My neighbor. {True Story}

Mature readers only This story contains violent and creepy matter

Yes this is a true story.

Chapter 1

The intro

by: AbbyDLove
She walked up the stairs crying.
"Do you want me to kill your sister" he said. She shook her head "Then get moving you you-know." She walked through the long hall, looking in the multiple doors witnessing what no 11 year old should ever have to witness. The man knocked on the door. The door was opened by a fat, sweaty, around 40 year old man. He handed the man $300, grabbed the girl by her arm, and pulled her in.
That was the day my "missing" best friend lost her virginity.


I don't know how I gathered the courage to wright this story, and I don't know how I gathered the courage to do what I did. But if it's possible it's worth a chance.

I was your average 12 year old... for awhile. I had 8 amazing friends, and my best friend EVER, Natalie, I lived in an average 3 story house. Though that looked meak and puny compared to my neighbors 5 floor mansion. I called him Uncle Jim, though we were related in no way. He said he was a home doctor (I can't believe I believed him) for minor girls, and men. So therefore I figured that why there was always many going into his house. And why the girls always were crying and looking scared. Though one day I realized something I never realized before. The thing I was blind of for 11 years, and that day was today. It happened like this....

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