Puppy Love: A Jacob Black Love Story [Alternate Ending]

Puppy Love: A Jacob Black Love Story [Alternate Ending]

Hey girls I'm back! And as you can tell by the title I am reposting the very first story I posted to Quibblo in 2009 with an ALTERNATE ENDING! I will also be switching some things around and re-editing my story. For old readers: I hope you like the new ending since I got a lot of negative feedback, But also some positive so, thank you! :D For new readers: I hope you enjoy this as much as my other readers did! Thanks to all my readers who didn't plagiarize (steal) my story! ~Dani

Chapter 11

A Day Without

"She is going to be alright though, isn't she?" I asked my sister. She looked a little confused but then gave me a smile. I couldn't help but worry. I've only had her for two days and I've put her through more than anyone should go through in a lifetime. I just sat by her side hoping her big brown eyes would flutter open and look at me. I never let her hand go that whole time. The scar on her leg was completely gone, and I wanted her so see. She just laid there motionless, except for the moving of her chest from breathing. Her hand sat limply in mine, I didn't know what to think. I just want to hear her sweet laugh and see her beautiful smile.
"Son, we'll make sure nothing happens to Danielle. If we have to we'll take her to the hospital to get her checked out okay." My dad said. He wasn't really the best at trying to comfort somebody. He hardly ever smiled after mom died. Then after the incident with the wheel chair, I don't think he's a very happy person any more.
When Rachel and I were kids dad took mom out for a special dinner for their anniversary. From what he told me, they were laughing and joking the whole way to the restaurant. He looked over to mom, and just in that split second, an 18 wheeler came out of nowhere and smashed the car. The crash killed mom instantly bit dad was paralyze from the waist down. He's been hanging out with officer Swan and Harry Clearwater so I think he's been coming around. I didn't want anything like that to happen to me and Danielle. I didn't ever want to be separated. I could understand why she was making such a big deal out of that ritual thing, she just doesn't want to lose me. The thing is, she doesn't realize how dangerous that is and that I would lose her forever and it would be my fault. I wouldn't be able to take it.
I have to patrol tonight, but I really didn't want to go. I wanted to stay here with her for as long as it takes for her to wake up. I knew Sam wouldn't go for that so I just decided to go. I laid her hand back on the couch and got up to leave. I was hoping that the jolt of me standing up would wake her, but no sign at all.
"Rachel, take good care of my heart while I'm gone okay." I told my sister. She just nodded.
"You know I will." She gave me a smile and I ran out the door. I started shaking and quickly phased while running down to beach. I entered the forest to where the rest of the pack was. The all looked at me with sad eyes and I supposed they heard me coming. I walked over into the circle and waited for Sam to give the orders. I noticed a new wolf standing beside Paul, it took me a minute but I quickly recognized him as Quil. It was about time he had to do this too, I heard a slight chuckle come from him.
Sam told me Quil and Embry to take the west side of La Push and he, Jarod, and Paul would the east side. We split up and headed out. I couldn't help but think about Danielle the whole time I was out. I was sure the guys were getting annoyed with me, but I couldn't think about anything else. I snuck around some trees looking for anything suspicious. I was just getting use to the whole wolf thing, it was too difficult but it got kind of boring at times. I must have been thinking something a little bit personal because Embry came over and shoved me. I quickly came out of my daze and walked over to the guys.
"What's going on?" I thought. They gestured at some bushes that were shaking over near the cliff. We walked over to find a squirrel in the bushes, prancing around in circles. I rolled my eyes and huffed at the stupid squirrel. I think the guys were trying to find a way to keep my mind off of Dani, but that wasn't possible.
We heard Sam's call and headed back. I was amazed the a few hours had gone by since it felt like an eternity. Sam thought to us that we could go home and I quickly ran back to my house. I just knew that when I got back Danielle would be awake. I would run and jump into my arms and every thing would be okay again. I slipped my shorts on and ran into the house to find her still asleep on the couch. Rachel was sitting at the table with dad and I walked over to them to see what was up.
"Is she any better?"I asked eagerly. Rachel looked at me with a frown across her face.
"I'm sorry Jake, she hasn't came through yet. I'm sure she'll come around soon."She replied. I sat by the head of the couch and pick Dani's hand back up and placed it in mine.
I flipped it over and traced the lines of her hand. As her light brown hand laid on my dark russet skin, I thought about how much she had been through the passed two days. 'She probably is just tired' I thought to myself. This can't be much longer, she's been out for the whole day almost. I looked up at the clock noticing it was almost 2 o'clock in the morning. My eyelids were falling and I could feel myself falling in and out of unconsciousness every second. I entwined my hand in her's and drifted off to sleep. I told her I would be holding her hand and I'm not breaking my promise. I don't think anything that wasn't about Danielle flashed through my head.
I woke up with somebody running their hand across my hair and down my shoulder.

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