Interesting cough-crazy-cough Conversations

So my friends and I have pretty odd facebook conversations. And real conversations.. I mean insane. I feel like all of you would appriciate them! So here we go...

Note: This will only have new chapters once something very awesome happens. So it'll either be more regular or less regular that my other stories...

Chapter 1

"Dude, I wasn't that drunk..." Jokes

by: magsisme
So today she posted this on my wall saying she thought this joke was really funny:
"dude, i wasn't that drunk..." "then explain why you hugged a guy with a beard and screamed 'DUMBLEDORE...YOUR ALIVE!!!!'?"

and that one joke resulted in this:

Me: "Dude I wasn't that drunk..." "You gave a midget a sock and said 'Dobby, you're a free elf!"

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "You stood by my fireplace saying 'Take me to Diagon Alley!'

Me:"I wasn't that drunk. "We passed a family of gingers and you asked if they were going to the burrow."

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "You opened a box of tampons, saying that they looked like ghosts and then haunted me with them."

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You were cutting a pineapple yelling 'SPONGEBOB! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!"

Sydney: "Dude I wasn't that drunk." "You were trying to find Nemo in my pool."

Me: "Dude I wasn't that drunk." "You were holding my cat saying 'One day Simba, all this will be yours' and then you sang 'The Circle of Life'"

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "You took my hat and muttered, 'Not Slytherin.'"

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You sat on my rug and sang 'A Whole New World'"

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "You slid through a mud puddle saying it was Willy Wonka's river.

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You were honking my car horn telling bumblebee to transform."

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "You said Justin Beiber wasn't g@y"

Me: :"I wasn't that drunk." "You said Miley Cyrus had talent!"

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "YOU STOLE MIKE TYSON'S TIGER!"

Me: "dude, i wasn't that drunk." "You put my iPhone on airplane mode and then threw it in the air..."

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk." "You threw a tennis ball at my lizard and said "CHARIZARD, I CHOOSE YOU!"

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You walked through an automatic door and told everyone in the store you were a jedi."

Sydney: "I wasn't that drunk!" "You asked your sister if she was single."

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You said that Casey Anthony was misunderstood and innocent."

Sydney: " I wasn't that drunk." "You kept asking my cat why he killed Mufasa."

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You put your feet in see-through cups and said you were Cinderella."

Sydney:"I wasn't that drunk!" "You posted on facebook about what a loving father Homer Simpson is."

Me: "I wasn't that drunk." "You watched the hangover and kept saying how wise and classy they were."

Sydney: "Dude I wasn't that drunk." "Dude, you fvcked snooki."

Me:"I wasn't that drunk." "You hid in my closet and kept yelling, "NARNIA HERE I COME!"

Sydney: "Dude, I wasn't that drunk." "You flirted with yourself in a mirror.

Me:"Dude, I wasn't that drunk." "You watched Never say Never and cried tears of joy."

Sydney: "Dude, I wasn't that drunk." "You ran down the street with only your Edward Cullen carboard cutout.

Me: "Dude I wasn't that drunk." "You bought an edward cullen cardboard cut-out."

Sydney: Dude I wasn't that drunk." "You jumped up and down on the trampoline singing. I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!"

Me: "Dude, I wasn't that drunk." "You watched fred the movie and laughed."

Sydney: "Dude I wasn't that drunk." "You threw a bird at my dog and yelled ANGRY BIRDS!"

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