Listen to Your Heart (A Matt Lang Love Story.... Eventually)

Listen to Your Heart (A Matt Lang Love Story.... Eventually)

Yeah, yeah I know. Danielle's writing another story! Shit! It's another StarKid story! Yes. Yes it is.

Well get reading then. Why are you still reading the info? This isn't even info. It's me rambling on about nothing.

Let me know what you think!

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Chapter 37


Three months later
@StarKidLoveForever: Guys guys guys! Matt and Brooke are totally dating okay? Siriusly how do you not know this already? #CommonSense

@RumbleroarIsMyHeadMaster: Can't believe they made LWL season 2! So happy!!!!

@BrookeFarrow: So happy to be in NY with my friends from @TeamStarkid!

One Week Later

@TeamStarKid: Break a leg @BrookeFarrow! Make us proud at your audition!

Five Days Later

@BrookeFarrow: Oh my gosh guys! I got it! Thank you so much for helping me practice #MattLang. I owe you one

@RollingLikeD: So proud of @BrookeFarrow! You've grown so much!

Reblog if you're going to see Brooke Farrow in NY!!!
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One Month Later
An Internet Sensation Finally Gets Well Deserved Spotlight
If you only just remotely follow the amazing world of Broadway you know the story of Brooke Farrow, but just in case you aren't familiar we'll give you a small background story.
After a traumatizing crash that left her boyfriend and fellow cast mate of the revival of "Wicked" dead, Farrow gave up all hopes of every performing again.
Two years after the crash the young performer found solace in the theatre toupe "Team Starkid" (see our review of their latest musical here) and began to start her career anew. Farrow helped direct the groups "A Very Potter Threequel: Senior Year" as well as a second season of their web series "Little White Lie".
Somewhere along the way she also rediscovered her passion for music. "I realized I couldn't hide from it any longer," Brooke tells us, "Music has always been a part of my life. It always will be."
And now Brooke Farrow will get a second chance on living out her dreams. Our new little star has recently been cast as Joanne in the revival of 'Company'. This is a slightly gutsy move as Joanne is normally cast as being on the older side of the middle-age spectrum, and Farrow isn't "a day over 25" she assures us. Despite not fitting the normal character description we had the chance to see Farrow in action during rehearsal and can we just say yum! Ear candy for sure, and her tone matches exactly what we imagine Joanne should sound like.
When asked about what song from the musical she identifies with, however, Brooke comes up with one that isn't one of Joanne's numbers. "Being Alive for sure," she responds. When prompted for more she explains with, "It's the song that made me alive. It's the one that opened my eyes to a world of living and second chances and possibilities."
(For our full interview with Brooke Farrow click here)

Three Weeks Later
E! Reporting...
Spotted: Darren Criss and his cast mate, now Glee season regular Geena Hughes were spotted getting pretty cozy in NY yesterday on the way to visit their friend and Broadway actress Brooke Farrow. Is there a romance brewing in the hallways of McKinley? Some sources say it's been there all along....

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@BrookeFarrow: Opening night! So nervous! But so happy #MattLang is here. But also nervous cuz he's gonna watch me peform and... AH. #Company #ImALadyThatLunches

@DarrenCriss: Brooke you did great! Loved it! 50+ Retweets | 50+ Favorites


Three Months Later

"I still can't believe it," I tell Matt, glancing down at all of the programs he'd procured over my three month run in "Company". "You wasted so much money."
He rolls his eyes and slings his arm around me. "Brooke, seeing you on that stage is hardly a waste. Besides, what else am I supposed to do? Darren still hasn't finished the songs for our next production. We're kind of on a standstill."
"True. I saw him and Geena a few days ago. They came to another one of my shows," I tell Matt, leaning back on mine and Joe's couch. The apartment I've occupied in New York is pretty nice, but it still doesn't feel like home. That's probably because I haven't spent much time in it since moving here, I've been too busy performing or doing interviews. Still, it was nice of JoMo to let me in like this. "They still seem pretty serious."
"Yeah. I guess when Walker was talking to Darren on the phone yesterday Darren was at a jewelry store," Matt informs me, snuggling closer.
"That means nothing. It's Darren. He probably wanted a new pair of Hello Kitty earrings to wear to Coachella this year," I scoff.
Matt laughs and nods. "True. And if I went to a jewelry store....? What would I be buying?"
"My Little Pony charm bracelets," I mutter as his lips graze my neck. Then I realize what he might be implying and freak out. So I do the only rational thing there is to do. Change the conversation. "How's Aria?"
"She misses you of course. Rosenthal takes her for walks but he chases the squirrels more than she does... you know."
Matt seems to realize that what he said freaked me out. And not because I don't love him, I do. But engagement? That's such a big step. Not because I don't think we're ready, not because of my career, or even because of Ryan. Just... engaged?
It actually.... it kind of sounds nice....
"/Did/ you go to a jewelry store or something?"
"Why do you ask?" he moves his head up and looks me in the eyes.
I shake my head. "No reason."
Matt chuckles and hugs me. "You're so easy to read, you know that?"
"Shut up."
"Brooke. I love you."
"I love you too."
"And I'm happy with you."
"You make me happy," I respond, locking our fingers together.
Matt pulls them away and reaches into his pocket. "Um, Brooke? You know how Twilight Sparkle realizes the last element of harmony is magic?"
Oh God is he really proposing like this? He's lucky he's cute. "Yeah."
"Well, to me, you're my last element of harmony. You... you make everything right and complete. You're my magic. And... I love you and..."
"Oh God Matt. Yes. Yes I'll marry you," I interrupt, pulling him in for a kiss.
He smiles against my lips. "Good. I was kind of worried."
I roll my eyes at him. "You're completely hopeless."
Two Years Later
Chicago Tribune
Chicago's Own Theatre Troupe Is Moving To Broadway
Well, our birds have flown the nest. Team StarKid's re-write of Starship has landed them in the big time. Broadway. Joseph Walker, one of the writers, agreed to have a little chat with us on the music, script changes, and why he's still going to wear his Red Sox hat.
"We're all just really excited. Matt (Lang) and Brooke (Lang) are working our tails off!" he tells us. "They're pretty intense".
Brooke Lang, also known as Brooke Farrow has performed on Broadway twice before this but will not join the ensemble onstage this time becase.... (continued on page 7)
Broadway Actress Brooke Lang Gives Birth To Baby Girl

@TeamStarKid: It's a girl!!! Where's JB? Get up in here and sing "Baby" yo. #CongratsMattAndBrooke #WelcomeMarissaRoseLang

Through It All
I sing. I love. I live.
And I plan on continuing doing all of those things for a long, long time.

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