- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Hey! Ok. This Story is actually my "Hogwart's Love Story". I've just decided to put it all together on one story. So, this will be the story I add onto.
I wanna say thanks to breanna_nicole_summers for ALL the help she has given me, and especially for the title, also, thanks to Fredandgeorgeluvr who has helped with ideas, both are characters in my stories =) (Bree and Lexy Lupin)
Ok, soo, im running out of room, but please rate this for me? Thanks! =)

Chapter 2

A VERY Exciting 1st Day Back..

You continued eating and then Dumbledore started his speech, he was talking about items that will be banned this year, then what he said next caught your attention "It is also my painful duty to inform you that the inter-house Quidditch Cup will not take place this year. This is due to an event that will be starting in October, and continuing throughout the school year, taking up much of the teacher's time and energy- but I am sure you will all enjoy it immensely. I have great pleasure in announcing that this year at Hogwarts, we are to have the honor of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months, an event which has not been held for over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year." You heard a low murmur spread through the Great Hall, then you heard Dumbledore continue, talking about the age restrictions, and that you had to be 17 to enter your name into the Goblet of Fire. Next thing you knew, there were a lot of french looking girls prancing their way down the Great Hall, Dumbledore announced that this was Beauxbatons school. Then.. You saw a bunch of guys following, one in particular caught your eye. You recognized him from the Quidditch world cup your parents had taken you. His name was Viktor Krum. He looked at you and gave you a faint smile. You just nodded and looked around the Hall. You noticed the new defense against the dark arts teached looked sort of creepy, with his big rolling glass eye, and his scarred up face, and fake leg. You noticed somebody tapping you on the shoulder, "Chelsea, whats wrong?" Bree said laughing "you got quiet, did Pansy really bother you that much?". You looked at her confused, "what are you talking about?" you asled her in a suspicious tone, Bree arched her eyebrow, and pointed over to Pansy laughin about something. You listened closer, "Hahaha, yeah, obviously shes scared of me or she would of really done something, apparently shes choosing to ignore me, shes too busy drooling over Krum." You started shaking. So, apparently looking at somebody meant drooling over them.... how nice. "Bree im about to punch her so hard!!!!". Bree knew how serious you were, you got up, and started walking over to Pansy, she was still talking, mostly to Draco about you, "Yeah shes such a snob, i dont know why people even like her..." Draco started looking annoyed, by the time he was about to open his mouth, you were right behind Pansy, grabbed a handful of her hair, and slammed her face so hard onto the table you heard a crack, and when you lifted her head up, blood was trickling down from her nose, and she was crying. The whole Slytherin table looked at you in awe. "Keep talking shlt. Watch whats gonna happen bltvh." Bree just stared at you, you went to sit down.. just as you took your seat Snape came over, "Ms Orialison, i do believe you caused this mess" he motioned to Pansy. "this time its a warning, next time, 20 points from Slytherin" You just glared at him, and then Dumbledore announced it was time to go back to the common room. You got up and walked out of the Great Hall. Bree told you shes see you in the common room, so you were walking alone, until you ran into Harry Ron and Hermione. They hugged you and started walking with you. "What happened with Pugg face?" Harry asked you. "bltvh kept on talking shlt about me. Acting like i wasnt about to do something to her, so i slammed her head on the table and broke her nose" you said simply. You saw Hermione try to hold back a giggle. "Blimey Harry, her true Slytherin is showing!" Ron yelled, you couldnt help but laugh. You came to the point you had to walk your seperate ways, you said goodbye and walked into the dungeons. You got to the part of the wall where the opening to your common room was. "Salazar Slytherin" you said, and tapped the brick in front of your face, the bricks started dissapearing, and you walked inside. You saw Bree on the couch on Blaise's lap, making out. You smiled and shook your head, you were about to walk up to your dorm, until someone grabbed your shoulder and spun you around, you came face to face with Malfoy. "Hello Chelsea." he said with that smirk he always has on. "What do you want Malfoy...." your expressioned hardened. "Now is that anyway to talk to an old friend..?" he said with the same smirk you wanted to slap off of his face. "We were friends until you started acting like a HUGE @*s!!!! I did NOTHING to you, and you acted ignorant as ever to me. So dont sit there and play the 'old friend' card, cause i dont wanna hear it!" you spat at him. He looked at you with a confused expression, "What are you talking about, I still am your friend!" you started shaking, if there was one thing you couldnt put up with it was being lied to straight to your face. "im your FRIEND?! If i was your FRIEND you would of stood up for me against that pugg faced creep!" You stormed up the stairs, you were so aggravated. You noticed your kitten Chaos was sleeping on your pillow, and your bat Shade was sitting on her cage withh a lletter in her mouth for you, you took it and opened it. It was from your mom and dad
Dear Chelsea,
We hope your having fun at school so far. We miss you already! We think its about time that we tell you, all we can mention, is watch your anger, control your emotions, and keep your guard up for this year. We cannot stress how crucial it is that you listen to us. You not an ordinary Slytherin, or witch in general. Please try your hardest to do this for us. And once you figure out why, dont trust anybody with it. We love you hunny. Take care.
