My neighbor. {True Story}

Mature readers only This story contains violent and creepy matter

Yes this is a true story.

Chapter 2

The day my eyes were opened

by: AbbyDLove
We would getting topics to do reports on that would only be seen by the teacher. She annouced loudly even one's topics "Amanda: Beavers, Jessica: Martin Luther King Sr., Jameson: Commercials and the Influence they have" Then she said that'll be all. I looked at her, she hadn't said my name. She looked at the sheet, shifted uncomfortably and said
"Oh, that's seems to be so... May I speak with you alone, Abby"

I though I was in trouble to be honest. She looked at me and said.
"I know you are a very brilliant girl, and I know you are the only one who can really handle this subject, I need you to do a report on..." she looked embarrased to say at. "trafficking"

"Mrs.Hajek, I don't even know what that is... well okay maybe a little. I mean I know it's something bad."
"Please Abby, this is 70% of your writing grade, this is a huge thing for you."
I knew this wouldn't be a cup of tea, but it could be worse.


Anyway, I started my research, and I found some pages, read a few websites, watched a few videos. After I had like 4 full pages of notes. I re-read them over.
I started to get the feeling "Uncle Jim" was not a home doctor, and the screams where not from them in pain... or at least not the pain I was thinking of. I was overwhelmed with suspicion.

I figured this would make a much better story. I was on a mission, a mission to find out what was really going on. I promised myself, despite the fact it was a 5 minutes bike ride there, and 5 more minute back that every day I would go there, and keep notes on what all happened. I'd have to hide of course. I needed to find a way.

So today I set out to Uncle Jim's house to deliver some bread my "dad" wanted me to bring over. I know, I lied about the dad part, but I really needed a way to investigate. When I arrived I rang the doorbell and heard him yell "Bailee 3" and I didn't know what that meant... I figured the 3 had something to do with the fact it was 3 o'clock. He opened the door with a stern face, then when he looked down to notice it was me it turned to a scared smile.

"Hi, Abby, what are you doing here"
"My Dad wanted me to give you this bread, oh and he said you still had his CD, care if I come into look?"
"Um, no that won't work right now, but thanks." He started to shut the door
I pushed it back and said "Why not?" He looked at me and told me I had 5 minutes to look. I put my left foot on the first step of the staircase.
"NO!" He screamed, I reluctantly took my foot off. "Umm... what?" he look worried "Well, you must let me go with you it's much more polite that way!

I went up the stairs, this floor was normal. It didn't have anything suspicious about it. There were no extra rooms, it was basically an arcade, bowling alley, and sitting room. The second floor was just one HUGE square with stuff. I pretended to look around for it. I looked at him and said "No luck, I'm going to try one more floor up." He looked at me for a long second, nodded, and JETTED up the stairs before I even took one step. I heard faint talking, I knew something was up there. Something he did not want me seeing.

He peeked back down "Okay but I have some very sick, young, patients up there in rooms."

It was a long hallway, I saw no doors shut at first, but he shut them all as he went along. Until I was like "Oh, I think I see it!" so I ran ahead of him into one room, there were 7 or so girls in there, they all looked about 12-15, some even looked very familliar. They all looked at me with tears in there eyes. All in incredibly short shorts, and cut off tank tops. They were all beautiful, but pretty beat up. Uncle Jim came in, they all had a shot of fear in their eyes.

"Abby, don't run ahead of me like that" He said. "These girls are very sick." Then suddenly all the girls started coughing and putting there hands on there forheads. "So did you find it" I said no and that it was just a book.

He turned around and I mouthed to one of the girls "It's okay, trust me" she seemed to understand as a little burst of hope seemed to go through her, then it just passed right through. I walked out of the room.

The fourth floor was the creepiest of all. There were shut doors, with a "Do not disturb" sign on it, some rooms had men standing in the doorway, and we even went by one where I saw a, by my guessing skills, 14 year old girl being pushed into a room with a man in it. The lady who had pushed her in was counting money. It was a lot, I'm almost sure I saw a few hundereds.

Basically, that was all I needed to see. I told him I'll just have to look again some other day. He nodded slyly, but he didn't seem very happy about that statement. I'm sure the only reasons he hasn't brought me into it is because my parents would deffinitly find out, actually I think they might know already.

I hopped on my bike to go back. On my way back I saw a man drive in he was in a very large car. He stepped out. He was young with a leather jacket, and he brought 4 girls in there. And I swear to God, one was my best friend crying. Now I was going to do anything to save the girls. But not alone, and not with my parents, because I COULD NEVER tell them, but with.. a friend. A very trusted friend.

I sped home and ran to my room to call every friend possible. A+ here I come.

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