My Love for Tom Riddle - Editing

My Love for Tom Riddle - Editing

This is one of my many Harry potter love stories. I thought you guys might like this one.

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Thanks! -Melisa

Chapter 16

The Short, but Quick End

Draco had gone back to Hogworts for his last year. Now that Dumbledor was dead, Snape had become the new headmaster. Voldemort had also sent Death Eaters to be in charge of punishment, much to my disapproval. Harry Potter was on the loose, searching for Horcruxes. I could tell when he destroyed each of them, because Voldemort was in pain. His breathing and heartbeat would quicken, and he would clutch at his chest, shaking. Then it would be over, and i knew part of his soul had died.

i guess the expression, "I will kill you till you're dead!" definitely applies here.

And when the final battle had taken place i stood by Voldemort's side the entire time. I watched him destroy the home he once loved, I saw him order Nagini to kill Snape, I smelt the blood. I watched him send the Killing curse at Harry Potter, the brilliant green light flash as it was redirected to Voldemort. My understanding was quick. i knew why. The last horcrux was Potter. The Horcrux Voldemort never ment to make.

We marched across the bridge to Hogworts, we faced the ones that had survived the battle.Among them was Draco. Death Eaters laughed at them. Voldemort told them to join or die. the Malfoys called to draco, told him to come to them. He did, and i went to him slowly, trying not to be noticed as i held his hand.

But then another fight ensued. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy wanted to leave with draco. Draco wanted me to leave with him. I told him no, that i'd catch up with him later. I had to make sure Voldemort died. Even if i had to kill him myself. I kissed him and held him close, then i left to follow the fight between Potter and Voldemort. Following unseen.

When I saw Voldemort die, i felt nothing. All of my feelings for him, except for hatred and loathing, were gone. They had died a long time ago.

So i smiled and caught up with Draco. and we lived happily... for a while, anyways.

That's when the vampire that turned me, came back into my life.

To Be Continued....

I know that this chapter sucks, and i know that ur probably pissed off that the story ended so quickly, but... what can a girl do?

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