She Falls Anyway (A Starkid Story)

She Falls Anyway (A Starkid Story)

Okay. I am not over my writer's block. This just came to me so I had to write it down... incase you havent figured out, I tend to do that a lot.

OMG! how are you writing if you still have writer's block!?!
RAWR! Does it matter? I do, so dont ask!

Okay. So, A Starkid Story; the only kind I ever write, I just dont know who or what this will be about! Erm..YAYY! :P

Name: Lexi Morgan
Age: Ummm 20? 21? 22? Idk :P
Image: whatever you picture her to be...

And... ENJOY!!!

Chapter 1

It Begins?? Errm?

I hadn't even wanted to go to that party in the first place, but I was with my cousin and she wanted to. It was either stay at her house all alone feeling like a loser, or go with her to a party at the house of some girl I've never met with college kids while I was only in the ninth grade.

Despite the fact that I absolutely loathe parties and social functions, Kiki, my cousin, kept whining and whining until I reluctantly agreed. At her house, you don't even have to sneak out because Kiki, who was a year older than me, was the youngest out of twelve kids and they were coming in and out all night when they were home – which none were that night. My aunt and uncle ended up staying in Kingston at some conference and me and Kiki were left to our own devices. A dangerous thing when Kiki's involved.

My cousin's real name was Kristen, but nobody called her that. Kiki just fit her personality better; she was a real wild card. In my family, me, Kiki, and my cousin Shannon were born around the same time, so when we were younger we were lumped together all of the time. It didn't create some special bond or connection with us, but sort of an attachment without true emotion involved. We were just three girls who used to dress up and play Pretty Pretty Princess together. As we grew up we each took our own role. Kiki was the bad girl, Shannon was the goody two-shoes, and I was somewhere floating in the middle, just drifting between them.

Kiki "borrowed" her brother's car that night after fully dressing me up complete with incredibly heavy eye make-up in a very gothic punk style. At the time, I never wore make-up and I was annoyed that she forced me to but there's no use fighting Kiki. She always gets her way.

The party was at an extremely large, fairly private home in Beacon. The first thing I saw when I got out of the car was that some guy was throwing up in the bushes. Maybe it was some kind of warning saying – go home little girl! You're too young to be here! I fully agreed.

Kiki ditched me within five minutes of being in the house and I found myself a corner and plopped myself in the den on the couch. It was loud with the music and shouts of the faceless people and it stank. The air was full of the scent of different perfumes and colognes, smoke from both cigarettes and other drugs, and alcohol – lots of alcohol. Everyone was drunk or high and I was just tired. I just wanted to crawl into my own bed and go to sleep. I couldn't help but wish that I hadn't slept over Kiki's and I was already planning excuses for the next time she asked.

I'd claimed that corner as my own and I didn't move from there. Some guys had come over to talk to me, but I ignored them and they eventually went away. In the two hours I sat there, from midnight to two in the morning, I hadn't seen Kiki once. It made me a bit nervous, but it wasn't the first time Kiki had done something like this. I couldn't help but admit it – she was one of those people you long to be close to, but find to be flakes when you are close to them.

It was around that time that I met Vinny for the first time. He was drunk, and partially high, but he was still the only person there that I actually talked to.

He plopped next to me, turned to look at me, and said, "I hate it too."

Vinnie was eighteen physically, but I later learned that he was just a little boy inside. A scared little boy who felt he had no escape. He stayed with me for the rest of the night and when the cops came, he helped me find Kiki who was passed out on the couch in a study. He helped me get her in the car and we exchanged information. I doubted that we'd talk again, that he'd even remember me period after he sobered up, but we exchanged numbers anyway just because.

That night, me and all of my fourteen years drove me and my fifteen year-old wild child cousin home, thinking of all the things I'd rather be doing than exactly that.

Despite my doubts about Vinnie remembering me or even contacting me if he did, he called me the next week. I was alone in my house, on the computer after school when my cell phone rang that first time and it was the beginning of a friendship that changed me forever.

