Beatle Meets Scruff

Ok, I decided to start writing my first solo story, and I'm hoping for the better. This isn't a sappy love story or anything like that, even though the title seems like it (it's not, it just sounded good, and it will make sense when you read the story.) I dont like writing sap. Anyway, this is about a 14 year old Scruff living in England in 1964. The years will progress as the story goes on, and she's a huge fan of the Fabs, mostly George. This is based on real events and ones i made up. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

A Hard Day's Night... I mean Hard WHOLE YEAR for me.

When I first heard that George Harrison had met Pattie Boyd, I wanted to jump off a cliff. It wasn't fair!! It ruined all my hopes and dreams of George and me getting married and being together forever. And the fact that he became smitten with her on the set of "A Hard Day's Night"? Even more insulting! I myself had been one of the many girls waiting on this humongous line to audition for a part in the movie. The only problem was, I was so nervous that I froze there in front of everyone. After five minutes of awkward silence, they booted me out. And the worst thing was? They wouldn't let me back in, no matter how hard I tried to disguise myself or climb through the windows, while shouting that "I knew what to do!" and that "I was the best actress they'd ever seen, just wait and see!"
Obviously, that didn't work out, and so after about twenty little fights with the director, I finally surrendered and retreated home.
It just wasn't fair that Pattie was a model, a blonde, blue eyed beauty, while I was stuck with boring brown eyes and mousy brown hair. I thought of dyeing it blonde like Cynthia did for John, but I soon decided against it, knowing how my parents would become, seeing my thin hair a bottle blonde color. Blech.
In the end, I was determined to win Georgie's love. It was 1964, I was a ripe 14, and I was ready. Ready to make Pattie head for the hills while George and I stayed together for the rest of our happy lives.
But the only question was: how?

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