With Love,
Mom & Dad
End of Letter
You stared at the letter, not knowing what they meant at all, then Bree came upstairs and tapped you on the shoulder, you were surprised, you spun around with your wand at her neck. "CHELSEA! Its just me!!" she shreiked. You started laughing. "Im sorry! I didnt know, I got..... jumpy" She started at you with a small smile, "unbelieveable!" she muttered under her breath, this made you laugh even more. "What was that about with Draco anyways...?" You picked up your kitten and put him on your lap. You were quiet for a minute. "He brung up the 'old friends' card. There was a small silence. Bree knew how close you and Draco used to be, and how you two would always do everything together, and how badly it bothered you when he suddenly changed with you. "Im sorry Chelsea.. do you want me to find out what his deal is..?" she asked sounding concerned. You shrugged your shoulders, and layed down in bed, stroking Chaos' head, and letting Shade fly around. You soon fell into a dreamless sleep. You awoke early the next morning to Chaos purring next to his jar of snacks. You smiled, picked him up and let him stick his head in the jar to get the one he wanted. You went to the bathroom, got on a pair black shorts, and a green tank top, with some black and green nikes. you pulled your hair up into a high pony tail with your bangs out to the side, you went down into the common room to find Pansy, with scratches on her nose. You smirked to yourself and walked down to the Great Hall. You were walking up the stairs, and felt somebody grab the back of your shirt, and put a hand over your mouth. You elbowed him in the stomach. You turned around and noticed it was Draco. You immediately felt bad and asked if he was ok. He nodded and asked if he could talk to you, you nodded. "there was no need to act like you were about to kidnap me Draco", you looked down at your feet. You didnt want to look at him, because when you guys were friends, you used to like him. And you didnt really want any of thos old feeling to come back.. "I know, but last time I tried talking to you.. you screamed at me and walked away" You looked at him with disgust. "Why the heII wouldnt I?! You were my best friend, and you pushed me to the side, and acted completely ignorant to me for no apparent reason. I never did anything wrong to you, and it hurt me so much when you did that. And then last night you wanna bring up the 'old friend' card and tell me i supposedly still am your friend?! And i meant what i said about if i was really your friend, then you would of said something to Pansy when she kept talking about me" You looked at him for a minute. And he knew you were serious, and he could see the hurt in your eyes. "Chelsea im sorry, and i was about to say something until you busted her face on the table!" You knew there was truth behind what he just said. You expression softened a bit. "Okay.." you replied. You turned to walk away, and he caught up to you, "can i walk with you?" he looked at you waiting for a reply. You just looked in front of you. "I didnt even get an apology for everything youve done to me the past few years..", there was an awkward silence, "sorry..." he muttered. You just rolled your eyes at the pathetic apology. You were about to get in the Great Hall when you saw everybody running to the left. "Where are they all going?" You asked Draco, he just shrugged his shoulders. You decided to follow everybody. You felt two pairs of hands lift you up into the air. ~Fred and George~ you thought. And you were right. "Hey Chelsea!" They said in unison. You laughed. "Where are you guys taking mee??" You asked trying to get down, but they tightened their grip. "The Goblet of Fire!" said Fred "Yeah, so you can see how we put out names in!" added George. "By the way we saw Malfoy by you. Want us to-" You cut Fred off, "No, its ok" You felt them exchange looks. Finally they put you down, You got to the Goblet, and the drank this potion that was supposed to fool the magic boundry around the Goblet, and the tried putting their names in