Love You Like A Love Song #[Justin Bieber Love Story]#

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Chapter 1

To The Mall!

"Jake!" I screamed, running to him in the hallway.

"What!" he screamed, holding out his arms. I jumped on him and wrapped my arms and legs around him.

"Your back!" I shouted, squeezing him tighter.

"I know!" he said, and then chuckled to himself.

Jake, Lauren, and I have been friends since 3rd grade. Inseperable.

"How as Hawaii? Better than Spring Grove?" I asked, though I obviously knew the answer.

Spring grove is our little town of 5,000 people on the border of Wisconsin, in Illinois.

"Hell to the yeah!" he shouted, and then laughed. I laughed along with him, and let go of him, hopping down and landing softly on the ground.

"Jake!" Lauren shouted loudly as she came down the hallway, dragging out his name.

"Lauren!" Jake said, dragging it out the same way.


"So?" Lauren asked at lunch.

"So, what?" Jake asked, taking a bite out of his pizza.

"Meet any cute girls?"

"Or see any cute guys?" I threw in, and both Lauren and I laughed.

"Hahaha Holly." Jake said sarcastically, which made us laugh louder. "And actually I did." Jake interupted, and we both stopped.

"Cute guys?" I asked, my eyes huge.

"No, dumbass, girls." Jake said, slightly annoyed, but he smiled anyway.

"Aw! Did you get any digits?" Lauren asked, but then was interupted by Farah.

"Hey Jake." she said all cutie, batting her eyelashes.

"Um, hi." he said, looking up at her.

"Mind if I sit here, by you?" she asked.

"Um yeah. I do. So go." he said, and she stared shocked at him. He did the 'shoo' movement with his hands, and she turned around swiftly, and, tried, to strut away. The minute she left, we all broke out into laughter.

"That was awesome." I told Jake, holding out my fist for a fist bumb.

"Haha it totally was." Lauren agreed, holding out her hand for a high five. After that, we jsut joked around and finished eating out lunch.

"Did you see what Cami was wearing today?" Lauren asked as we were getting up to throw our trays out. We both looked at each other then fake shivered.

"Oop!" someone shouted, then there was a smack against my chest.

"Farah!" Lauren shouted, pushing her away. "I'm so sorry." she said, smirking. Red spagetti sauce all over my white Hollister shirt. So cliche.

"You know what Farah? Why don't you go be a b!+ch somewhere else. You need to stay away from my best friend. Just admitt it. Your jealous of her. And you know it." Jake said, standing up from where he was sitting. She looked utterly offended, and then ran out of the cafeteria.

"Thanks Jake." I told him, giving him a quick hug.

"No problem Holls." he said, and I pulled away.

"Shirt. Ruined!" I said, looking down and pouting. "This was my favorite shirt." I told them, and then took it off. Don't worry! I had on a tank top underneath.

"Mr. Augustyn isn't going to let you get away with wearing just a tank top." Lauren reminded me.

"Well, Mr. Augustyn can kiss my ass" I told them, and they both laughed. "Let's go so we're not late for Biology." I told him, and led the way back to our lockers.


After school, Lauren and I decided to go to the mall.

"Which one?" she asked as we drove.

"How 'bout Woodfield? It's bigger." I said, and she nodded her head. WE turned up the stereo, and I plugged in my iPod, turning on shuffle. 'Love You Like A Love Song' by Selena Gomez came on, and I started singing along, though I'm more of a dancer than a singer.

When we got to the mall, we found a great parking spot and then walked in, following the flow of things, and looking at all the stores. "Victoria's Secret and Pink are right around the corner." Lauren told me, pointing to the right. before I could even respond, I was knocked to the ground by some jerk, and then left there.

Lauren grabbed him by the arm. "What the hell man? You can't even say sorry?" she asked, spicing up a bit.

"Sorry." the guy muttered. "Now can you let me go?" he asked, jerking, but Lauren wasn't going to let go anytime soon.

"Say it like you mean it!" she ordered.

"Fine! I'm sorry I ran into you an bumbed you to the ground. Now can you-" h stopped short when he looked at me. "Wow. Your gorgeous." he blurted, and I started blushing. We all turned our heads to screaming. "Sh!+" he shouted, then pulled both of us into the Victoria's Secret.

