Harry Potter - Spin the bottle

It's VERY similair to the drunk GLEE scene. LOL

Chapter 2

The bottle goes round and round

The older of the Gryffindor house sat in a circle. Lavender placed her empty botle in the circle. "Since I supplied the game piece, I go first." She insisted, and gave the bottle a spin. Watching it made them dizzy. It slowed to a stop.

"Oh," Ron looked Harry. The bottle had landed between him and Ginny. Lavender playfully put her finger to her chin and began to think, she still wasn't wearing a shirt. She grabbed ahold of Ginny's collor and pulled her into a kiss. "Now that is insulting!" Ron said angerly, and slammed his plastic cup to the ground. It was now empty. Ginny giggled against Lavender's lips, and they broke apart.

"Now it's my turn!" Ginny flicked the light tube of plastic and it spun very slowly. When it scooted to a hult, Ginny looked at the ceiling, as if she was talking to God. "Are you trying to tell me something?"
"C'mon Gin," Hermione crawled within' kissing distance. "Let's give em' a show."
Ginny smiled, and stared at Hermione's lips for a second. Then lunged. From his view, Parvarti could see the lip lock and he gasped. Most of the guys oohed, and ahhed.
"Hey honeys?" Ron tryed. "S-T-O-P." he spelled.
The both split, gasping for breath. "Nothing like snogging your best friend ehh?" the two high fived. Hermione nodded and took a sip of whatever she had in her hand.

"My turn." She spun the bottle hard. "OHHHHHH!" Everyone screamed. "This is outstanding!" Harry slapped his legs in excitment. Hermione pointed at Ron, who laughed a nevous laugh. "Ron Weasley, I'm gonna rock your world." She lent in close and kissed him hard, and smiled against his lips. They suddenly got a rush feeling in the pit of their stomachs. Everything felt like slowmotion from there. This was something that neather of them had felt before. Ron cupped her cheek with his left hand, and Hermione gripped his shoulders. The audience went silent. Harry was in the perfect position to see the tounge swap. He clapped to get their attention. "Okay, think we've had enough of that." They kissed lightly one last time, and backed away slowly then opened their eyes.
"You Weasleys," Hermione began. "Taste awesome."

Ron laughed drunkly and fixed a victory smile. "Wooh" He shouted as they made their way back into their selected seats. The group stared at him. "Oh right my turn." Ron remembered, he lent forward and spun the bottle. "No," Ron moaned, him and Harry looked at eachother, in disgust. "Really?" He wrinkled his nose and asked the group. They nodded.
"Or you can run around naked?" Lavender suggested, "Yeah." The rest of the group agreed. Ron looked at Harry once more. "Trust me, I thought about it." Ron gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then shuddered. Harry scooted further away from Ron, and Ron away from Harry. Harry flicked the bottle just as Ginny did. "Oh thank you!" He said to the bottle and gave Parvarti a quick peck. Ginny looked simply furious.

Ginny pulled a knife from her back pocket, "I will cut you." She chased after Parvarti, but Parvarti was too fast. They ran out the portrate hole. After a minute of silence, Seamus asked. "Can I go?"
"Sure!" Hermione responded.
He spun. "Yay, my girlfriend, I love you baby!" He snogged Lavender for a good while before Harry and Angelina had to pull them apart.

"Oh this is awkward." Hermione commented. Fred's spin was pointed at George. "Freddie!" George had his arms held open to embrace his brother. "Oh Hell no!" George began to take off his shirt when Hermione pulled on his arm. "You don't really have too, just spin again."
"WHAT?!?" Harry and Ron said in unison.
"FML to that!" Ron abriviated.
"WTF to that?" Harry responded.
Fred spun again as Hermione suggested. George began to cry. "Why didn't you kiss me?" He wiped away the fake tears. "We do it all the time at home." Fred blushed. "OOOOOOOH" The crowd teased. Fred took of running. George sighed, "I just now realized that I also publicly humiliated myself." He ran out of the room., the opposite way of Fred.

"I'm going to sleep, this is boring." Angelina waved the group off and got up. "Yeah, come baby," Seamus took Lavender's hand. "Let's go do something else." He picked it off the floor and handed her, her shirt back. "Aww, such a gentleman." She cooed. They walked out the portrait hole.

The trio was left alone. Harry didn't say anything, but he also got up and left for the staircase that led to the boy's dorms. Ron and Hermione looked at eachother. "That was one kiss ehh?" Hermione asked flirtatiously. "Yeah, it was kinda gross." Hermione looked disapointed. "Oh" "I mean kissing a guy, let alone Harry was kinda wierd for me." He followed immediately after. "No I ment our kiss." Hermione perked up a bit. "Oh yeah, yeah." Ron pointed at her and she pointed back. "That was nice." The sighed at exactly the same time.

"You felt it too didn't you?" Hermione asked with a grin. "Yeah, I did." Ron admitted joyfully. He reached for her hand, but she pulled it away. "Oh forget that!" she kissed him again, it was just like the first time and the sparks were still there.

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