- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Hey! Ok. This Story is actually my "Hogwart's Love Story". I've just decided to put it all together on one story. So, this will be the story I add onto.
I wanna say thanks to breanna_nicole_summers for ALL the help she has given me, and especially for the title, also, thanks to Fredandgeorgeluvr who has helped with ideas, both are characters in my stories =) (Bree and Lexy Lupin)
Ok, soo, im running out of room, but please rate this for me? Thanks! =)

Chapter 3

And the Drama Begins...

You turned your head to Bree.. "S*, looks like somebody snitched" you growled, she shook her head, and had her want pointed in Lexy's direction incase she got up. You stood up with Bree, and Draco and Blaise finished laughing and ran over to you guys right when McGonagall and Snape got to you. "MS. SUMMERS AND MS ORIALISON EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED!" you gave her a look like you were about to hex her too. You looked her in her eyes. "Well Professor, your precious Gryffindor Lexy Lupin, gave me and Bree, puking pastils, we were throwing up.-" Bree cut you off.. "Then when we came outside, Lexy was gloating about it, and threatened us, she had her want pointed, and i got petrified, and Chelsea just defended us" she motioned to Draco, Blaise, and herself, "So if your going to put anybody at fault, blame Lupin" Bree spat. You looked at her, good thing McGonagall is gullible and believe Lexy started it first. She just rolled her eyes and went over to Lexy, "10 points from Slytherin" she called over her shoulder. Draco and Blaise fumed. You lokoed at Snape for help. He gave you all a look, and when McGonagall got back, he told her, "In all fairness, I DO believe these young students, and i believe Ms. Lupin started it. She is a prankster like the Weasley twins, they acted out of defense. 20 points to Slytherin. Thats final." He walked away, with McGonagall just glaring. You looked at Bree, and started laughing. You walked back over to the tree, Blaise and Draco left to go to the common room. You were talking to Bree when Harry, Ron, and Hermione came over to you. You turned to look at them surrounding you. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Ron shouted, "YOU CAME AND STARTED PROBLEMS WITH LEXY!" you were heated. Harry looked at you "Chelsea there wasnt any reason for that! You hang around Malfoy for 1 day and you start shlt with Gryffindors!!!" You had enough. You and Bree both got up. You were surprised when Bree opened her mouth first. "FIRST OFF SCARHEAD! YOUR PRECIOUS LEXY STARTED WITH US! HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR HER GIVING US PUKING PASTILS, WE NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING TO HER! SO WHY DONT YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU START POINTING FINGERS!" She never really liked them 3, nor the twins. It was bound to come out sooner or later. Harry looked from her to you, Ron was just as aggravated, he refused to believe Bree because she was Slytherin. You were so aggravated. They stayed silent. You opened your mouth. "Look. Ive been your best friend, to you all since day 1, year 1. If you REALLY were MY friends, you would of asked me what happened instead of coming down on me. Next time.... I wont be so leniant of you. Im telling you.... Next time you gang up on me, for something i had no fault on.... i WONT hold back what i have in mind for you, friends or not." You spat. You didnt know what else to say. You looked them up and down, and walked away... You couldnt believe your "best friends" turned on you so quickly, because yoiu were in Slytherin. You walked back into the castle and headed for the common room. You were so angry, you didnt even bother to say hi to Draco or Blaise. You just walked up into your dorm and threw yourself on your bed. Chaos climed up your body and started nudging you with his head. You got up and held him high above your head, admiring his soft black, fuzzy fur. He purred, and you set him down and started playing with him. You heard a knock on your door, "Come in!" you shouted.. and Draco stepped in. You just looked at him, not in the mood for anybody right now. He just leaned against the wall. You just looked at him for a long moment. "What do you want Draco.. Im not in the mood for any drama..." you said quietly. "What happened between you and Potter and his crew?" he asked you suspiciously. You got up, "I dont believe its any of your concern." you said coldly. He stood straight up. "Whatever Orialison." he turned to walk out. "I didnt know we were on a last name basis. And you pulled the card about being friends" You laughed. He stopped in his tracks. "Ok Chelsea, you want to talk about "friends", a friend would tell their friend the answer to a question when they asked." He said loudly. You were at the point you wanted to kill somebody, and just flicked him off. He just looked at you "Wow, you dont need to act like such a b!" You got up and raised your wand. Bree and blaise ran upstairs. "Get out" you ordered. "NOW!". Draco skrew faced you. He started walking out, "Hope you have fun with your sIut pansy!!!" You yelled, he just walked away. You were so aggravated... You guys were finally starting to become friends...again... and you ruined it. You laid down on your bed. You wanted to cry.. but you wouldnt. I dont cry you though to yourself. "You ok Chelsea?" Bree sat on your bed. You just shook your head, and looked up at her. "We were FINALLY on way to becoming friends again.. and now it just got soooooo skrewed up!" You said quietly. She looked at you with a worried look, she could see how much this bothered you. "Just talk to him.'' You nodded your head and tried to get some sleep. Right when you were dozingoff, she asked, "Why do you like him so much?'' You stayed silent for a moment. "Because when we were best friends.... it was like nothing else mattered. We were each others best friends, we did everything together, he was always there for me, and i could trust him with absolutely everything, and i know i was different to him, because he treated me way different than he treated anybody else.'' And