Its Complicated! (A Logan Lerman Love Story)

ok so this is only a sneak peek I will post the story if you guys like it and if I get at least 10 comments. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!

The story is about a 16 year old girl named Hailey who is an orphan along with her two friends Layla and Blake. Layla is also 16 and Blake is 17. They meet Logan later on in the story.

Chapter 1

The SMALL party!

by: lore
It was that nightmare again...there were people in my old living room looking at me sadly they felt sorry for me. They were all our neighbors but none of them were family. You see my mom had no one except me and I had no one except for her. We were each others best friend.

My moms sister died a few years ago in a car accident and as for her parents well her dad left them when she was only 1 year old and her mom committed suicide shortly after. And as for my Father he was an only child but his father died when he was six because of some strange disease. My grandma had died in her sleep 4 years ago and my father....he died when I was five in an airplane accident. As you can see my life was full of tragedy I had no one except the strangers in my living room. I suddenly heard a painful cry from upstairs and a tear rolled down my cheek. I knew it was my mother screaming...she was in pain. She had....Cancer and I was only 14. More screams came from upstairs and it terrified me! I suddenly felt really hot and someone was shaking me.

"Hailey!!! HAILEY WAKE UP!!!" I heard someone yell.
I opened my eys and sure enough it was my friend Layla "you were sweating" she said with a worried expression. "I had the dream again" I explained. She looked at me with a sorry look on her face then said "come on Blake is waiting for us" I nodded and she left out the door. I smiled knowing I had two good friends. I was 16 years old now and I had been stuck in this orphanage since I was 14 right after my mom died. Since I had no one and none of our neighbors wanted to be held responsible for me I had to come to the orphanage. At least I met Layla and Blake here and I was grateful for that.

Layla is 16 like me but she had been here since she was a baby her parents abandoned her but I don't see why they would do that. She is beautiful! She has long brown hair and hazel eyes she was like a sister to me.

Blake is 17 now today was his birthday he has kind of long light brown hair (like Justin Biebers) and light brown eyes. He was always nice and loyal he was also kind of cute. He had been here since he was 10 since both of his parents were murdered.

I stood up and got ready I wore my stupid uniform (yes we were forced to wear it) and looked in the mirror I had long black hair and dark brown eyes I quickly straightened my hair and went down stairs to the cafeteria where everyone was gathered for Blakes birthday. As soon as I saw him I ran over and gave him a hug. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I yelled. "thanks" he replied smiling. They gave him a cake and he blew out the candles and we ate. "so Blake your 17 now!" I said "yup one more year and I'm out of this hell hole!" he said happily. Next year he would be 18 so he would be allowed to leave this dump it made me sad thinking he would leave. I tried to forget about him leaving next year and just enjoy his small party.

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