Save Me if You Can

A Christian Mystery. Basically, a bunch of young women are being kidnapped and then showing up later, unharmed but unable to remember anything. Finally, a reporter decides to get kidnapped so she can solve the mystery.

I really need some suggestions, guys, so I can finish this book. I'm hoping it will be novel-length. I only get on here about once a week; plenty of time for you to come up with some ideas!

Chapter 1


Abductions: 6
Women: 6
Deaths: 0, so far
Kidnappers: 0
No, it didn’t make sense. How could the women disappear for weeks on end, then turn up with no recollection whatsoever of the whole experience?
And how did this keep happening?
What was the motive?
Where were the women being held during their time of captivity?
How did the kidnappers repeatedly evade the undercover FBI agents?
Most importantly, WHO WERE THE KIDNAPPERS?
Puzzling mysteries: quite a few
Frustrated investigators: a lot
Excited media reporters: too many
Clues to the mystery: definitely not enough

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