For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Story about Brian Holden. If you don't know who he is, go watch StarKidPotter, like now. He was Lupin in AVPS - Flopsy in MAMD - Junior in SS.
So enjoy the story. :)
About you:
Colette (Collie, sometimes) Parker
25, out of college. Singer, dancer.
Was in AVPM, AVPS, MAMD. As Cho Chang, and Miss Cooter. (Lets pretend Devin isn't a Starkid)
Best friend; Brian Holden

Chapter 1

Welcome to Starkid Manor!

I just got kicked out of my house.
My mom just kicked me out.
What the he ll am I going to do?
I sat alone on a park bench with my bags and a bird cage.
Let me start off by saying, my parents abused me all my life, today I stood up for myself, cause I mean I'm 25. I deserve to be a human, don't I?
So when my mom went to hit me across the face because I didn't make visit I said, "No, don't"
And that's why I'm homeless.
I sighed. Brian'll know what to do. I called him.
One ring, "Hey Parker."
I smiled, "Hey Brian. Um, I'm homeless right now..."
Silence, "Homeless?"
I sighed, "Mom kicked me out, so now I'm sitting on a park bench with Peter and about 5 bags. I look crazy."
Peter was my bird. 'Cause my last name is Parker... he's Peter. You get it.
"We have an extra room at the Manor, you know?"
"I couldn't live with you guys-"
"I'm coming to get you. Be there in 10 minutes."
Before I could protest he hung up. Well... that worked out better than I expected.
In a few minutes I was sitting in Brian's car, fighting over a radio station.
"Why, cant you just leave it on country?" I yelled at him.
"Because it's awful! Why cant you just leave it off?"
I rolled my eyes, "I hate you."
"I just saved your life. I'd love me."
"Eh, fine."
And that's when my life truly started. We pulled up to Starkid manor.
"Holy sh it..." I said breathlessly.
"I know." Brian said, smiling, taking my bags, while I had my birdcage and 2 bags.
I walked through the front door, smiling wide at the site.
"Welcome to Starkid Manor!" Joe Walker said leaping at me for a hug.
"Hey Walker."
"Parker!" Jim, Nick, and Matt all yelled from the kitchen.
"Hello boys." I laughed, placing my bags and birdcage down.
"Finally, a woman! She could make us good food!" Jim said.
I rolled my eyes. Well, it was true. I was a pretty good cook.
"So your room is upstairs. Across from mine." Brian noted.
I nodded, taking it all in. This is my home now. I finally have a home I won't be afraid to live in.
They must of noticed how dreamy I was looking at the place, because Nick said, "This is your home now. No worries."
I shed a tear then. I told them all about my past. But I always left one single part out, that no one will ever know.
"Darn it, Nick, you made her cry." Joe said hugging me.
Wow he's strong, "You. Are. Crushing. Me."
He laughed, "Sorry kid."
Brian then took me up to my room, which was painted white... that'll change.
"Well. Welcome home, Parker." Brian said, leaving the room.
He walked out, and shut the door. I let out a sigh, "Home..."

Hope you enjoyed it, I've had this stored in the documents of my computer for like 3 months now. Kinda bad in my book, but maybe you liked it? I hope so. :)

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