Iron Sights

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: DUKEjuke
What kind of parent doesn't support their own offspring's dreams to become whatever they want to be? My dad, that's who. He didn't think it was possible, but I certainly showed him what for! The day I came home to tell my Mam and Pa that I had successfully completed my training in the Royal Air Force and was now a fully fledged pilot, my Mam wrapped her smooth, slender arms around my shoulders and embraced me. For her it was a day of rejoice! I had made her proud, although to be honest, it had never really been that difficult to make her eyes light up with pride in the first place. My father on the other hand tilted his head ever so slightly forward, like he was nodding in approval of my achievement, but couldn't quite force himself to complete the action properly. I just gave him a sly glance through the wonderful silky, mahogany, brown curls of my mothers hair, after all I didn't think he deserved much else. He had spent years trying to knock my confidence, constantly telling me that I wouldn't be able to do anything with my life. He always seemed to be able to find time to remind me that I was doing a two handed job with only my left hand. He never grasped the fact that I was indeed quicker and more nimble with my left hand rather than my right, which is to whom the original phrase is aimed towards. However it is absolutely unthinkable to expect my poor 'beloved' father to remember whether I was left or right handed. I was always the scrappiest runt in the litter to him, and even after both of my elder brothers died from Tuberculosis, I still could never rise to his expectations of the perfect son, so can you really blame me for having spiteful feelings towards him? Well, nevertheless, I don't and besides, my mother taught me not to care what other people think of me. She said it was always better to listen to the voice of your own heart, than the voices of other people, otherwise you are never going to be happy with the decisions you make in your life. She also used to tell me that Pa loved me very much, he was just a little reserved and liked to keep to himself when it came to expressing his emotions. However, he never seemed to keep his feelings towards my mother and my brothers a secret so I doubt that's true.


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