"Can we hide back here?" he asked urgently to the cashier

"I dont care." she told us, smacking her gum.

"Thank you... Melissa." he said, looking at her name tag, then pulled us behind the counter, and croutched down.

"Who are you?" I asked, getting impatient.

"Dont freak." he said, holding out his hands.

"Why would I-" he took off his hand glasses and hood. "You Jus-"

"Shh! Dont say my name!" Justin whispered shouted at me. Lauren looked unphased, and I must've too. He looked disappointed.

"Not the reaction you were hoping for?" I asked, smirking.

"No. It's actually a pleasant surprise that I can talk to someone without them trying to tackle me." he said, and I giggled. Lauren's phone vibrated, and it was instantly to her face.

"Ugh, Holly I have to go home. You need a ride? Or do you wanna stay?" she asked, eyeing Justin.

"I can drive you home." Justin offered.

"Okay. I'll see you later Lauren!" I told her, and hugged her quickly before she snuck out from behind the counter, and walked out of the store.

"Holly," Justin said, and I gave my attention to him. "what a beautiful name." he continued, and then flashed a grin at me.

"Don't even try." I told him, and then rolled my eyes.

"Why? Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked, then looked slightly jealous.

"No. And I'm not looking." I told him, then reached in my bag and took out my hoodie, hat and glasses. "Put these on." I told him.

"What?! But this is pink!" he shouted, looking at the hoodie.

"No dip sherlock." I said, and handed it to him once again. He sighed, but then slipped it on, and took off his hat and put on the black beenie hat, and then zebra striped glasses.

"I look stupid." he said, looking down at himself.

"Oh well. I came here to see the mall, and thats what I'm going to do." I told him, shoving his stuff into my draw string Nike bag. I slung it over my back, and then stood up halfway, scoping out the place. I motioned for him to get up too. "Thanks Melissa." I shouted as we walked out of the store.

"Whatever." she muttered, smacking her gum again. I rolled my eyes. Some people.

"So what are we doing?" Justin asked.

"Going shopping, what does it look like?" I asked, and stepped off of the escalator.

"Oh, yeah, right." he said, and then looked down. I walked past the food court, and walked into Forever 21.

"You coming?" I asked when he stopped.

"No! That's a girls store." he said, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Okay. Well then have fun being mobbed again." I told him, and walked in. 3..2..1..

"Okay fine." he said, and came in after me.

"Wuss." I muttered, then smiled to myself. "So what are you even doing here?" I asked him, when I came to a stop at a rack.

"Shows in Chicago, asked where a good mall was and someone suggested this one, so I came here." he said.

"Thats cool. It's pretty boring here, right?" I asked him, looking up from the shirt I was holding.

"I like it. Not so much poparazzi and crazed fans as like LA and New York." He said, looking at the shirt. I moved on from that rack and went to another, and picked up a shirt that caught my eye. I found my size and drapped it over my arm. I picked out a few more and then headed to the back for the fitting rooms. I went in one while Justin stayed out by the mirror.

"So how's Selena?" I asked through the curtain as I tore off my shirt.

"All that craps for publicity." he said, the shut up. I peeked my head out of the curtain.

"Your serious?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I wasn't suppose to say that." he said, and then looked away.

"Don't worry, I wont tell." I told him and smirked. "Or maybe I will." I told him, and pulled out my phone.

"No! No! I'll do whatever you want, but just don't tell." he begged, literally falling to his knees.

"Okay. Then your buying me icecream before we leave." I told him, and shut the curtain, shoving my phone back in my pocket. I slipped on the first shirt and opened the curtain. "Well?" I asked, stepping in front of him, and turning, looking back at him over my shoulder.

"You have a really nice ass." he said with a smug smile. I slapped him, and not softly, on the arm. "Ow! Okay, okay you look great." he said, laughing. I rolled my eyes and went back and closed the curtain, taking off the shirt and trying it on, along with the others, without showing Justin.

"I don't get to see anymore?" he asked as I came out with all 4 shirts.

