Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 22)

Work of Art by Demi Lovato


Chapter 1

Eggs and bacon,quidditch,spending time with it.

I woke up the next morning to Fred and George pouring buckets of water on me and Ginny and Ron jumping on my bed."Very nice,Weasleys,very nice.",I said,soaking wet.They all laughed."Mrs.Weasley!",I yelled while running down the stairs."Yes dear? Oh my.Fred,George!",she yelled."Coming mum!",they yelled down.They came running down.Mrs.Weasley dried me with magic and scolded Fred and George.I ran upstairs and grabbed my clothes."Nice abs Weasley.",I teased as Ron put his shirt on.He scowled.I smiled and went to take a shower.At the end I smelled like strawberries.I put on:

I walked out of the shower while trying to curl my hair with the damn muggle contraption Hermione gave me.It finally worked and my hair was as curly as ever.I turned off the freakin' hair-fryer and got my Firebolt.It's Quidditch time.I skipped out of the room with my broom over my shoulder."Whose up for a game of Quidditch after breakfast?",I asked,cheerfully.Fred,George,and Ron raised their hands.My grin grew.I ate breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs,toast,and bacon."Delicious breakfast Mrs.Weasley.",I said,wiping my mouth with a napkin."Oh it's nothing really.",she said,blushing."You're being too modest.",I said.She blushed harder and went back to washing the dishes."Morning Mr.Weasley.",I said to Mr.Weasley who was across the table reading the Daily Prophet."Morning Chloe.",he said.I smiled.

We went to the backyard,the Weasleys with their Cleansweeps."I'm gonna get you guys new broomstics,the first chance I get.",I said."You don't have to.It'll be a such a fuss.",said Ron,getting a baseball."No worries,I'm bloody rich.I'll be able to buy you guys new books.Not second-hands.",I said,now floating on my broom."Bloody heII,Chloe,thanks.",said the twins.I smiled."Mind if I watch?",said Ginny,coming from the house."No problem.",I said."Now if you don't mind,Chloe,we're about to play Quidditch.",said Ron"I pick Fabian in my team,I need to have a decent Beater.",I said,teasing George with his nickname.He glared."Cool,let's play.",said Ron.
~~After the awesomely intense game of Quidditch~~
"Chloe,you're bloody great flier,how do you do it?",asked Fred
"You know Madam Hooch?",I asked.
"Yeah,she's the flying teacher for first years.",blurted Ginny.
"Yeah,that's her,she's my aunt.From my mum's side.",I said proudly.
"Bloody brilliant.Do you reckon you can teach us to fly?",asked George.
"Sure,but I get a month supply of pranks for my birthday every year.",I said,smirking."Deal!",yelled the twins."You want to learn too,Ginny?",I asked.She nodded eagerly and grabbed a broom.I then started teaching them the basics.
~~After the awesom--I'll just cut to the chase~~
"Seriously Ron,I said stay a good few feet from the ground.",I said,looking at Ron cut."I didn't hear you.",he said,scowling.I cleaned the cut on his face."Dear god,Chloe,don't tell me Madam Pomfrey is your sister.",said Fred."No,but my....mum.....taught me.",I said.It hurt talking about her.I dabbed some sort of healing potion on Ron's cut and put a bandage on it.
"Gee,thanks Chloe.",said Ron,lightly touching the bandage.
"Don't touch it and you're welcome.",I said as Mrs.Weasley came bustling from the kitchen.
"Chloe,dear,we have a letter to invite you to your parents'......gulp funeral.",she said quickly."Of course,I'll be going.May I go to Hogsmeade later on to buy an appropriate attire for the funeral?",I asked.She nodded and said,"Us Weasleys may not be able to go seeing we don't have the appropriate attire for the event.",she said."No worries Mrs.Weasley,my parents left me a great deal of money.",I said.
"She's bloody rich!",blurted Ron.
"No,that will be too much of a fuss.",she said.
"No,I insist.",I.....insisted.
"If you insist,that leaves me no choice.Thank you dear."
~~At Gringotts~~
We stopped at the vault 415,my vault.I gave them the key and they opened it.The galleons,sickles,and knuts piled high to the ceiling,which was very high up.Ron jaw dropped.I closed it and took the Weasley's money bag and mine.I filled both of them up with galleons and closed it.And believe me,there were so many galleons I couldn't close them.I handed the bag back to Mrs.Weasley.
~~At Hogsmeade~~
"Come along Ginny.We're going to buy our clothes.I'll buy you anything you want.",I said,holding Ginny's wrist.We entered Daisy's Dress Robe Emporium (not real).After minutes of looking we finally bought:

