Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Hey Girlies! This is the first Taylor Lautner story I wrote and I LOVE IT! I want to write some more for it. I hope my new readers enjoy it! Rate comment and add me! I hope I get even more reads on this one than I did the last! <3 Also I will be setting up a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Page. I will hopefully have some videos on youtube soon so you can follow me as I write my book! :) Hope you enjoy.
~Dani <3

Chapter 11

Your biggest fans!

"Ellie…don't tell me you brought a bunch of screaming girls to my house!" Robert mumbled.
"Um... No..." I grinned as Tayziie and Valerie started jumping up and down.
"Hey Rob can you call Kellan?" Tayziie laughed.
"Get Jackson over here too and we'll have a party!" Valerie nudged Tayziie and they started doing that girlie giggle again. Robert sighed and rubbed his neck. Taylor laughed and threw his arm around Robert.
"Hey these two saved my girl, I think it's the least we could do." He smiled.
"Except Jackson's girlfriend wouldn't be too happy about these two beauties being here with him alone." Robert chuckled.
"Aww, he has a girlfriend no fair." Valerie pouted.
Robert called over pretty much the whole cast for the girls to meet. They went home to get swim suits and we had a pool party. Tayziie and Valerie got to talk to everybody and I think everybody really liked them. I got to meet Vanessa Lopez, Jackson's girlfriend, she was really awesome.
I never actually learned to swim so I just sat at the edge of the pool and let my feet swish in the water. I couldn't believe how fast things had been going since me and Taylor met. Five days in California and I was already meeting movies stars and even getting a little closer to him than I probably should. Taylor came and sat by me while I was deep in thought.
"Hey..." He said looking at my expression. "Not having a good time?"
"Oh no, I'm having a great time just thing about some things."
"Like what?" He muttered. He bit his lip and gave me a worried look. "Um, when I kissed you earlier, I-I didn't mean to push you into anything. I just really like you, and if you want to take it slow I totally understand-" I put my finger over his lips to stop his babbling.
"That's not what I'm thinking about, don't worry. I would like to take it slow though, maybe I won't get chased in the mall as much." I laughed.
"I'm sorry about that..." He frowned.
"Don't worry, I have to get use to it if I'm going to get as famous as you." I said with a smirk.
"Speaking of being famous, I believe a certain girl I know has a call back." He grinned.
"Oh yeah!" I screamed. "When are the call backs?!"
"Two weeks."
"Awesome! Who's my completion? I'm going to have to step up my game if I'm going to be competing for the part with some gorgeous girl."
"Um, I'm sure you've heard of Taylor Swift..." My mouth dropped.
"Are you serious?! There goes that part..." I mumbled.
"You don't know that, you have just as much of a chance as she does." He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Just wait and see."
"I just remembered, I haven't told my mom. I never imagined that I would get a call back." I muttered.
"Don't worry, I'll go with you to tell her." He encouraged
"How about now?"

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