He Who Loves No One. (Tom Riddle Love story)*

All rights and credits go to J.K Rowling and whomever else deserves them.

Chapter 5

Tom Riddle

It was November and trying to snow. I yawned and got out of bed and got dressed for classes.
"Hey Riddle, you're girly friend is waiting for you outside the common room," Parsen said with a grin on his face, "so you remember how you said you didn't like Dove, right?"
"If you so much as touch her, I swear I'll make you regret it, Danny," I grumbled.
"That's all you got to say Tommy boy, I swear I won't touch her," Parsen said.
"Good," I said and walked out to see Evelyn Nagini.
"Good morning Voldie," she said with a smile.
"Morning Evelyn Nagani," I replied.
"Why so grumy Tom?" She asked as we went to the Great Hall.
"Just mad. We've been searching for the chamber for over a month!" I said. She laughed gently.
"I thought this could wait but, you are the most impatient person I know," she said as she grabbed my wrist and lead me up to the third floor.
"I'm only impatient when it comes to things I want badly," I purred.
"So you're telling me you lead at those first years to get out of your way because you were excited to get to Ancient Runes?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Okay... maybe I am an impatient person but, I got things to do," I replied. She rolled her eyes and stopped.
"After you," she said.
"This is the girls bathroom," I said.
"I'm wearing shoes,"
"Oh I thought we were just pointing out the obvious," she replied, "now, come on! we need to get in there so I can show you something,"
"And what exactly is that something?" I don't like surprises.
"You'll see," she said as she walked by. I sighed and looked around before following her in.
"Okay so now what?" I asked.
"There. On the sink's faucet," she directed. I walked to the sink and saw what she meant. On the faucet there was a snake. I began speaking to it, telling t to reveal what it concealed.
Suddenly the sinks moved and revealed a hole. I looked over at Dove who stood with her arms crossed and a smile on her face.
"What do we do?"
"We go in,"
"Later, right now I want-" she grabbed my collar and pushed us both into the hole.
We fell and than we hit the floor, she landed on top of me. Both legs on either side. I became immediately self conscious.
She looked at me and my cheeks were burning which made her laugh, "thanks for breaking the fall," and than got off me. I got up and heard something.
Do you come for me?
"Did you hear that?" I asked.
"Hear what?" she said. Than I remembered, Parslemouth. The thing in here must be a snake, a basilisk.
"Yes, I come for you," I answered.
Come seek me in the deepest chamber.
"Come on Dove," I said as I took her hand and we began walking, trying to find our way.
Do you bring me a snack?
"No, I bring a servant for myself. Once I release you, you may have all the mudblood you want," I said territoriality.
All the mudblood I want. eh? I think I shall spare her than, master.
"Good," I growled. I felt Evelyn squeeze my hand tightly. I looked over at her and saw a look of excitement and nervousness in her eyes. I smiled.
Then we found a door with snakes on it.

Evelyn's P.O.V
Tom let go of my and and walked forward to the door. He spoke Parsletounge and the snakes on the door began to move as if they were real. I watched in fascination. Then the door opened and Tom looked to me.
"Ready," I replied as he reached forward and took my hand again.
Why was he holding my hand? But, something told me it was more than just because he wanted to. I walked beside him as we walked in.
I gasped. This wasn't what I expected.
There were statues of snakes with their mouths open all the way down the aisle. Then at the end, on the wall, there was a huge statue of Salazar Slytherin and coming out of his mouth was a huge snake. The Basilisk. But, it's eyes were closed.
Tom was grinning and his hand was squeezing mine. He was ecstatic.

Tom's P.O.V
I shall keep my eyes closed so I won't paralyze the girl. The Basilisk said. He was determined to please me. He was determined to have the mudblood that I promised him.
"Go then, leave this chamber and hunt down the blood that is rightfully your's," I commanded and the Basilisk slithered out, chanting to itself, "kill, kill, kill!"
"Where's he going?" Evelyn asked.
"To hunt," I said curtly. She smiled.
"I hope he get's Myrtle," she grinned. I smiled. I hope so too. I can't stand Myrtle. The biggest mudblood there is. She cries all the time, maybe because she get's teased all the time but you'd think she'd get a thicker skin and not let it bother her. But, that only proves that she's too weak.
"Let's go," I said, "our work here is done,"
"Alright," she said and we slowly made our way out of the chamber.
We emerged from the hole and closed the chamber up.
"I think we should go to classes," Dove said. I laughed.
"If we must," I said and we walked out of the bathroom. I went to potions while she went to Divination. Both teachers wouldn't mind us being late.
Just before I walked into potions though, I heard a scream and within seconds every one rushed out. No one noted that I was out here, they were too busy hurrying to the scene. I casually followed.
"Where were you?" Parsen asked.
"With Dove," I replied and knew that would be enough for Danny.
"Of course," he muttered.
"If you want to hang out with us, that's fine," I said, knowing I could easily control him. His face brightened.
"Yeah, I mean I would have allowed you too earlier but, you never asked," I said.
"Ah man, thanks. I was getting tired of Holiday and Quinn, all they want to do is pick on kids and it's like we can't just sit still," he began talking a lot.
"Okay, you're in. Just don't start to annoy me or you can go back to hanging out with Holiday and Quinn,"
"Sorry Tom," he said, "hello Dove," he greeted as Evelyn came and stood next to us.
"Hey Parsen," she said with a nod and smiled at me. I smiled back, "that was quick," she muttered under her breathe. I nodded my head.
"Alright, every one back to their common rooms!" said Professor Dippet. People began moving again, and we caught sight of blood on the ground and a body.
I guess they found it too dangerous to continue classes. I smiled.
It's only too dangerous for mudbloods.

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