How we fell in Love with 2 Starkids

This is my first story. I hope you like it.
here is what the characters look like :
Name: Elegance Maroon Carter
Looks: Waist length crimson red hair. Pale skin with freckles. Eyes change colors depending on mood/weather. 5'3 in height.
Name: Janelle Marie Nicholson
Height: 5'2- 5'3
Hair Color: Blonde
she is really tiny like lauren :p

Chapter 1

the meeting and becoming a starkid

My best friend, Elegance and I have just moved into our new house in Chicago and unpacked everything it was seven p.m. when we finished. And there was a knock at the door.
“Elegance can you get that.” I asked her from my room .
“Sure.” she goes to open the door and she is greeted.
“Hi I’m Lauren; This is Joe M and Joe W, Dylan, and Brian.” Lauren said.
“I’m Elegance; uh excuse me for one second.” she said running towards my room.
“Holy Moly Starkid is here.” she said .
“What?” .
“Follow me” she said pulling at my arm and pulling me into the living room.
“Hi I’m Joe.” Moses said .
“Hi I’m Janelle and this is Elegance.” I said shaking his hand even though his attention was on Ellie.
“I’m Lauren; this is Joe W, Dylan and Brian.” the girl who was about my height said as she pointed at the others.
“Nice to meet you.”.
“Same here neighbor.” the one named Brian said.
“wait neighbors?” Ellie asked.
“Yep we live next door.” the big one named Dylan said.
“This is so cool.” She said.
“Yep So do you guys want to come hang out.” Joe Walker asked.
“Oh, Can we Jay?” she looked up at me.
I laugh and said sure.
We walk over to her house and everyone is there.
“Hey guys meet our new neighbors, Janelle and Elegance.”
“This is Joey, Meredith, Denise, Julia, Jim, Corey, Nick, Matt, Jamie, Brian Rosenthal, and AJ”
“Wow that’s a lot of people.” I say.
Ellie starts to laugh.
“There are more but they’re not here.” Walker said.
Oh god more people, I thought.
“So what do you girls do” Matt asked
“I sing, dance, write, act” Ellie said “Jay here plays piano, guitar, drums, bass, and she also writes music and sings”.
Julia was the first to speak “Wow”
“Strict family” I nodded
“Jay is good, but she doesn’t think so” Ellie said I look at her saying shut up and she just smiled.
“Can you show us?” Nick asked.
“Sure.” we said
Ellie and I reenact a scene from ‘Shake It Up’ where they slap swear, and we really hit each other.
“Okay now prove you can sing.”
“Highwire?” Ellie asked me I nodded.
We sang the chorus acapella

Living on a high wire
Running through a wildfire
You can’t shake me
I’m not going no where
Walking on a tight rope
No net high hopes
Step back im going to make it over
Na na nana nana na
Living on a high wire

When we were done they all huddled around each other and started to whisper.
They all step back from each other smiling
“Would you two like to join starkid?”
Ellie squealed “Yes”
They all look at me “Sure why not”
They all hugged us
“I’m hungry” Joey said
“You always are” Brian H said
“Pizza?” Joe Moses asked Ellie nodded and they walked out to the car and we climbed into their cars and joe and ellie were in the back talking and laughing I smile because I knew she liked him

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