Snape's Daughter: Love Square Chapter 3

I hope you guys like this one.

Chapter 1

Draco, Shopping, Death Eaters, Wanting Cassie

~~~THE NEXT MORNING~~~ You woke up to Severus shaking you. "What? It's to early to get up." youi complain. "Cassie honey you have to get up. We need to get your school supplies." "Ugggghhhhhh fine. I'm up happy? Now get out." you command "Ok get yourself pretty and I'll be downstairs with breakfast." He said while getting up to the door. You got out of bed and got ready. Wearing faded blue skinny jeans, a pink spagetti strap shirt, with one red and blue converse. You brush your hair leaving it down wishing it was jet black like daddies. After brushing your hair and teeth you go downstairs to see Severus in the kitchen with breakfast. "Good morning daddy! What's for breakfast?" "Scrambled eggs, buttered toast, sausage, and chocolate milk." "My favorite!" You exclaim kissing him on the cheek, then digging in. Once you both finish Severus brings you to the fireplace giving you purple powder. You step into the pit and yell "To Dungon Alley!!" Then you throw the stuff down. In a matter of seconds your in the alley. You step to the side knowing daddy would crush you. When your off to the side Snape is face down on the ground. While he gets up he mutters various curses to himself. "So where to first?" You ask "First Honeydukes so we can get your clothes, then we'll go get your books, broom, supplies, wand, and anything else." "Ok then. To Honeydukes!!" You announce grabbing Snape's hand, leading him to Honeydukes. You two went to many stores. Sooner than you thought you were done. The only thing left was to go home. But he surprised you with a pure white owl. "Surprise!" "Aww shes so cute!" You coo "What are you going to name her?" "Hmm how about Yuki? Or in English Snow." "Hoo hoo!" Your owl exclaimed "You like that name Yuki?" "Hoo hoo!" She said in her light airy voice. "That everything?" Snape asks you, snapping you out of your trance. "Can I get my hair dyed?" You blurt out. "Cassie why would you want to do that?" "Because I want my hair like yours. Jet black." "Well....... I don't know......" "Please daddy?" You bet, using your puppy dog face. "You know I can't say no to you." He says, finally giving in. "Yay!" You two went to a hair saloon, Snape told the lady what you want, and she set to work. A few hours later you look in the mirror to see yourself with jet black hair like daddies. Oddly enough you look paler, and your hazel eyes stand out. Your staring at yourself while your dad comes up behind you saying "Cassie you look beautiful." You couldn't help blushing "Thanks daddy. Your the best." You say kissing him on the cheek again. You get up and thank the lady and leave with Severus next to you. You two head home, once you get in your living room, you fall down from exhaustion. Before you could hit the ground Snape catches you. And he leads you to your room, he sets you down tucking you in and goes downstairs to see Draco getting up off the floor with his parents behind him. "Hello Severus." Mr. Malfoy says "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, Draco." "Just a heads up, The Dark Lord wants your daughter as a Death Eater." Mrs. Malfoy explains "My daughter has a name, and it's Cassie." "However The Dark Lord Needes her as a Death Eater soon." "Why now? Shes only 14." "I don't know, but he just called her out." Mrs. Malfoy explains "Ok but not to be rude, why bring Mr. Malfoy and Draco along?" Severus asks in curosity. "Well I thought I'd tell her what it's like to be a Death Eaater," Mr. Malfoy says "and Draco just wanted to tag along." "Well I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but she's asleep now." "Oh? Is that so?" Severus stiffly nods "Well then we'll be on our way then. Come Draco." She commanded stepping back into the fireplace, leaving one by one. First Mr. Malfoy, next Mrs. Malfoy, Then finally Draco. But before he leaves he turns to Snape "I can't wait to meet your daughter Snape." He said stepping into the fireplace, then vanishing in a puff of purple smoke.

~~~THAT WAS CHAPTER 3!!!! HOW WAS IT?????~~~


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