I knew my parents wouldn't approve of me hanging out with Vinny. One: he was eighteen. Two: he had multiple facial piercings and tattoos. Three: they didn't know his parents (thank God). Four: he was messed up. The thing is, I was messed up too. These two messy strangers were brought together at a place they hated to help each other escape from their dark places. I was in a very dark place where I was always numbed toward the world at the time and Vinny, I couldn't say what was going on in him if I tried. I just know it must have hurt, everything inside of him.

I hated sneaking out. There was the initial rush while doing something forbidden, but there was also a fear of getting caught. For Vinny though, who soon became my secret best friend, I'd chance it. I'd chance Hell if the result was Vinny waiting around the corner in his black mustang with his beanie on and his fingers tapping on the steering wheel.

I had the faint suspicion that Vinny was bipolar. One moment he'd be hyper and happy so much that I'd laugh with tears pouring down my cheeks at our antics and people would look at us funny as we blasted Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer", screeching and howling into the night together, and then he'd be furious. He'd drive super fast and shout out hateful words, not directed at me, that ran together in his haste to get them all out before he burst and he'd continue on and on. I was a good match for him because, while he had his ups and downs, I was always stable and always numb. When he drove fast and pounded on the steering wheel with fury, making the car swerve, I'd just sit there and watch. I'd watch his beautiful face contort and his eyebrow piercing glinting in the lights from passing street lamps or from the moon.

I spent some point every day with Vinny. Nobody knew how close we were. He was like a brother and best friend to me at the same time. At school I was always so depressed that I didn't really have friends. People were turning on me because our relationship got rough and I felt betrayed by them all. I fought daily with my family and the only time I came out of the shell I withdrew into during my interactions with other people was when I was alone with Vinny.

Vinny always let me pick the music in his car because he loved my taste in music. I felt a freedom with him that I had nowhere else. My only solace was my music and I liked to listen to songs so loud that I could feel the vibrations in my chest because, in my constant state of numbness, the only thing I really felt was angry. I was angry all of the time. I walked around hating the world. I felt free when my music blared, the wind was whipping through my hair as Vinny sped down the roads on our drives where we just drove and drove without a destination, and I'd close my eyes and let the melodies sink in. Sometimes I'd open them to find tears on my cheeks without realizing it. Vinny would just pass me a tissue and not say anything about it, which I was grateful for.

One day we'd parked and were lying on the hood of his car looking up at the sky when he suddenly turned to me with one of his serious looks on his face. They always scared me, because Vinny was rarely serious. He grabbed my hand and propped his head up so he was looking me in the face. At the time I was fifteen and he was still eighteen.

"You're not going to leave me right?" He asked suddenly.

"No." I answered automatically. Just the thought of being without Vinny made me feel an odd twinge in my stomach.

"Ever? No matter what?" He continued.

"Never Vin." I responded.

"We're gonna get out of here one day. Me and you. They're all gonna wonder what happened to us, why we just left, but they'll never know. They'll never understand." He said to me.

I just nodded because sometimes he talked like this and I never knew how to react. It was always a bit scared because he always made it sound so final.

"I know Vinny." I told him.

He grabbed my hand in his and looked me dead in the eye. "You promise?" There was something vulnerable about him there and I didn't look away. My voice, when I answered, was a whisper.

"I promise."

One night Vinny picked me up in one of his ranting, furious moods. This time it was about his aunt. Well, it was usually about his aunt but sometimes a teacher, principle, or cop was thrown into his rants.

Vin lived with his aunt Trina because his stepfather tried to kill him and his mother didn't believe him. The thing was, living with Trina wasn't that much better because she was a bit of a slut and was "entertaining" all of the time. Vin would end up sleeping in his car half the time while the other half was usually spent on my floor. He'd set his alarm on his watch and leave out the back door before anyone woke up. He was a senior but he skipped school all of the time didn't care about his grades. He said he wouldn't need them and gave up on putting in any effort.

On the rare occasion we were together during the day, we'd end up hanging out at Trina's because she worked a lot and only came home later in the night unless it was a weekend.
Vin was in a funny mood after he ranted and raved for about an hour. He proposed we go to a party and, though I didn't want to because I really detested parties where people turned into animals, I knew that Vinny needed a release of some kind, so I agreed.

He was good and drunk by two in the morning and, when he left to go to the bathroom, some older guy came over and started pawing all over me, obviously drunk.

