In a Hero's Arms (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

In a Hero's Arms (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Ok so this is my first story on here EVER so sorry if it doesn't turn out how I'm hoping it'll be but I promise to try my best to make it durable :]
Anyways, please comment and rate if you like it. The more you comment, the faster I promise to write the next chapter. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 1


Charecter Info

Name: Bethany Rose Northwood
Age: 17
Height: 5 ft. 7 in
Personality: Rose, as she is preferably called since she hates Bethany, is a very quiet girl. She wasn't treated in the best way when she was a kid as you'll find out as the story goes on and is practically a stranger to society. she's very shy and doesn't easily make friends because of her past experiences. Her closest friend at the moment is a lovable Border Collie named Oliver.
Description: Kinda tall and extremely slim figured with long dark brown hair that goes down to the small of her back and dark, forest green eyes. Lightly tanned with a couple of light freckles on her nose


The border collie stared back at me. His light blue eyes seeming to almost glare at me. I glared back for a moment but then eventually started to feel alittle awkward and turned away. A few moments passed and I sighed. I could feel his eyes burning into my back so finally I gave in and turned back around to him. "Alright fine you win...You can have the last Dorito." His ears perked up and he gave me a sort of doggy smile. Wagging his tail as I threw the nacho in the air for him to catch. He caught it and while he was munching on the darn thing, his eyes seemed to sparkle at me in a teasing way. Haha! I win they seemed to say. It'd been about a week or so since I'd left my small apartment home in New York and gone away to my aunt's house. After having a tramtic experience at home which I'd really prefer not to talk about and then with the death of my mother and the sudden appearence of my step mom, everything had started to fall into peices at this point in my life and nothing seemed to get me out of my depression. In a way I almost hate to admit it but my mom had actually been my best friend for the past 16 years of my life. I'd never really been a social kid and I felt like I was still going through my awkward years as we speak. I'd told her all my secrets, from my first lie to my first crush, I'd always been really close to her. Unfortunatlly all that changed the day she had gotten into a car crash. The impact had snapped her spine as soon as she had collided with the other car while the other guy had made it out fine. Perfectly drunk and fine. He'd gotten put into jail for DUI and resisting arrest, sure but nothing the police could do would ever change the fact that my mother was dead. A few days later, Laura came in. You couldn't believe the shock in both my heart and face once they broke the news to me that they were dating. It was as if my dad had stored her away in the closet as some sort of back up if anything ever happend to mom since it had only been a couple days since she had died and boom! Here is this tramp coming in as if it was the thing to do and said straight up to me, "Hey I'm your dad's girlfriend." she might as well had told me "Hey I'm here to replace your mom in your life." What the heII kind of buII is that? Of course I had gotten enraged and shouted a few choice words to the both of them, stormed up into my room and locked myself away but it didn't help or end there. She thought I just "needed sometime to get used to the fact that she would soon be my step mother" and started trying to buy my affection with clothes and tickets to concerts and such. Of course I'd usually throw them away or burn them in the fire place once she had given them to me, sometimes even in front of her face but she never stopped trying. Even scolding me sometimes saying she payed good money for those and I should be more thankfull that she was doing this for me. Why should I care? It's not as if I'd ever asked her to smother me like this. But just before she'd finally gotten to my breaking point, my aunt Sadie called. Appearently dad had begun complaining about my behavior to my aunt and she, knowing that we'd always gotten along, thought it would be a great idea if I came to stay with her for a year. My dad quickly agreed to it (probebly just trying to get me out of the house) and, fast foward a couple days and a long airplane trip, here I was, in her mansion in Beverly Hills with nothing but my hobo sack and beloved dog Oliver.

The House

I guess I can't really complain. Aunt Sadie was family, sweet and she did give me a nice big room all to myself. The only thing wrong with her was that she was alittle more than impulsive and flightly but eh, everyone has their flaws. Plus she usually spent the day out with her friends or in the office so it was kinda as if I was living in my own mansion. The solitude was alright. Gave me alot of time to think but I was never really lonely. Oliver was a bit of a brainiac so he kept me company with his antics. Although today I had tried to get him to play chubby bunny with me but it didn't really work out since he just ate all the mini marshmellows. Either way, he kept me busy. Today though was starting out kinda different. It was...well, boring. Aunt Sadie told me that they were gunna be throwing a bridal shower for one of her co-workers and friends at the office so she would be coming back late today. Possibley past midnight. I looked over at the clock in the living room. 12:34 a.m. Great. I had about half a day of doing nothing but sitting around and waiting for her to come home probebly just to end up helping her into her room. She usually ends up drunk at parties. Alot......Or do I? Wait for her I mean. A little light went off in my head and I smiled over at Oliver. "You wanna go on a quick trip?" So, grabbing onto his leash and a couple twenties and tens from the change jar (Yeah she has that much in the change jar), I put on my favorite grey hoodie and went out the door.

First author note: Ok so sorry if it was alittle bit short. I wanna keep you sorta instrested/ cliff hanging for the next chapter which I'm already working on. Taylor will be making his grand appearence in chapter two sooo yeah stick around! Don't forget to comment and please friend me if you liked it so far! Thanks :]


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