For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Story about Brian Holden. If you don't know who he is, go watch StarKidPotter, like now. He was Lupin in AVPS - Flopsy in MAMD - Junior in SS.
So enjoy the story. :)
About you:
Colette (Collie, sometimes) Parker
25, out of college. Singer, dancer.
Was in AVPM, AVPS, MAMD. As Cho Chang, and Miss Cooter. (Lets pretend Devin isn't a Starkid)
Best friend; Brian Holden

Chapter 2

Banned from Walmart?

The rest of the day I was unpacking things. Once I was finished it still looked empty. I didn't bother eating dinner, I was exhausted, and passed out on my bed that was already in my room.
Next day
"Colette? You awake?" I heard Brian say, creeping in.
I groaned, "Now I am..."
"Oh sorry, hey, were having breakfast."
I nodded and got up.
"I'll be down in a little." I said to him, he nodded and walked out.
I changed into my Spiderman shirt, red converse, and skinny jeans.
"Morning, sleepy head." Joe said to me, like I was a child.
I rolled my eyes, "What's for breakfast?"
"Oh I don't know," Brian said, nonchalantly.
"You didn't make it yet?" I snorted.
"You're the woman..." Jim said.
I sighed and look through the cabinets. Where's the food?
"What do you expect me to make if you have no food?"
"We have no food?!" Brian asked, shocked. They all gasped.
"To Walmart we go?" I asked, laughing.
"I call shotgun! Colette drives!" Joe said.
We drove the 10 minutes to Walmart. Which was freaking annoying, never drive with those boys, the flicking, talking, obnoxiously loud singing, was almost unbearable.
"Race you, guys!" Brian said opening the door.
"Brian! I didn't stop yet!" I shouted, terrified I'd kill him.
He started laughing at me. I frowned, "You're mean."
I found a parking spot and got a cart.
"Now, boys," I said, with a motherly tone, "No fighting, stealing, killing aloud. Understand? We're here for food... and paint for my room."
They all trudged towards the doors, annoyed at my comments.
"But Colette!" Nick whined.
"No buts, Mr. Lang!' I giggled.
We were soon inside and getting weird looks, probably because Joe had hopped into my cart and I was pushing him.
"Can we get-" Jim started.
"No." I replied not wanting to know what he was going for.
"But, you don't even know what I wanted!"
"Fine, Jim, what can it possibly be?"
He ran back to what he wanted, "You've got to be kidding..."
He handed me a cutout life-size Zefron.
"Put it in the cart," I said, amazed.
Joe hugged Zefron and we continued our trip with plenty of, "Brian put it down!" and "Nick, Matt! No My Little Pony things!"
I placed my dark blue paint into the cart, that Joe had to get out of because there was to much food.
I sighed in exhaustion, "Think that's it..."
Brian nodded, reading a cereal box.
I laughed at him, "Excuse me?! Put that down and get out of here!"
I turned around to see a woman yelling at Jim and Joe, who were fighting with price signs.
"Ma'am, I'm so sorry-" I blurted out.
"Are you with them?!"
I nodded, worried she was going to whip out her water guns or something.
"Get out, right now. You're never aloud back here. Such childish actions! How old are you?!"
"25, but ma'am, can I please pay for my things at least?!"
"Fine, but that's it. I'll take your names, and then you may never come back."
"You're serious?" Joe said, laughing.
The woman shot him a look.
I nodded and followed her, I payed for the things, and when it came to her asking me my name, I responded with, "Lauren Lopez."
The guys all stared at me, holding back laughter.
"Very well. You may leave."
When we got into my car, filled with grocery bags we burst into laughter.
"Lauren is going to kill you!" Brian said, between laughs.

Pointless chapter xP I liked it though. Ha :] Thanks for reading.
If this is what we've got then what we've got is gold

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