I was starting to panic and feel trapped in my corner of the couch because he was too big and my pushing wasn't doing anything when he was suddenly yanked off of me to reveal a red-faced Vinny standing there with a snarl on his face. Everyone started backing up to make space in case of a fight, as if this was just for their viewing pleasure. I hated all of them. They were all animals.

Vinny was tall and thin, but he was lean and strong and he was drunk and furious at the same time. So when he started pounding on the guy, I got scared, because it didn't seem like he'd ever stop.

"Vinny!" I shouted as he jumped on top of the guy and punched him over and over. The guy's nose was soon bleeding and his face was starting to look disgusting. "Vinny! Vinny stop! Please Vin! Please stop!"

I grabbed his arm and he spun, pushing a bit so that I stumbled backward, tripping on the leg of the coffee table and falling on my butt. He froze and stared at me with slightly dazed eyes as everyone who had been cheering him on stared at him in horror as the guy lay on the ground making a dull groaning sound. I was felt scared and sad as I watched Vinny and when he reached to pull me up I allowed it, but quickly shrugged off his bloody hands.

"I'm sorry." He muttered to me as people started wandering over to the guy on the floor. "I need. . . I need to get out of here. . . please?"

I looked up at him, nodded, and led him out of the house. I'd never seen Vinny that way before but it had scared me. It was something we never brought up.

I should've seen the signs. I should've never left him alone.

He'd just found out that his mother had died. She had hated him, and they hadn't talked in two years, but he'd still loved her because she was his mother and she was dead. They hadn't had a chance to patch things up, to fully appreciate each other again, and she was gone so they'd never be able to.

He had told me he loved me out of the blue. We'd always loved each other in a non-romantic way, but we'd never said it out loud. It should've tipped me off. He hovered over me throughout the whole day when we were at Trina's house, clinging to me. He'd hug me or hold my hand as we sat on the couch and I knew something was up because Vinny wasn't a touchy-feely person, like me, but I didn't really know what it was.

When it was time for me to leave, he hugged me forever and kissed my forehead. He told me he loved me five times and I felt anxious because, deep down, I knew something was going to happen. Instead of trusting my gut, I thought my reaction ridiculous because it was all in my head. Never have I regretted a decision more in my life.

I was barely across the street when I heard the loud bang from in the house and I froze, not caring that a car almost hit me, and raced back inside.

"Vinny!" I shouted but was answered with silence. I started trembling, feeling sick but I ran upstairs to where Vinny's room was. "Vinny!"

His room was empty but the door to the bathroom was closed and I saw a light underneath. I hesitated before turning the knob, then opened the door.

I clapped my hand over my mouth when I saw the red all over.

"Vinny. . ." I croaked and crawled across the floor, bloodying my hands as I reached for his motionless body. "Oh Vinny. . ."

I was crying, sobbing, with the knees of my jeans and my hands all bloody. The gun lay on the floor by his hand on his other side and I looked at it, wondering if I should do the same. I'd promised I'd never leave him. What did I have to live for? It seemed darker than it was in movies, but drastic against the pale yellow tiles. I lay on my side next to him, putting my head on his chest and closed my eyes.

There was like a cloud of blood dust above us, lingering in the air and I could taste and smell the metallic taste that always reminded me of a New York subway. They didn't show that part in movies. They didn't show exactly how messy it was. I couldn't form a thought. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone, dialing 911 with my head still on his chest. After I gave them the address they told me to stay on the line, but I dropped the phone to the floor with the operator still on the other end and closed my eyes on Vinny's motionless chest.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn! I have No idea what this story will be about other than it is starkid. Soooooooooooooooo Since I dont know it will only be called.... STARKID STORY.

Before anyone asks NO I AM NOT OUT OF WRITERS BLOCK. This just came to me so I wrote it down, i tend to do that alot. Odds are there wont be another chapter for a while, so if you sit here waiting, it

Any suggestions? Questions? Comments?

No? Yes? maybe?

Well comment, rate, favorite, share, blablalblallalalalala


OH WAIT! has anyone ever noticed like ALL of my titles are 3 words long?! I just noticed that hahahaha!


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