Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Hey Girlies! This is the first Taylor Lautner story I wrote and I LOVE IT! I want to write some more for it. I hope my new readers enjoy it! Rate comment and add me! I hope I get even more reads on this one than I did the last! <3 Also I will be setting up a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Page. I will hopefully have some videos on youtube soon so you can follow me as I write my book! :) Hope you enjoy.
~Dani <3

Chapter 2

Meeting the Hunk!

I woke up the next morning at about noon, the time zone switching kind of wore me out. I got up and took a shower and dug threw my suitcases. I found my flat iron and my makeup, I tried to look 'Hollywood' but didn't want to scare the cast. Especially Taylor Lautner, the hottest guy in Hollywood right now. I have the biggest crush on him, it's ridiculous. I had pictures of him all over my room at home. I'm in love with him. I was straitening the last strand of coal black hair when I heard a knock on the door.
"Come in." I yelled and slipped a head band on to match my pink shirt and black jean shorts.
"Hey Ellie, you ready to go the Comic Con starts in a hour and a half." He said as he slipped into the room.
"Do I look Hollywood appropriate?" I laughed. He stood back and put his hand on his chin.
"Yes, I'm sure Taylor will love it." He joked.
"Ha-ha, that's not funny." I said. "I hope he likes me a little bit..."
"Actually I told him you were coming and he said he was excited to meet you." He said.
"Don't lie to me Rob." I said while I slipped into my pink flip flops.
"I'm serious, you'll see when we get there." He said and walked down the long staircase. I followed him out to the highly tinted car.
"What were not taking the Volvo?" I joked.
"I hope you don't ask Taylor to growl for you." He joked back. We drove to the Comic Con Red carpet. I started freaking out, my first Hollywood appearance. We got out of the car and walked down the never ending carpet. I heard a lot of 'who's she' and 'why is she with Robert' as I walked down the carpet. We stopped ever so often to talk to a news reporter. I saw a sight that made me about faint. Taylor Lautner was smiling and talking to the press with Kirsten at his side. 'It's just publicity' I thought to myself and kept the smile on my face. I mean he is a star, he can date whoever he wants to. I shouldn't get jealous.
We entered the giant stadium and went back stage.
"Let me just tell you, don't freak out if your in the headlines." Rob warned me.
"I don't care, that was so awesome. There are so many people that come here to see you guys." I said in astonishment. I turned around and saw Kirsten and Taylor walking toward us.
"Breathe Ellie." Rob whispered in my ear.
"No problem." I squeaked. They got over too us and Taylor's eyes scrutinized my face. I started feeling a little self conscious.
"Hi, I'm Taylor Lautner." He said pulling me into a hug instead of a friendly handshake. I swore my heart started skipping beats.
"I know." I said trying to keep my cool. I just stared with my mouth hanging open. He tilted his head a little, looking at me with approving eyes. His cheeks turned a little red as if he were having an inappropriate thought, which I didn't mind.
"She's a big fan, if you can tell." Rob commented and I elbowed him. Kirsten walked over giving me a hug too.
"Hey I'm Kirsten Stewart. Rob's told us so much about you." She smiled.
"Really, he isn't telling you that I look like him again, is he?" I joked.
"Yeah he has," Taylor chimed in "And I have to disagree, you're much prettier." I could feel my cheeks heating up.
"I think we look just alike!" Rob joked "We got to go guys." He announced as he walked to the door.
"I hate these things, I don't like talking in front of people." Kirsten said as she paced the floor.
"I would say picture everyone in there underwear but when I tried that I started laughing, that wouldn't be good. You'd look psychotic." I said casually. All three of them started laughing.
"Thanks, that helps ease the tension a little." Kirsten smiled.
"You sound like you're a professional at this." Taylor joked.
"Not at all, when I gave my speech for class I was shaking the podium…and it was nailed to the ground." I joked.
"Maybe we could talk a little more after this thing is over." Taylor said as he walked away, giving me one last final look and he bit his lip. Was he serious or just joking around because he knew I liked him, he was acting a little too interested. I walked to the door way, watching his perfectly round rump as he walked up the stairs to the stage. I watched as the crowd went wild. They looked like they were having fun after a while of the questions.
After it was over Taylor came out and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "How do you like California so far?" He encouraged.
"It's amazing, I've never been in a city this big before." I trilled. "I love it."
"You know, I could show you around. Show you some really great spots to visit. Do you like Ice Cream?" He smiled.
"I LOVE ice cream?" I exaggerated a little.
"I could take you too my favorite Ice Cream Parlor." He gave me a cheesy grin, it was adorable!
"That sounds fabulous darling!!" I imitated Robert's accent. He lead me out to his car, it was a gorgeous candy apple red convertible with darkly tinted windows. What was it with these movie stars and their windows?! He courteously opened the passenger's side door for me and I slid into the leather interior, it smelled of cologne and new car. I breathed in the scent and memorized it. Taylor got in the driver's seat and gave me a cocky smile. I flipped my hair and my perfume and shampoo smell filled the car.
"You smell amazing." He grinned.
"Why thank you, and you look amazing." I provocatively leaned closer to him. "So your not trying to kidnap me are you?" I twirled a piece of hair around my index finger.
"Hmm... It's tempting but no. I promised you ice cream didn't I?" He smirked, and peeled out of the parking lot. I was defiantly in love!

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