My Love for Tom Riddle - Editing

My Love for Tom Riddle - Editing

This is one of my many Harry potter love stories. I thought you guys might like this one.

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Thanks! -Melisa

Chapter 4


"When did he tell you he loved you?"

The words echoed in my head as my hands clenched into fists. The memory used to be so full of joy and happiness for me... Now it just brung back pain.

I remembered that day as well: Tom had taken me to the Old Shack in the middle of January, when it was very cold. He led me up the dusty stairs and into an equally dusty room with a grand piano and a canopy bed.

He took my ungloved hands in his and brought them to his lips, where he blew his hot breath on them. Earlier I was worried about getting frost bite and had reprimanded myself for not taking the time to grab my gloves; I was in such a hurry to see Tom... But now I was glad that I hadn't---his lips on me were always a good thing.

While still keeping my hands in his, he pulled me into his arms. He kissed his way to my ear, his breath tickled, and as always sent goosebumps forming on my skin.

"I need to tell you something," he whispered.

"What is it?" I asked dreamily, resting my cheek on his neck.

"I love you." He had said it so plainly and simply that my heart soared high.

I kissed his neck, smiling to myself. "I love you, too." Then I shivered. "Can we go back to the castle now? It's freezing out here."

He rubbed his hands up and down my back, along my sides.

"I can think of ways to keep warm," he whispered suggestively. "Very warm."

My breath quickened. "Are you suggesting...?"

"I'm not suggesting, I'm ... merely requesting," he whispered as his lips found my cheek. He nibbled on it gently with his teeth. "Please."

Oh, I hated it when he begged. I could never say no. "We don't have any---"

"I do." He took my hand and guided it to his pocket. My hand slipped inside and I felt a foil package with an indentation of a circle. My breath hitched.

"You didn't just tell me you love me, because you wanted to---" I started to say.

"No," he said firmly. He took my face in his hands and and forced me to look at him. His piercing blue eyes were clouded with concentration. "I told you I love you because I do. This would just be an extention of it. I want to show you how much I love you."

And then his lips were on mine and as always the kiss was deep, and passtionate, and somehow desperate. He lead us to the canopy bed without breaking apart and it all sort of went from there. Our clothes came off, we got under the covers, our body heat making it warm quickly. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it wasn't bad either. It was... fulfilling and beautiful. Being one with him, feeling how much he loved me. It radiated through every touch, every caress...every kiss.

When it was over, we layed there wrapped in each other's arms. I remember falling asleep, and then waking up to the sound of his perfect voice whispering my name...

The memory was bitter sweet, but still filled with so much pain and anxiety. That day we weren't only best friends...we were lovers. Happily in love.

Once I was done telling Dumbledore (minus again the physical parts), sat there thinking.

After a while he said, "Thank you for your time. I am in your debt." He stood and paced back to his desk.

I stood as well, wiping my tears from my face which I had shed unknowingly. I took one last look around, then I teleported to a place that I could sit and think for a while... the Riddle House. Which I realized was a big mistake the moment I materialized.

I was in a room filled with Death Eaters.

And in the centre of them all;

Lord Voldemort.

Aka Tom Riddle.

Otherwise known as the love of my existence.

For those of you who don't know, The Old Shack is the Shreiking Shack before the shrieking had come along from Ramus Lupin who in his time at Hogworts used the shack as a shelter when he phased.

Thank you guys so much for the great comments! You're great. I'm so glad you like it! Tell me, though, what you thought about this chapter... Besides the words next or more or it was great. (=])

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