"I love it!",said Ginny.I smiled.Then Ron,Fred,and George came running in."I got a Nimbus 2000,I'm just trying out for Keeper.",said Ron."Since we're Beaters,we got Nimbus 2001s.",said Fred and George in unison.
"Cool.",I said.
"Did you guys buy your suits for the funeral?",asked Ginny.I raised my eyebrow looking at them."We'll go buy them.",complained Fred,George,and Ron.I took their brooms and wrote down their requests."Why do you need cockroach clusters,Ron?",I asked."Pranks.",he said,solemnly.I scoffed and wrote it down."Go on now.",I said.They took their brooms which were wrapped in paper and ran off."Let's go.",I said.
~~At Honeydukes~~
"Wow.",said Ginny.Then Cormac McLaggen came up to me."I see you've got the Gryffindor pride.",he said."Yeah.Fancy seeing you here.",I said,trying not to show the sarcasm.Being the dunce he is,he didn't notice.I have to admit,he was pretty handsome but just not my type.Then I looked out the window.Ron had helped me regain my memory so I knew everything.How do you lose your memory from getting choked? Malfoy told his father something and entered Honeydukes.
"McLaggen,Woods.",he said,sneering when he said 'McLaggen' and smiling when he said 'Woods'."Malfoy.",I said smiling.McLaggen just smirking and put his arm around me.
"Oh keep dreaming McLaggen.",I said pushing him.He stumbled back."I'm going to go now.",I said.I walked towards Ginny who was looking at some cauldron cakes."Hey Ginny.",I said."Hey.",she said.Ginny looked up and behind me. and saw
I turned around and saw McLaggen and Malfoy behind me."Holy mother of Dumbledore.You scared me.",I said,putting my hand on my chest."Woods,you want to go on a date sometime? Like I don't know........tomorrow?",said McLaggen.I looked at Ginny.She took a notepad out of her pocket and wrote something.She passed it to me.It said:

He'll just bother you more if you say no.

"Sure.",I said."Where do you live? I'll travel there by Floo Powder around 10 AM.",he said."The Burrow.",I said.He nodded and winked."Bye Chloe,Weasley.",he said before leaving.Ginny glared at him."I only agreed to go with him.Not that we're on first name terms.",I said,as if saying,"Who does he think he is?".I looked at Malfoy who was pale and had his jaw-dropped."You looked pale,Malfoy.Are you a vampire? Have a lollipop.",I said,taking a blood-flavored lollipop from a nearby kid and put it in Malfoy's open mouth."Hey that was mine!",said the kid.I took a blood-flavored lollipop off the shelf and gave it to him."On me,kiddo.",I said,giving him a galleon."Gee,thanks!",he said./Why would he want a blood-flavored lollipop?/
Malfoy threw the lollipop into a trashcan.
"Why'd you say yes to McLaggen?",asked Malfoy.
"Why can't I say no?",I said.
"I mean,I always thought you hated McLaggen."
"It's just a change of thought."
"You can't go! He's a real player!"
"It's not like I'm his girlfriend! Besides it's not your choice to choose who I should date! You're not my dad! And McLaggen will be twice the man you'll ever be!",I yelled.He looked taken aback."Well,one thing McLaggen doesn't know is that he's taking a sl/t on a date.",he sneered.Those words stung."Come on Ginny,let's go.",I said,on the verge of tears.
She nodded and led me to the door as tears blurred my vision.I bumped into someone when I walked out of the door.
"What happened?",said some voices.I'd know those voices from anywhere.Fred and George.
"Blimey Chloe,you're working up a rainstorm.",said Ron.I heard a smack.I'm guessing Ginny hit him.
"M-Malfoy called me a sl/t.",I choked out,still crying.
"Where's our Beater bats and bludgers when we need them?",said Fred.
I smiled a bit.I sat on a bench."I'm tired.",I finally said after minutes of crying.I curled up in Fred's chest."You don't mind do you?",I asked."No.",he said,putting his arm around my shoulders."Good,because if you did,I would punch you.",I said.He chuckled.I then fell asleep.
~~At the Burrow~~
I woke up to George falling on me and snoring in my ear."George! Get offa me!",I yelled.He got up and laughed."Must you always wake me up annoyingly?",I asked,sitting up."Yes we must.",said Fred and George in unison.
I shook my head and got some clothes and went to take a shower.I came out wearing:

"You still got that Gryffindor Pride.",said Ron."Yup.",I said,popping the P."First one down gets the last piece of bacon",said Fred after he,George,and Ginny came out of their rooms.I slid the railing,like I always do and waited for the others at the table."Good morning Chloe.",said Mrs.Weasley."Good morning Mrs.Weasley.",I said.
"Oh please call me Molly,dear.",she said.
"...........Mrs.Weasley,when is the funeral,may I ask?",I asked.Mrs.Weasley sighed.
"In 3 days dear.",she said.
"Oh and Mrs.Weasley,Cormac McLaggen asked me out on a date and I said yes so he would leave me alone,so I'll be out for the day," I said.She nodded.
A day with McLaggen Cormac./Joy./


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