Harry Potter - Spin the bottle

It's VERY similair to the drunk GLEE scene. LOL

Chapter 1

The Party

"Well, your the prefect," George stated, and looked at Hermione who stole his beer. "You gonna let us have fun or be a crasher like Percy?" Hermione coward at the thought of being like Ron's older brother. She pondered on the question a bit. "Let's party!" She said nervously raising her bottle in the air. Everyone cheered.

The beat of the music didn't seem loud enough. "Chug chug chug!" Hermione downed a bottle of something and burped loudly. "It tastes like pink!" She acknowlaged "IT TASTES LIKE PINK!" She shouted. All the teenagers with their cups danced wobbly. Parvari just swayed, and Seamus did fist-pumps until he hit Hermione in the mouth. "Not drinking?" Fred asked Ron, who just stirred his drink. "Nah, not much. How you doing?" Fred danced. "Well little brother. Trying to move swell so I don't look like an idiot." He looked behind them and saw Harry doing the Macaraina. "Seems your friend doesn't have the same concern."

Harry stumbled over to them and flung his arm around Ron's shoulders. "I still can't believe you and Ginny, are BROTHERS!" He shouted. Ron looked at him oddly. "I mean, your so tall," He paused. "And hot." Harry looked down. Ron wore an awkward expression while Fred smiled in laughter. "Havin' fun Harry?" He asked.

"Yeah!" He walked in front of Ron. "THIS IS THE BEST PARTY EVER!" He stumbled as he walked from the pair. Fred trotted to his twin and started Tango-ing with him.

Ron, still a little disturbed, felt arms around his middle. Ginny was hugging him, "Ronnie," She pleaded. "Dance with me." She grabbed his hands and started swaying. "You are my favorite you know?" She looked at him. "Your the best brother ever, I would do anything for you, ANYTHING!"

Ron pushed her off him and motioned her to sit down. "Kay, Gin?" "Yeah?" She responded before sitting down. "Since this is your first rodeo, I'm gonna tell you some secrets. Okay?" He felt as if he were talking to a small child. "Kay" She fumbled with her straw, trying to get it in her mouth.

"Guys and girls fall into certain catagories when they get drunk." He pointed to the courner of the common room. "For example, Angelina, the weepy-hysterical drunk."

"You like Alica more then me," She shrieked at George, who wasn't even paying attention. "Because she's blonde, awesome, and so smart." She pleaded her case. George just waved his arms to the music. "Admit it, just admit it!" Finally hearing his girlfriend he looked around the room for help. "Oh, just kiss me!" She grabbed his face and began snogging him. George had no idea what went on, but he wasn't complaining.

A pair of students to the left caught Ron's eye. He motioned to them. "Parvarti and Hermione, anger-girl drunks!"

"I can't believe you let me do that Dumbledore's Army thing last year, it nearly killed me." Hermione shouted at Harry. "Relax!" He demanded under her attack. "And who told you that shirt was cool? Snape?" Parvarti asked rudely. "Chill out!" Harry defended himself.

Ginny couldn't have looked more entertained. "Lavender and Seamus, the stripper-drunks." Lavender was dancing on the coffee table flinging her shirt around, and sliding down the wall. The twins threw coins at her. Seamus however was stripping for his own amusment. He completely unbuttoned his shirt and tyed his tie around his head. He was imatating a monkey.

"Harry and Dean, the happy-man drunks." Ginny reverted her eyes as soon as Ron mentioned Harry's name. They were laughing so hysterically, that Harry fell into Dean's lap as Dean slammed himself into the backing of the couch.

Ginny rested her head on Ron's shoulder. "Then we come full circle back round to you. Ginny the needy-girl drunk." She looked at him with sad eyes. "Your hanging all over me, being needy and it's not good." He gave her a sympathetic look. She clumbsyly patted his back. "Well what kind of girl is this?" She asked.

Ginny stood up and cleared her throat. "Spin the bottle!" She raised her free hand in the air. "Who want's to play spin the bottle?" There were cheers from the crowd below. "Spin the bottle!" She shouted in his ear.

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