Dark Daughter: A Harry Potter FanFic

Dark Daughter: A Harry Potter FanFic

Aldora Merope Nagas is the daughter of Tom Marvolo Riddle. All she knows of her mother is that she was from the Black family. She also knows that she was born to become her father's servant: the one he could trust above all others.
Raised by the Malfoys, Aldora grows to hate the life that has been forced upon her, and eagerly awaits the day that a letter will arrive to set her free.

She has long, straight, dark brown hair and greenish-blue eyes.

Chapter 1


by: Aldora
I was down in the kitchens with the house elf, Dobby. He was my best friend - the only true friend I had ever had - and the only one with whom I was allowed to be myself. I didn't think like the people with whom I lived, a fact which I hid from them very carefully. The Malfoys were a powerful family in the wizarding world, and with their power came money and luxury. I was grateful that I had comfortable surroundings, but that didn't stop me from hating the house, and disliking the family.
The Malfoys had one son - Draco. I got along with him well enough, and for the most part thought of him as a brother, but recently he had become much more like his parents. Because of this, I spent more and more time in the kitchens.
"Would Miss care for some more hot chocolate?" Dobby asked me in his squeaky voice.
"No thanks, Dobby." I said, giving him a small smile.
Dobby was small and skinny, with wide, glassy eyes and large, bat-like ears. In colour he was a muddy greenish-brown and he always wore a filthy tea-towel, a sign that he was in the service of a wizarding family. He could only be freed when his master presented him with clothes.
Unfortunately for Dobby, this probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon. The Malfoys were of the opinion that anything that wasn't human and magical was beneath them. They treated poor Dobby like dirt and I could do nothing about it. I wasn't exactly thought of as part of the family, even though Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had raised me along with Draco. They didn't neglect me - they had feared my father and so were wary of me - but I wasn't accepted as one of them. I couldn't free Dobby and I couldn't stop them from being cruel to him. But I could give him my friendship.
It was then that I heard my name called.
"Aldora! Where are you? You have a letter!"
"I'm coming!" I shouted back. "See you later Dobby. Thanks for the drink."
"Miss is most welcome," came the squeaky reply. I scrambled out of my chair beside the fire, and up the stairs. I didn't want the Malfoys to know that I spent most of my time in the kitchens, as they'd see it as me lowering myself and try to stop me from talking to Dobby.
"Oh, there you are, Aldora." Mr Malfoy drawled. "What have you been doing?"
"Just wandering, sir."
"I see. Well, here you are." Mr Malfoy handed me the letter. It was in a large envelope and the address was written in bottle-green ink. Curious, I turned it over and saw the royal purple wax of the seal. I recognised it instantly. I eagerly ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter inside.

'Dear Miss Nagas,
We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...'

A huge grin spread across my face. I would soon be free! Out of the confines of these walls and away from the poisonous minds of the Malfoys. Of course, the Sorting might present a problem. I didn't think I'd be put into Slytherin. I was nothing like the rest of the Malfoy family, and they had all been in Slytherin House. But I wouldn't think about that now. I was going to Hogwarts!

Days later, the Malfoys and I were in Diagon Alley, buying school supplies. Mr Malfoy had gone to buy our books and Mrs Malfoy went to Ollivander's to look at wands. Draco and I were supposed to get our robes and then join her there. Together we entered Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions and were fitted. I was finished and Madam Malkin had just started on Draco, when a scruffy looking boy with over-sized clothes and jet-black hair walked in. Draco, being Draco, immediately started talking to him, taking on that snooty tone I hated. A few of his comments left me scowling in disgust.
"Imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?"
"Mmm," replied the boy. All of his replies to Draco's questions were very vague. I had the feeling that this boy wasn't familiar with the wizarding world - Muggleborn, in other words.
I tuned back into the conversation.
"I really don't think they should let the other sort in, do you?"
At this I gave a small snort. It really annoyed me when Draco started going on about Muggleborns and 'Purebloods'. It was a load of rubbish. At the noise, Draco seemed to suddenly remember that I was still there.
"Oh," he said. "This is my adopted sister. What's your name, anyway?"
Before he could answer, Madam Malkin announced that he was done and he left with relief apparent on his face.
Draco turned to me. "Why so quiet, Ally?"
"No reason. I was just thinking, is all."
"About what, exactly?"
"Hogwarts, of course. I can't wait, can you?"
"Nope." We grinned at each other. Draco could be civil, even nice, when he wanted to.
"Okay, dears. You're done." Madam Malkin saw us out, and we walked to Ollivander's. This was the bit I was most excited about. Draco ended up with a wand made of Hawthorn, with a Unicorn hair core, ten inches, reasonably springy. Mine was made of Laurel, with a Phoenix tail-feather core, twelve and a half inches, hard.
"Alright then, just owls to get now," said Mrs Malfoy. "Can't have just any old scruffy school owl delivering to you two, now, can we?" Mrs Malfoy was much warmer to me than Mr Malfoy was. I think it was for want of a daughter.
Draco bought a large and impressive looking Eagle Owl, which he named Cleo, and I opted for a sweet and gentle barn owl with bright eyes. I named him Rameses.
That night, I fell asleep exhausted from packing and dreamed of my approaching freedom.

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