My neighbor. {True Story}

Mature readers only This story contains violent and creepy matter

Yes this is a true story.

Chapter 3

My pleads.

by: AbbyDLove
As I got back home I ran up to my room, grabbed the phone and punched in a number at 130 MPH.
"Casey? I need to ask you something.... something important." I explained what I needed, every little bit.
"What... Abby you're insane to be joking about this."
"Seriously! Casey, I'm not kidding. This is serious. Please... they.."
"Okay, Abby, this is pathetic."
"Casey, the have Nat!" my voice was shaky and I was starting to cry.
"What... Abby you're serious aren't you." I said yes and eventually we made plans to meet on Sunday at 3:00 at the park. Though she didn't sound to firm about it. Every day at school she shot me glances, I could tell she was scared. I could see the fear in her sky blue eyes.

This was not just us playing spies. This was serious buisness.


It was 2:45 and I just kept on thinking what was going on... I mean this was insane, and even with Casey, how was I supposed to manage this! It's not like everyday I could go to his house to find a CD! This was the last time it would work, this time I had a CD tucked into my pants pocket. This would be the last inside look I ever would get. This time I needed to know every nook and cranny, and I wanted to get a G-O-O-D look at everyones face.
I wish there was a way to interveiw them.... without the police.

Now, I know what you're thinking "ABBY! JUST CALL THE POLICE!" but the thing is, police don't do anything about it if you just call. You need cold, hard proof. And I think that could take awhile to get. Uncle Jim is also very good at hiding people, and convincing people. Including the girl and cops. I know of one time someone reported him, he was able to convince the cops it was simply a orphanage he had made.

Therefore, he would just say nothing had changed and that was just all that was going on. Calling the cops could totally ruin everything between me and Uncle Jim, and I could even end up in jail. He's just that good.


I hopped on my bike, and jetted to the park to find Casey sitting on the slide crying. Casey is NOT one to cry. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

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