Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Fame, Fortune...and Love?! A Taylor Lautner Love Story [Story Version]

Hey Girlies! This is the first Taylor Lautner story I wrote and I LOVE IT! I want to write some more for it. I hope my new readers enjoy it! Rate comment and add me! I hope I get even more reads on this one than I did the last! <3 Also I will be setting up a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Page. I will hopefully have some videos on youtube soon so you can follow me as I write my book! :) Hope you enjoy.
~Dani <3

Chapter 3

Lights, Camera, GROUNDED!

We were riding down the busy streets of L.A. and Taylor decided to break the silence. "So how old are you?" He asked casually.
"Seventeen." I said staring at my hands.
"Really, cool your close to my age. It gets kind of lonely being with all the 20 year olds." He laughed. "So how long are you here for?"
"Permanently I hope." I said. "My mom got a really good job here. I was hoping to get into acting." I reviled.
"Really? That awesome, have you had any experience?" He asked while pulling into an Ice Cream Shop.
"I wouldn't say playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at my school is much of experience. I mostly did musicals, but that was my biggest role." I laughed.
"Hey, that's something." He complimented. He opened the door for me like a gentleman. "Ladies first."
"Why thank you kind sir." I played along. We went the window that had the ice cream behind it and the girl at the counter's eyes about fell out of her head.
"What looks good, my treat." He said.
"I can pay for it myself it's no big deal..." I said but he cut me off.
"Hey, I invited you." He smiled. He has the biggest brightest smile I've ever seen. How could I resist. "I'll have batter please." He told the girl. She was still stunned by his presence. "What about you Ellie?"
"Um... I'll take triple chocolate please." I told the girl. "What's batter?" I asked.
"I think it's like cake batter or cookie dough or something. This is the only place that has it, it's my favorite." She scooped up the ice cream making it as perfect as she could. She handed Taylor the ice cream and he gave her a twenty dollar bill. "Keep the rest as a tip." He gleamed. We walked over to one of the booths and we sat across from each other. I reached over and took a spoon full of his Ice cream and popped it in my mouth. He smiled and did the same to mine.
"Hm… That's pretty good. Not as good as mine though." I laughed. "I have to keep up my chocolately appearance." I winked.
"Well, you have done and excellent joy, your very beautiful. and mine is way better." He beamed. "So, where are you going to school this year?" He asked taking a bite of ice cream. I was still trying to get over the fact that he just called me beautiful. My heart stopped dead in it's tracks.
"I think my mom said we were in the Valencia High School area so I'm not sure depends on how my acting career goes..." I trailed off.
"Really that's were I went, but I tested out because of the whole famous thing." He said.
"I'm hoping to do the same." I smiled.
"That'd be great. I have an audition for a movie this week, but maybe we could hang out again. Do you have a cell phone?" He placed his hand on top of mine and I smiled brightly.
"Yeah, here." I gave him my phone and he gave me his, I put in my number and handed it back. "Whatever is good for you, I'll be unpacking all week. Even though it took me a few hours to pack." I smiled. "I had fun today, I'd better get back before Rob has a fit."
"You're probably right... So, I will see you again right?" He asked while he swept a piece of my hair off my cheek and brushed it behind my ear. I knew I was blushing bright red. He leaned closer to me and kissed me on the cheek. I was sure I stopped breathing for a few seconds and so did my heart. He laughed a little and walked me out to the car where we were about to get in a lot of trouble.

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