For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

For A Reason (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Story about Brian Holden. If you don't know who he is, go watch StarKidPotter, like now. He was Lupin in AVPS - Flopsy in MAMD - Junior in SS.
So enjoy the story. :)
About you:
Colette (Collie, sometimes) Parker
25, out of college. Singer, dancer.
Was in AVPM, AVPS, MAMD. As Cho Chang, and Miss Cooter. (Lets pretend Devin isn't a Starkid)
Best friend; Brian Holden

Chapter 3

Painting, Jim's way!

"Guys, can you please help me paint my room?" I asked everyone, holding my paint and brushes.
"Do we have to?" Joe whined.
"Yes, or I'll never feed you again!" 
They burst out of there seats and ran up the stairs, I laughed.
"So, the whole room?" Brian asked.
"Yes, genius."
"You only have two buckets?" He noted, looking.
I shrugged,"If we need more we'll get more." 
I placed the cans on the ground and opened them. I handed a brush to everyone.
We painted the walls in silence for a good 10 minutes...
"I'm bored." Jim said, in his Goyle voice, which freaked me out.
"Then make it fun." I said.
"How?" He asked, now in his Firenze voice.
"Well, I don't know. You're a Starkid... Starkids make things fun."
"Oh. I see." 
Silence for 5 minutes.
Until a splash sound came.
"What the fu-Jim!" I screamed, watching him roll around on my wall, making him blue, apparently he threw the whole can of paint on the wall, and is painting it with... His body?
"Try it! It's fun!" He laughed.
"But-No, Jim! You just waisted my paint, I'm going to have just a ten foot body on my wall.
"He's not ten feet..." Nick piped up.
"Shut up, you aren't helping!" 
Then, Brian grabbed me, "What're you-" 
He put me against a wall and threw the remaining can of paint at me. 
I wiped the paint of my face, "Oh, it's on." 
I ran towards him an hugged him, sharing my blue with him.
Joe, Matt & Nick were cracking up at the sight they were seeing while Jim was still rolling around on the wall.
"No! Colette! Get off!" Brian yelled between laughs.
"Oh there you guys ar-" Lauren said, opening my door, but stopping in her track.
We all stared at her, "Hey Lauren..." 
"Colette? Why are you blue? Wait, Jim why are you-"
"We're painting..." Brian said.
I looked at Brian and Jim, "You can help..." 
"What do you-Oh, no, no, no-"
We rushed over to her and attacked her with a hug, making her just as blue as us.
Joe, Nick, and Matt ran past us, afraid to get blue as well.
"No! Guys!"
I collapsed In laughter, "We look awesome!"
"No! We look like Smurfs!" Lauren yelled at us.
"Oh da mn, we're gonna need more paint, and soap.." Brian said, laughing.
"I'll get it, since I'm not as blue as you." Lauren said, with a glare at us all.
She left us, on the floor, still laughing until I realized I was getting my floor blue too.
-30 minutes later-
The 3 blue of us stood in the bathroom, because Nick was cleaning my room for me and he banned us from the rest of the house. 
I heard Lauren shout, "Hey guys?" 
"In here!" I yelled back.
"Are you naked?" She asked outside of the door.
"No." I laughed.
"Hey, sorry, I couldn't get you anything. It's weird, when I was checking out at Walmart, I swiped my Debit card then the chick at the register told me to get out. Apparently I was banned from there?" She said.
"Oh that's weird..." I said, holding back a laugh. 

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