What Boys Need to Realize!!!

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Chapter 1

List of Things Boys Need to Realize!!

1) We love when you cuddle with us
2) A kiss on the cheek is a definite yes
3) We want you to put your arms around us at the movies ;)
4) We don't care if ur the strongest guy in the world
5) Size dosen't matter so DONT TELL US!
6) We don't always look our best so get over it
7) We shouldn't have to plan everything!
8) We are always ready to talk, so call us.
9) We are not perfect so deal with it!
10) We love surprises
11) The little things you do mean the most
12) We are not always girly girls!! ;)
13) We can like boy stuff too!
14) Cursing and fighting doesn't impress us
15) Dont be mean to us to get our attention
16) Dont tell us who is hot because we don't care!
17) We can tell when your not listening so LISTEN UP!
18) When we say we're cold thats your invitation to come closer ;)
19) Hugs mean more sometimes
20) We need your advice sometimes, so don't be afraid to tell us!
21) No matter how many times you say it, we're not always gonna believe when you tell us we're beautiful, or perfect.
22) Talking about the celebrities you think are hot is not the way to get our attention. It'll only make us mad at you.
23) If we say we love you, we mean it. So stop freaking out and worrying about us leaving you.
24) When we ask why you like us/what you like about us, we're usually fishing for compliments.
25) It may or may not seem like it, but a girl is almost always thinking about their guy.
26) As self centered as it may seem, we always want you focused on us- not ignoring us for other girls.
27) When you ask us how we're doing and say "Fine," It means something is wrong and you need to find out what it is ASAP!!!
28) Even if you did ask about what was wrong, we still might not tell you, but don't take it personally, we just don't wanna talk about it...

Hope you COPY PASTE PEOPLE. I find it sweet AND TRUE!!! LOVE YOU ALL ^_^ (Also, feel free to add your own thoughts..)


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