Puppy Love: A Jacob Black Love Story [Alternate Ending]

Puppy Love: A Jacob Black Love Story [Alternate Ending]

Hey girls I'm back! And as you can tell by the title I am reposting the very first story I posted to Quibblo in 2009 with an ALTERNATE ENDING! I will also be switching some things around and re-editing my story. For old readers: I hope you like the new ending since I got a lot of negative feedback, But also some positive so, thank you! :D For new readers: I hope you enjoy this as much as my other readers did! Thanks to all my readers who didn't plagiarize (steal) my story! ~Dani

Chapter 2

New Beginnings

I woke up in the middle of the evening realizing that I had fell asleep right there in Jacobs's arms. There was just one thing missing…Jacob. I got up and noticed a large scratch mark on the bottom of my thigh close to my knee. It looked fresh so I figured what ever clawed me this hard must have been big. I figured Jacob thought he would let me sleep and come back and get me later. He must have forgot, oh well, wouldn't be the first time someone forgot about me. I got up and the blood from the wound slid down my leg. I heard the gentle brush of sand blow across the beach and night fall approached. I turned around and saw a beautiful boy standing in the distance. He astonishingly got over to me very fast.
"Hi, what is a pretty little thing such as yourself doing out here so late?" The boy asked. He looked like he was about 17 or 18 I couldn't quite tell maybe older. His skin was pale white, but compared to me most people outside the rez were. He leaned in close to me and I tried to move away and winced from the pain of the gash. "Would you like me to look at that for you?" the boy asked looking in the direction of my cut. Before I could say no, yell, or even run his eyes turn a bright red and he wiped the blood from my leg onto his finger and stuck it into his mouth.
"What are you doing?" I yelled. I start to go into an asthma attack and started breathing rapidly and I couldn't control myself. I backed up against the wall as the predator approached me. I closed my eyes and waited for it all to be over with, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see the most remarkable thing I ever saw. A giant wolf was tearing apart the boy to pieces. It sounded like somebody pulling apart a hard piece of metal. The wolf had saved me from this terrifying creature. I had just wished that Jacob was here to take me away from all this. Perfect time for him to be sick, right? My leg now standing in a pile of blood started to give out on me. My Breathing was slowing down and I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. I could feel myself losing it, and I fell to the floor. I looked up and saw the wolf look me dead in the eyes and held it for a long minute. Everything went black and then it got incredibly hot, I wanted to scream but nothing came out. All I could think about was the look in the wolf's eyes like I knew it from some where. That would be completely impossible. I've never seen a wolf up close before. I also wondered if Jacob was okay, and if I would ever see him again. I could here his voice in my head, it sounded as if he were right next to me.
I could here him say "Stay with me Dani, don't give out on me okay?" The rest was all a blur.
I woke up in my bed at home with my leg bandaged up from my knee to the bottom of my shorts. I Jolted up and moaned from the horrible head ache I had. Was that all a dream last night, It couldn't have been or else this gash on my leg wouldn't be there. I yelled for my mom and she came rushing in with a worried look on her face.
"You're finally awake, thank goodness." She said in relief.
"What happened to Jacob?" I asked.
"He said you two were at the beach and that you fell over a tree branch and cut your leg open. He carried you back home and put you into bed and told me tell him when you woke up." She explained.
"But Jake wasn't there, I was all alone I fell asleep on the beach. I saw a wolf and it sa---" I tried to explain but she cut me off mid sentence.
"He said you had an asthma attack and that's why you tripped. That must or been why you hallucinated. "I'll call him." I said as I crashed my head on the pillow. I fished out my phone and speed dialed his number.
"Hello?" It was Quil for some reason.
"Quil? Did I dial the right number?" I asked as I was confused on why he answered Jacob's house phone.
"No I was over here…um… running an errand for Billy." He stuttered.
"Oh well can I talk to Jake?" I asked
"No...the isn't feeling well today." He replied.
"Oh well can I come see him?"
"I think you should stay away for a little while. I heard you got a pretty bad cut from a tree."
"Yeah...um... I did but it wasn't from a tree." I contradicted.
"Well, Jake said---" I cut him off mind thought.
"Jake wasn't even there!"
"I think I'm going to go now, stuff to do" and click he was gone. I don't know why Jacob is telling people that I fell on a tree. The scratch looked like it was from some kind of animal. This is really starting to creep me out and I'm going to get the bottom of it. I showered and tried to sneak out to go see Jake whether he wants to see me or not. I tip toed down the stairs to see if the coast was clear. Mom had just left for work and I was home free. I limped out the door and headed over to Jake's house. It took me even longer to walk the 7 blocks with my leg throbbing. When I arrived I knocked on the door and Billy answered.
"Well, Hi Danielle, long time no see." He greeted me.
"Hi... is Jake home? I heard he was sick and I came to see him." I said
"Well he is and I don't think you should come see him right now." he insisted "maybe if you come back in a week or..." he trailed off.
"A Week?!" I exclaimed. "Will he be okay?"
"Yes he'll be fine don't worry dear." He said and I walk back home crawled in my bed and waited for him. I would wait forever for him. After the other night it's like I can't stop thinking about him, or that giant wolf that I was sure I saw. I have this whole new outlook on life. It's like I'm here for him, and it's killing me to wait...

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