My Love for Tom Riddle - Editing

My Love for Tom Riddle - Editing

This is one of my many Harry potter love stories. I thought you guys might like this one.

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Thanks! -Melisa

Chapter 3

Blinded By Love

I sat down on the steps in front of Dumbledore's desk. I was in too much pain to stand. I wrapped my arms around my legs and buried my face in my lap, taking deep breaths.

I had loved him so much. It hurt like hell when I discovered he was a murderer... a monster.

"You're angry," Dumbledore assumed.

"No," I whispered, lifting my head. He had come and sat next to me on the steps. "I was never angry. I felt sad, confused. I'm usually so good at reading between the lines, at infering other than the obvious. I couldn't understand how I could have missed the... darkness."

"You were blinded."

"By love? You got that right."

"It's nothing to be ashamed of---" he started to say.

"I'm not ashamed! I'm confused and hurt. I hate that I didn't know."

"You two were close---" he started again.

"You've said that already." I bit my lip.

"Did he ever mention living longer than normal?"

"You mean the horcruxes?" I asked. "Yeah, he asked me about them once, asked what they were, how they were made."

"What did you tell him?"

I looked away. I remembered that day; I was in my fourth year and Tom was in his sixth. We were in the Room of Requirement, sitting in a old but comfortable couch, talking, when he asked:

"Do you know what horcruxes are?"

The question had taken me by surprise, just a moment ago we were talking about what we would do if we could live forever... I never knew we actually would both be able to... but in two completely different ways. Now we were talking about some of the most darkest magic in existence.

"Sort of," I answered. "Why?"

"I just want to know." He flashed one of his melting smiles, and I caved.

"They're really dark magic."

"How dark?"

I shrugged. "I don't know all the details. I know that it has to do with murder, and your soul... Why?"

"I came across it in the library the other day in the restricted section. There were only two words to describe it. Dark magic."

"Well, then the information I just gave you is just about worthless, isn't it?"

He looked away, studying something in the distance.

"What?" I asked. When he didn't answer I started to wonder. "Tom, why do you want to know?" I pressed.

Suddenly, he was there, in my face, his hands holding my cheeks. He paused only a second, only long enough to look into my eyes, and I realized the one person that I loved more than life itself, the person that I would die for... was about to kiss me.

When his eyes closed and his lips slowly made their decent to mine, I closed my eyes and raised my face to meet him there halfway.

At first the kiss was sweet, just his lips touching mine, but as they began to move, raging teenage hormones took over, making the kiss more passionate and desprate. Our lips fused together, our tongues twined. My arms wrapped around his neck, my fingers twisting in the thick locks of his silken hair. In return, his arms wound around my waist, his hands knotting in my long light brown hair. Our hot breaths mingled and I could feel our hearts beat in tune with each other. Buh-bum, buh-bum...

I remember leaving the Room of Requirement with swellen lips, mused hair, and a slight smile on my face. Tom looked just the same. When our eyes met as we walked down the corridor, a spark of the passion and desperation flitted across my mind in a fleeting flash, but strong enough to have me look away with a blush creeping up my cheeks.

But as we continued to walk, he sidled closer and closer until he was near enough to twine his fingers in mine and keep them there, for all the world to see, until we had to part ways and go to our separate common rooms; his in Slytherin and mine in Hufflepuff.

"Thank you for sharing that with me," Dumbledore said. I had told him the story...minus all the snogging details, but I did tell him we shared a kiss.

"I realize the story has some sort of significance or otherwise you would have asked another question about another time," I concluded. "Please tell me what your thoughts are on this certain event."

"Well," Dumbledore sighed. "He did have some feelings for you other than just being your friend."

"Huh," I scoffed. "Yeah, that's called lust. Most people feel it at some point in their lives, doesn't matter if you're good or evil. It's human nature."

"It would seem so."

"Any other questions about significent events in Tom's and mine's shared past that you need to a play-by-play of?" I knew I sounded rude, but I wanted to leave, to go quickly into hiding.

He was silently studying me... until my stare turned into a glare that I rarely used. He didn't flinch, or shy away like sane people would, he just asked the simple question:

"When did he tell you he loved you?"

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