the Goblet, but it spit them back out, and Fred and George were blasted out of the circle. And when they got up, they looked old. Everybody was laughing, and they started fighting. You went over to Hermione Harry and Ron, Hermione was laughing pointing out what they did wrong. "Theres no way Dumbledore spell would be fooled by a simple ageing potion!" You laughed. "Hey Chelsea, hows it going in Slytherin with Malfoy and Pansy?" Harry asked you. You completely forgot about Draco, you guess he didnt follow when Fred and George carried you away, "Uhm... Pansy still looks messed up, Draco... im not sure..." You knew Harry saw the confused look on your face. By the time Fred and George stopped fighting, you were already walking back to the Great Hall with Harry Ron and Hermione, surprisingly for a Slytherin, you got along with most people, except the one Gryffindor, Lexy Lupin. You hated her with a passion. She would always give you dirty looks, always becaused she was going out with George, and he would always talk to you, since you guys are friends. You got to the Great Hall and went to talk to Harry Ron and Hermione. "So, this Twiwizard Tournament seems fun!" You said. "To bad were to young for it though..." you were dissapointed. "Anybody who enters is insane. People die during it" Harry pointed out. "Yes, it does seem rather dangerous" You laughed, that is SOOO Hermione for you. "Whats your opinion Ron? Your pretty quiet" you looked at him. "huh? oh, nothing. Anybody who gets chosen is probably only happy casuse they can show off anyways" You looked around. You decided to go to your own table and eat with Bree. You walked up to her, she had a bag of candy, and she gave you a piece, you ate it and asked her where she got it from. "I got it from that Lexy chick, she was giving them away. You froze. You really wich you didnt swallow it. You felt nauseous, so you ran out, and grabbed Bree with you. You both ran to the bathroom and kept throwing up. you both walked of out the stalls. You both were pale, but you looked red. "IM GOING TO KILL!!" You yelled. Bree just nodded. "Make sure im there to watch!" You guys walked out of the bathrooms holding your stomachs. You got back into the Great Hall, and ate a little bit. Draco looked at you and walked over to you and Bree, Blaise by his side. "Whats wrong?" They asked each of you. "You just shook your head, you were too nauseous to talk." Bree managed to tell them, inbetween deep breaths "Lexy Lupin........ she gave us... puking pastils. We didnt even know.. They look...... soo different than they normally do" she looked green again. But she held it down. Draco and Blaise were about to go over to the Gryffindor table. But you held your hand to Dracos stomach, and Bree did the same to Blaise, you wouldnt let them. You had something in store for her. Since today you didnt have any classes, you all went outside to sit by the lake. Still feeling nauseous, you and Bree laid down under a tree. After a bit you began to feel better, and say Lexy walking by. You walked up behing her with Bree, spun her around, and held your wand to her throat. "Listen, you may be Proffesor Lupins neice, but i swear to you, if you EVER try that little prank again, i wont hesitate to send you to St. Mungos" You grabbed Brees wrist and started walking, when Lexy laughed, and pulled out her wand and was about to jinx you. But you spun around and yelled out "Protego!" her jinx landed back on her, and huge blisters appeared on her. You fell on the ground laughing, and Bree tried helping you up. She fell on top of you. Soon everybody was laughing. But not any Gryffindors, including Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, and Harry. You just noticed Lexy had gotten up, she was walking towards you too, and she yelled out "Petrificus Totalus!" But it missed you and hit Bree. You felt your blood boil. You got up, "Impedimenta!" Lexy went flying backwards, you went over to Bree and unfroze her. Then you seen Snape and McGonnagal comimg towards you.... TBC

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