Listen to Your Heart (A Matt Lang Love Story.... Eventually)

Listen to Your Heart (A Matt Lang Love Story.... Eventually)

Yeah, yeah I know. Danielle's writing another story! Shit! It's another StarKid story! Yes. Yes it is.

Well get reading then. Why are you still reading the info? This isn't even info. It's me rambling on about nothing.

Let me know what you think!

Dont forget to....
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Chapter 3

~Drift Away-Grey Gardens~

Hey there! Just thought I'd explain the titles real quick... Every chapter will be named after a song from a musical. From this point on I'll put what show it's from. A lot of them will probably work their way into the chapter but probably not every single one. Sound good? Yes? Then read on my Starship Ranger, read on..

"So, what brings you to Chicago?" Lauren asks me as she drives my car down a street, turning the blinker on to indicate she'll be turning soon.
How do I answer this? Definately not with the truth. I'm finally with people who don't know my story, who won't pity me and sit around waiting for me to break down. "I was just, driving I guess," I answer.
"You 'just drove' all the way to Chicago?"
"Yeah. I just, I needed to escape."
She holds a hand up for me to high-five. " Amen to that sister!"
I give her a small smile as she turns another corner. "Where are we going exactly?"
"StarKid Manor."
"Star what?"
She laughs. "Joey and I are part of a theatre troupe called StarKid. A lot of us live in this huge house so we call it StarKid Manor. I think you'll like it, it's really pretty." A theatre troupe? This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
Despite the way I feel about all of this I nod, "Yeah I'm sure I will. So, what kind of plays do you do?"
This earns me another laugh. "Nerd stuff. Harry Potter, lots of Disney references... we're just crazy. You'll see when we get there. And, no offense, but you look like you could use some cheering up."
Well I can't argue with that. But I'm positive there isn't anything that this theatre troupe can do to help me.

"Nice car," Joey says once Lauren's parked outside an old, large mansion-type house.
I give him another of my small smiles. My mouth isn't accustomed to being formed into that shape, it takes a bit of work. "Thanks."
Lauren gives me a small push towards the door. "Don't say I didn't warn you," she whispers as Joey walks over the threshold, leaving me to follow.
I walk into the foyer and then follow Joey into what must be the living room. A few people are sitting around playing a video game. They haven't noticed me yet but that all changes when Lauren yells, "Hey! We've got a guest!"
They all turn their head at the same time towards me. All at once I'm surrounded. "Hey! I'm Brian Holden but you can call me Holden. Everyone else does."
"I'm Jim!" a very tall, intimidating guy says.
The shortest one pokes his head put of the room, yelling for someone to come out, before saying hi.
"What's your name?" another one asks, poking my side.
There is way too much testosterone in this room right now.
"Walker! Quit touching her!" Lauren orders.
A tall man with blonde hair walks in, glancing around with a confused expression. "What is it Nick?"
The short guy smiles at him. "Lauren brought a friend home!"
The guy who introduced himself as Holden laughs. "A friend? How much money did she pay you to become her friend?"
I give him a scowl. "She didn't pay me anything."
"Wow Lopez, this is good. You've stepped up from payments and are now just trying to get their pity," says the one who poked me. I think Lauren called him Walker.
Lauren glares at him. "Shut up Walker."
"Hey let's sit down okay?" the blonde guy suggests. "Lauren's friend is probably about to run screaming from the house."
Holden nods. "Yeah, good idea Matt. We don't want that happening. Again." Everyone turns and glares at Walker.
He holds his hands up. "Whoah. It was not my fault Rosenthal decided to go all crazy like that after that squ..."
"Let's just go sit down," Matt interrupts. I'm grateful for him butting in, I was a bit scared about what I might hear.
I sit down in between Matt and Lauren. She pats my leg and says, "Sorry. But I did warn you."
"Yeah, that was nice of you," Joey agrees, pulling a box of what looks like Twizzlers out of a hall closet.
"So," tall guy Jim says, "who are you?"
"I'm Brooke Farrow," I introduce myself.
Lauren nods, like she needs to confirm this. "She's sad and homeless."
"I'm not homeless!" I say quickly.
Brian smirks and says, "I'm not homeless! Not anymore anyways..." For some reason everyone laughs at this.
I shake my head. "I'm serious. I'm not homeless I'm just looking for a different place to stay."
"Can you help pay rent?" Walker asks from his place on the floor. I think of the money Ryan and I had saved for an apartment in New York, just sitting in my bank account. A move that never happened. And to these people, a move I'd never even considered in the first place. It was so nice, knowing that everyone was looking at me and none of them were thinking about the accident.
"Yeah. Why? Do you know a place?"
"Here?" Nick says, like it's obvious.
Now my guard is back up. "Here?"
"Yeah, it's perfect," Matt says. "We have an extra room, you need somewhere to stay..."
"Like fate!" Joey exclaims, holding his licorice in the air.
Everyone looks at me hopefully, waiting for an answer. "I'll... I'll think about it," I tell them. Everyone goes back to what they were doing before I had arrived after that. Well except for Matt, he stays out in the living room instead of going back to whatever room he'd come from.
I watch them play their war game for a while before my eyelids begin to droop. I'm always tired now, nightmares and thoughts about Ryan do a pretty job of keeping me up at night. Normally I'm able to function fine even if I'm only running on maybe three hours of sleep, but today it seems like it's all caught up on me.
"Winner!" Walker yells.
I hear a thud and Joey hissing, "Shut it! She's asleep!"
I want to correct them, tell them I'm just resting, but I feel to tired to move my lips. "So where did you find her?" a voice that sounds like Nick's asks.
"In the park. She was crying on a bench listening to 'Empty Chairs and Empty Tables'," I hear Lauren answer. "Which is a sad song, but I think something else is wrong. She was, like, sobbing."
"I wonder why," Walker muses.
"I don't know."
"Well I'm glad you brought her here," Matt says. "She looks like she just needs a good laugh."
Yeah, that's all I need, I think before I drift into a fitful sleep.

Okay, not my best chapter. I will fully admit that. I started writing this one around three in the morning because I couldn't sleep so there's my excuse for why it's no good. Dont worry, the next one will be better. I promise!
Matt Lang: Why would you pick ice cream? You'd freeze to death before you ate it.
Darren Criss: I would freeze to death. But I'd be SO happy!

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