Beyond the skies~~~

Beyond the skies~~~

This is a short story about the Gods and Goddesses up hidden behind the clouds. What their doing up there and how their not so different from us. They fight, laugh, joke around and cry. They have love life's and they have sad moments and they finally rest in peace (Their souls and all) but when one of us discovers them..their world...what could happen to them?

Chapter 1

The Goddesses and Gods that will be featured-

Tara-Protection-Healer/fighter Kuan Yin-Compassion-Fighter
Athena-Justice-Fighter Isis-Magic-Fighter
Diana-Moon-Healer/fighter Venus-Love-Healer/fighter
Freyja- Power- fighter Juno- Tradition- Fighter/healer
Sarasvati- Wisdom- Planner Estsanathi- Fertility- Planner

Aegaeon- God of violent sea storms/Ally of Titans
Eurus- God of the unlucky east and southeast winds
Boreas- God of the north wind and of winter
Asclepius- God of healing
I will be adding more Gods but these will be talked about mainly
Do not confuse Greek Goddesses with regular Gods/Goddesses

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