with that, you fell asleep. You awoke the next morning, took a shower, got cleaned up, curled your hair, threw on some black skinny jeans with a gray spaghetti strap tank top, and a silver half jacket with half length sleeves, and some cute black flats. You saw that Bree was still sleeping. You deicded to go wake her up, you tiptoed to the side of her bed, and whispered "aquamenti" water squirted all over her face, and she woke up, you ran downstairs before she got up, "CHELSEA!!" you heard her yell, you laughed to yourself. You turned your head, and immediately you wished you didnt.. when you looked over, you saw Draco and Pansy on the couch, her on Dracos lap, and them having a complete make out session. His hand was creeping up her leg, your eyes started to well up, you blinked back the tears, pointed your wand at the two of them, and yelled out "Incarcerous!!" Immediately they became tied together with a rope. "I hope you like her this much Malfoy!!" You ran out of the common room blinking back the tears that were stinging your eyes. You ran down to the Great Hall entrance where you waited for Hermione and Harry. You sat down with your knees to your chest and you head in your arms. Hermione saw you and immediately came over. "Chelsea, whats wrong??" She asked you sounding worried.You told her everything from when you had that arguement with Harry and Ron and her about Lexy, to what you just saw in the Slytherin common room. She put her arm around you, and when you looked up, Harry and Ron were walking towards you and Hermione. You put your head down because you didnt want them to see you like that. You heard them whisper "Whats wrong with Chelsea?" you gave Hermione a look, and she knew not to tell, so she just gave them a look that said ill-tell-you-later. You walked into the Great Hall and sat down with them. You looked over and saw Bree just staring at you questioningly. You sent her a note explaining what happened. She looked upset, but just nodded. Dumbledor got up and started to speak. "Attention! We have a new student! His name is Ian Archer." Everybody watched, McGonagall brung out the sorting hat, and immediately Ian was sorted into Slytherin. Cheers erupted from the Slytherin table. You looked at Bree, she was staring at him, practically drooling. You laughed to yourself. You began to eat. You were silent the whole period. You didnt know why him kissing Pansy so much bothered you. Its not like you guys went out or anything... you sighed and Hermione and Harry looked at you. Ron was too busy eating. You saw Hermione and Harry exchange worried looks. You finished eating and walked out of the Great Hall without a word. You were walking around the castle until you heard footsteps. You turned around and it was Harry. You walked up to him and asked him what he was doing here. "Hermione told me what happened... and I felt bad." You just walked over to the window and sat on its sill. Harry walked over to you, "You dont have to be harry, you didnt do anything wrong". "I know... but if me and Ron didnt blow the Lexy thing out of proportion this wouldnt of happened..". You sat there silent. You didnt put the blame on him because he wasnt the one who made you get an attitude with Malfoy. You leaned your head on his shoulder. Something about him made you feel slightly better. Maybe the fact that he was like a brother to you, and he is always there for you, whatever it was you didnt care, you were just happy he was there. You sat there for a good ten minutes until you broke the silence. "Harry I think i should maybe get back to the common room. Brees gonna be flipping im not there." He sighed, and helped you off the windows edge. You hugged him "You know, i sometimes wish i was in Gryffindor...around people I actually like and get along with, minus Lexy" You both laughed. You smiled at him and said goodbye, you started walking down to the dungeons when you heard a crowd of people argueing, you looked in on of the class rooms, and it was Bree, Malfoy, Pansy, Blaise, and a couple other Slytherins. Bree was fighting Pansy, and by the looks of it, was without a doubt winning. You smiled to yourself and stood in the doorway, Blaise and Draco were argueing while trying to seperate the fight. You just leaned against the doorway watching. Draco looked up at you and froze completely..Bree had Pansy against the wall, and was choking her, and she turned around, "Hey Chels!!" she said, and KO'd Pansy. She walked over to you, hair a mess, and Draco and Blaise walked over to you. Bree walked over to you, and on her way shoving Draco, an put an arm around your shoulders. "Ill take Blaise, and you talk to Draco. Dont worry about Pansy.. Shes out cold." Bree whispered in your ear. She pulled Blaise out and you were left alone with Draco. You just looked at him. He studied your face. He noticed your eyes. "Chelsea whats wrong?" You took a step back with an angry, confused face. "Whats wrong..... Whats wrong?!" you shouted. "Ok, how about the fact that we were best friends, then for soe unknown reason, you acted like a complete a to me! Then! once we actually start talking again... you want to sit there.. and get an attitude with me, and walk out of my room because i wont tell you something that isnt your buisness And you called me a b****!!!!! And th-" you cut yourself off tears forming in your eyes. You gave him a look saying your not saying anymore... He exhaled and rolled his eyes. "Chelsea I apologized for what happened before! You know i did! And i apologize for walking out, and I let the anger get the best of me when i called you that, im sorry i hurt your feelings. I am, but you could of came and talked to me about it! And what is wrong with you, you tied me and Pansy together!" He said, his voice getting louder at the end. "You were kissing her!" He just looked at you. "Because its really your buisness!!" He said sarcastically. "You dont get it Draco!" You ran out of the classroom. You ran into the common room, and sat on the couch.... You were so aggravated he was acting like this. You laid down on the couch when somebody came in.... TBC

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