Life and Love with Fred and George

Life and Love with Fred and George

This is a love story about Fred and George because they are my favorite characters and I love them :D Hope you like it! Please feel free to comment and rate! Oh and there will be a bit more romance between other characters aswell!

Character Bio:
Name: Brooke
Hair: Straight, brown, light blonde-brown highlights
Eyes: Blue/grey
Height: About 5 foot
Features: Slim and pretty

Chapter 1

That's what friends are for

Hi my name is Brooke. Brooke Cronk. I'm a fifth year at Hogwarts and I am currently on a mission to get last night's Care of Magical Creatures homework from the smartest girl in our year.
"Excuse me, Hermione?" I whispered, leaning across the library table.
"Yes?" she said, not taking her eyes off her parchment that she was hastily scribbling on.
"For question three-"
"Look, I'm not going to tell you all of the answers, I'm sorry."
"Oh, um, no that's not what I needed..." I lied. "I'm just wondering what this word means." I said, pointing to a random word in the the question as a cover up. Hermione made a small sigh and then glanced up. She raised an eyebrow and looked at me concernedly.
"Hippogriff? Um, sorry but we just learned what hippogriffs are, are you serious?" I then looked down to notice that I was, in fact, pointing at the word Hippogriff that we did, in fact, learn about last period. Feeling stupid, I grabbed my parchment and shuffled it awkwardly into my school bag.
"No, um forget it." I then stood up and scurried out of the library. Oh, great cover up, I thought...Wham! I smashed hard into something, causing me to drop my schoolbag, hurling its contents across the floor. I cursed under my breath and reached a hand out to grab my bottle of ink as my other hand grabbed for my quills.

"Ouch!" I said as a shoe clambered down onto my wrist.
"Watch where you're going, Cronk." I heard Malfoy sneer, accompanied by a few chuckles from Crabbe and Goyle.
"Get off my arm!" I yelled as I tried to yank my hand free from the pressure of his foot.
"Hmm, I don't think I will." His cronies laughed again. "Perhaps this will teach you a little lesson," he pulled my hair back, "to not get" pull "in" pull "my" pull "WAY!" yank! Tears flew from my eyes, I couldn't help it. I fell to the floor and cried louder from the pain. It felt as though my scalp was just torn off, but I'm pretty sure he didn't pull out any hair. All of the sudden his shoe was removed from my wrist and I heard some yells, bangs and saw a few flashes of light. Unexpectedly, a pair of hands grabbed each one of my shoulders and lifted me off the floor.

"You alright, mate?" I hear an all too familiar voice say to me. It was Fred. I quickly wiped my tears away from under my eyes and nodded.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I said as calmly as possible, though I heard my voice crack at least twice.
"Did that little git hurt you?" George asked as he tightened his grip on his wand.
"No." I lied. "No, I'm fine. Where is he" I guess I asked at just the right moment because Madam Pince came running up to us, face redder then a cherry,
"Weasley! Weasley! Cronk!" her eyes darted from each of us. "How dare you use a hex on this young boy!" she wiggled her hand which was tightened around the collar of Malfoy's cloak. Malfoy was groaning and there were boils the size of snitches on his face. Madam Pince then turned her head around to face a second year Hufflepuff who had scurried by at the wrong moment. "Dear, fetch Madam Pomfrey for me, would you" the second year's eyes widened and she quickly nodded and ran off. "As for you!" she said, whipping her head up towards the three of us and glared. "You made an obnoxious and unnecessary disturbance, you hexed a young gentleman and-"
"Young gentleman?" Fred said in an annoyed tone. "He's a git thats what he is! He isn't a bloody gentleman!"
"EXCUSE ME!" Madam Pince yelled. "Detention! Every day this week! For each of you! NO exceptions!"

I know I should've told what Malfoy really did, but I didn't want Fred and George to know because they'd probably kill him. Not that I want to keep Malfoy alive, I just don't want Fred and George expelled. But instead, we all stomped up to the portrait hole and stepped in. Fred sighed.
"Did you at least get the homework from Hermione?" he asked me. I almost forgot that was why I was in the library in the first place.
"No." I mumbled. "If Malfoy hadn't come around I probably could've finished it though."
"Ah, don't worry about it mate." George said clapping me on the back. He then treaded over to Seamus. Fred and I followed. "Oi, Seamus did you do the Care of Magical Creatures homework?"
"Hah, of course I didn't. Me and Dean have better things to do."
"Such as?" I asked. I couldn't stop myself, I was just so fed up.
"Well, possibly such as making the posters for your Quidditch team's game miss." He said, gesturing towards a poster that Dean was coloring on. So far Dean had colored the head of a lion and was just beggining to write 'Go Go Gryffindor!' at the bottom. It was wierd, him calling it 'my' team. I mean I suppose it is 'my team' since I am the captain and all, but it was still strange.
"I see." I replied plainly. I then turned around and headed towards Neville. He saw me coming and grinned.

"Hey Brooke, how are you?" he asked and I smiled back.
"I'm good. Say, Neville, did you do the Care of Magical Creatures homework?" He looked a little upset that that's why I was talking to him.
"Oh, um, yeah I did, here." He turned around and grabbed some papers that were strewn across the table and handed them to me.
"Thanks a lot Neville!" I smiled and ran back towards Fred and George. "I got it!" I smiled even wider.
"Ah, wonderful, wonderful, let's get to it then!" Fred said as we all pulled out our parchment and quills and began to copy Neville's homework. I swear I saw an N+B written inside of a heart, but I think I might just be seeing things.

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