"Nope. Lets go." I told him. I hung up three of them, and then walked to the front of the store to by the 4th.


"So where are we going for icecream?" Justin asked after we hit all my favorite stores.

I put my finger to my chin then answered, "Cold Stone."

"What's Cold Stone?" he asked, following me to the food court.

"Only the best icecream place in the world!" I told him, and then walked up to the counter. "Can I get a Love It of the Birthday Cake Remix?" I asked, and the guy went over to the dishes of icecream and scooped up a huge bowl of my favorite.

"And for you sir?" he asked Justin.

"Same." he said, and the waited for his. He paid and we went and sat down in an empty corner of the food court.

"This is amazing." his managed to say through a full mouth.

"Manners." I told him, and pushed his chin up with my free hand.

He swallowed then said, "And really cold." He pressed his thumb to the top of his mouth, and, I laughed at the look on his face. I took a small bite and took it clean off the spoon, going for another spoonful.

"So how long are you here for?" I asked, glancing up.

"Three more days." he said, and then a dark cloud seemed to hang over his head.

"What?" I asked, noticing his downer additude.

"I know we just meet, but I really want to get to know you." he said, looking me straight in the eyes.

"Then I guess we have three days." I told him, and he sighed, looking at his empty icecream container, then at mine. He grabbed mine, then stood up and threw both of the away. "Thanks." I told him, and he flashed a small grin.

Why was he getting so upset? I mean seriously. Maybe he likes it here a lot? It can't just be because of me. Thats silly. He met me like two hours ago! And he has a girlfriend, well, kinda. Plus he's famous. He gets to travel the world and do what he loves.

"I just wish I could have one day to be normal." he said out of the blue, breaking me from my thought.

"Why?" I asked him, curious.

"I'm just sick of all this fame stuff. This is the most normal I've felt, here with you, in a long time." he said, looking at me. I blushed slightly., and looked down. "Please don't look down. You look so pretty when you blush." he said, placing a hand under my chin. I looked up into his eyes, and his eyes glittered when he smiled. I smiled back, and then tucked some hair behind my ear.

"Well I should probably get you home." he said, standing up.

"Yeah. Thanks for the icecream. And don't worry, your secret is safe with me." I told him, and then smiled. He smiled back, and we walked to the escalator, jopped on and then rode down before walking to the door.

We walked out into the maze of a parking lot, and he found his car easily.

"I think that's the easiest anyone has ever found there car here." I told him as i stepped in.

"It very well could be possible." he said, and I laughed. I took out his stuff from my bag and set it in the middle of us.

"Can I have my stuff back now?" I asked, holding out my hands.

"Okay. And by the way, your hoodie smells amazing. Like cotton candy." he said, and took another whiff before handing it to me.

I giggled and took it back, "Thanks." He handed me the glasses, which I put on, and then the hat which I shoved in my bag along with the hoodie. He put his stuff back on and then pulled out of the parking lot.


"Holly! Where have you been?" someone shouted when I got out of the car.

"Sorry, Tess, I was at the mall." I told her, accepting her hug.

"With..?" she asked, and then stared as Justin walked around the front of the car to me. "Is-Is that Ju-Justin Bi-Bieber?" she asked, shaking.

"No.. It's George Clooney. What do you think? And your suppose to be the smart one." I said, shaking my head, and Justin burst out laughing.

"Here's my number, Holly. Call me." he said, and then walked back around and got in his car, before speeding down the road.

"OHH EMM FRIKIN' GEE!" Tess shouted, hopping up and down, while I just smiled down at the little piece of paper in my hands. "Justin freaking Bieber just gave you his number!" he shouted.

"Yeah. And he also bought me icecream, and told me I have a nice ass" I told her, walking towards the house.

"Now is not a time to be sarcastic, Holls." she said, looking at me serious.

"I'm not joking around!" I told her, and her face grew shocked.

"OHH EMM GEE JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER TOLD MY SISTER SHE HAS A NICE aSS!!!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Would you shut up, Tess?" I asked, clamping my hand over her mouth.

"Sorry. Explosion!" she said, smiling sheepishly. I laughed it off, and then walked in the house.

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