What the future holds!(Emo vampire love story)

Who will be the heroin of this story you will just have to read to find out hehehe1

Chapter 1

Character profiles (Not a chapter)

by: MrsBoddy
Main character: Faith James- Is 17 years old is considered to hang out around more of the emo/goth/ and scene kids but at her old school was forced to be one of the barbies by her parents. She has straight black hair thats choppy and covers one of her eyes its goes done to about her shoulders. Peiricings: A vertical labret on her lip and a bridge on her nose. Her personal style is usually skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and some converses sometimes wears shorts.

Matt- Is also 16 years old hangs around the Scenes/goths/emos/and Skaters. Has black hair with blue highlights covering one of his eyes and has Blue eyes. Peiricing: Has a snake bite on his bottom lip. He loves wearing skinny jeans and band tshirts he loves converses especially his black pair and theres no telling how many that boy has (lol).Works at an animal shelter. And is the the second youngest there after Rosa.

Aiden: Is 17 and a half years old hangs around the skaters/emos/and the goths. Has Jet black hair that is always covering one eyes and held in place by a hat at all times and he has Brown eyes. He usually just wore a skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a plaing white tee underneath just in cause. He mostly wore shoes that he had bought from D.C that Were out of this world. Peiricings: Has none but is planing on getting one soon hopefully.

Exavier: Is 18 years old hangs around the skaters and emo's only. Has dark brown hair that sometimes goes over one of his eyes and eyes so brown they look like choclolate. Wears skinny jeans and band tshirst almost all the time. Also wears converses and D.C shoes sometimes. Peiricings: has snake bites on his bottom lip. He likes writting and singing (And very good at both)

Oliver: Is 17 years old Hangs around mostly the skaters but sometimes also hangs around the emos and scene's. Has black hair that looks a little brown in the light that covers one eye is soon to get a peiricing. Has sea green with a tint of blue mixed in with it. Wears mostly hats over his hair and skinny jeans with just any kind of tshirt.Wears converses.

Liam: Is 18 years old. hangs around the skaters/emos/scenes/and goths. Has black hair that usually sometimes covers both his eyes. Piericing: Has one hoop lip ring on the right side of his bottom lip. Has stunning blue eyes that are smuged with a tint of foggy grey. wears skinny jeans and usually no shirt if he has a hoddie on. Wears converses and D.C's shoes.

Jasper: Is 16 and a half years old hangs around the skaters/emos/goths/and scenes. gets crowded by the preps which he hates. Has blue hair that could hang over both of his eyes but he only lets it hang over one has green eyes as green as the forest. Wears skinny jeans and ripped pants also any kinds of tshirts he wears mostly D.C and converses. Peiricings: Has none but wants snake bites for hsi lower lip and a gauz for his ear.

Rosa: Is 15 years old Hangs around the scenes/emos/skaters/goths/and loners. She has Pink hair that is straight and long. She also has dark blue eyes. Peiricings: Snake bites on her bottom lip and a septum on her nose. Wears girly scene clothes but still looks awesome and has all different colored converses and heels. Is the youngest there.

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