For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Story about Brian Holden. If you don't know who he is, go watch StarKidPotter, like now. He was Lupin in AVPS - Flopsy in MAMD - Junior in SS.
So enjoy the story. :)
About you:
Colette (Collie, sometimes) Parker
25, out of college. Singer, dancer.
Was in AVPM, AVPS, MAMD. As Cho Chang, and Miss Cooter. (Lets pretend Devin isn't a Starkid)
Best friend; Brian Holden

Chapter 21

5 Years Later

"Mom, I just don't understand why I can't go to Hogwarts!" A young girl yelled, on a stage, she had an ugly red wig on, covering her dark brown curly locks.
"You're to young! Now shut up!" The supposed Ginny yelled back, tugging at her tiny hand.
"It's okay, Lily! You'll be in Hogwarts soon." A man said, coming on stage on his knees, acting as a young boy, the audience laughed at the sight.
"Albus! There you are, you're going back to Hogwarts! Are you excited?"
"Excited?! Yeah! It's gonna be... totally awesome."
Everyone ran on stage I ran with a cutout picture of Cedric AKA Tyler. The little girl glanced at me, I gave her a thumbs up, and she grabbed onto 'Albus's' hand then took mine even though I wasn't her mom in the play.
"We went through witches and wizards and magical feasts, we had potions and dark arts, and defeated Voldemort... At Hogwarts!"
We put our hands up in the air and breathed heavily.
In the past 5 years we had 6 plays. We finally were doing a Very Potter Threequel, because Darren was finished with Glee for a few months.
After 5 years we still had fans, there were even more and some of us even were becoming famous.
Me? I've been married for 5 years. And I have a 4 year old daughter, Taryn. She was just like me, she was going to be a little star... Kid. This was already her second play.
The lights went out and we all ran backstage.
"Mommy! Did I do good?"
The little girl smiled up at me, I took off her atrocious red wig, "You did fantastic, Taryn... I'm so proud of you."
"Mommy, did I do good?" Brian asked, still on his knees.
"You could use work, Albus."
Taryn laughed, "Mommy! Stop bullying Daddy!"
"I can't help it! He's just an easy target."
Brian got off his knees and flicked me, "Meany!"
I rolled my eyes, "Suck it up."
My husband kissed me. Husband. I, Colette Holden... Kissed my husband.
"Daddy? Can I have a kiss?" Taryn asked, looking up at him with those eyes that matched his.
Joey walked over, "Can I have a kiss, Daddy?"
"Me too?" Walker asked, with puppy dog eyes.
"You guys are silly! Only the pretty girls get kisses!" Taryn announced.
"Like me?" Lauren asked.
"Yes! Like you! Daddy kiss her!"
"You and mommy are the only ones I kiss."
I blushed slightly, "Better be."
"I'm kissless! Just leave me here to die!" Walker cried, falling to the floor.
"Don't worry, Walk-ah!" She kissed his forehead.
I laughed, "My little girl is already getting the guys."
"Better not be." Brian laughed, flicking her now.
She giggled and began kissing every boy she saw.
"She sure is the tough one." Darren smiled, and then got kissed.
I laughed, and watched her kiss Jim now, but was unable to reach him, even when he bent down, "Well, she's a Starkid isn't she?"

The End

Succesful story. Wasn't it? Now, I will start my Joe Walker story. Because he is my obsession. Hope you enjoyed my story :)

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