and skinny jeans. I thought i'd throw in my purple hat that looked like the one Haley Williams wore in the Decode video, Hot topic 16 dollars! I slipped into flip flops even though it's like, 50 degrees outside, I hate shoes. I texted my friend Dakota and asked him if he wanted to come with me. I was attempting to get him into the Twilight stuff, but I have to admit it's hard. I told him I'd be at his house in about 10 minutes, even though it took me five to get there if I speed a little. I told my mom to just text me if she got worried. I hopped in my car and pulled out of the driveway. My car was a silver, sporty looking car that all my friends were jealous of. I pulled up to his house and he walked out to my car like a sloth.
"GOSH! Could you walk any slower?!" I laughed and sped of as soon as he closed the door.
"Slow down speedy! What's the rush?" Dakota smirked as he buckled his seat belt. We zoomed up to the giant mall on the main road of the city. "I just need to pick something up at the mall, duh!" I grinned. He rolled his eyes.
"Okay then, what are we here after?" He asked as we walked in the doors. He was wearing his favorite khaki shorts and a Bring me the Horizon shirt, what a Wemo (wanna be emo).
"We could go see what sale they are having at Hot Topic." I said causally as my eyes were flicking around from guy to guy. He did the thing were he tilted his head back so he could see past the hair hanging in his face. He looked at me like I was crazy.
"Dude!" I started laughing "Don't look at me like that!"
"Dude you own half of Hot Topic!" He said skeptically.
"Well lets go get the other half!"
We walked through the store and I checked under every hooded guy in the store. I bought a Paramore tee, Dakota booed, I slapped him. I offered to get him some guy liner and he got mad and rambled on about not being gay. We walked around the store for a good hour or so. I sighed.
"What?" He asked. "Okay I saw on the news that Taylor was here but I guess they lied." I said, my moods dropping.
"Taylor Swift is here?!" He yelled, turning around, dramatically scooping the mall. I saw a group of preteens look around in shock too.
"Shut up, You're such a Tard! I meant Taylor Lautner!" I said smacking him upside the head.
"Ewww, gross! Why did you bring me along?" He frowned.
"Because all my other friends would go nuts. You not so much." I snickered. "He isn't here anyways..." I frowned.
"You want an icee?" He grinned.
"Do just want me to buy one so you can have some?" I laughed.
"Yeah, kinda!" He smiled. I pulled out my phone to see if my mom texted me. I pushed the screen up to reveal the keys and a guy with a hooded Jacket came flying out of nowhere right between us, knocking the phone to the ground.
"Excuse me." He mumbled as I bent down to pick the phone up.
"Hey, Douche bag, you can say your sorry!" Dakota yelled after him. I froze in my tracks as he threw a fit about how people don't have manners.
"Earth to Danielle do you read?"
"O.M.G!" I enunciated.
"What?!" Dakota said still ticked.
"That was him!" I whispered.
"Taylor?" He said.
"Yeah!" I squeaked. "Let's follow him!"
"Ugh, I swear your lucky that I'm your friend and am willing to do this." He mumbled.
"Yes, you're awesome, now lets go!" We picked up our pace making sure not to loose the grey hood. It was kind of funny because me and Dakota were both wearing grey hoodies. We took a detour through a store that was sure to bring us in front of him. We came out of the other side and there he was, going a little faster now.
"Hey, do you hear that?" Dakota asked.
"Hear what?"
"Listen!" I heard what sound like feet stomping.
"What the hell?" I said, and the screaming started... fans! Crazed, pubescent girls were chasing Taylor, 100 miles per hour. "Come on, I saw a Janitor's closet up ahead!" We ran ahead, Taylor and the girls approaching quickly. We flung the door open and it was surprisingly big, and smelled of Lysol. I cracked the door open just enough I could see Taylor approaching.
"Grab him and pull him in on 3. 1...2...3!" Right on cue we both grabbed one of his arms and pulled him in. I slammed and locked it then threw myself against the door and we heard the screaming start to fade.
"You okay?" I asked Taylor.
"Yeah, for now anyways." He said staring me and Dakota down.
"Dude, chill, she's the only crazy fan not me." He said pointing at me.
"Shut up! Don't worry I'm harmless, for now anyways." I laughed. He let out a chuckle then sat on one of the milk crates in the closet. He took in a deep breath.
"Tired?" Dakota said. "I know I am when girls chase me through the mall. I feel for you, dude."
"Dakota your retarded." I laughed. "You know nobody wants to chase you."
"Why do you always have to assume the worse?" he chuckled. Taylor was fully laughing at us now, but what can I say were are really funny.
"I'm Jones, Dani Jones." I said in my goofy James bond voice. I stuck my hand out. He grabbed it and shook it, his hands were surprising soft and I thought I was going to faint.
"Nice to meet you. Um, do I really need to introduce myself?" He laughed looking at my shirt.
"I think we're on a first name bases." I replied.
"I'm Dakota." He said doing a little retarded dude hand shake with Taylor.
"Kota, your such a wierdo, touching on Taylor like that." I laughed.
"Stuh-foo!" He said fighting a laugh.
"Ugh! I hate that word!" I grimaced!
"You know that was funny!" He said. "So Taylor, why are you here?"
"I was just taking a break from all the drama in L.A. I thought here it wouldn't be as bad." He shrugged.
"Dude, we love love Twilight here. Well, I think everybody every where loves it, even Guam..." I pondered, he laughed. His laugh was even better in person, and he was SO gorgeous! I almost died.
"So how are we going to get out of here?" Taylor asked.
"I don't know." Dakota and I said in unison. We laughed and looked at each other. I chuckled darkly.
"You thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Oh yeah!"

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