- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

- A Twisted Life: A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Hey! Ok. This Story is actually my "Hogwart's Love Story". I've just decided to put it all together on one story. So, this will be the story I add onto.
I wanna say thanks to breanna_nicole_summers for ALL the help she has given me, and especially for the title, also, thanks to Fredandgeorgeluvr who has helped with ideas, both are characters in my stories =) (Bree and Lexy Lupin)
Ok, soo, im running out of room, but please rate this for me? Thanks! =)

Chapter 5

Secrets Out

You and Bree turned your heads and looked at the door. You saw Snape, and to your surprise.. Dumbledore? You and Bree exchanged worried glances, "Chelsea. Explain what had happened." Dumbledore said calmly. You panicked, but kept cool. "I was walking to see Harry, Ron and Hermione, and I heard footsteps and also when I was coming back! So i spun around and it was Pansy and Daphne, and Pansy tried using the Sectumsempra spell on me, but her aim is terrible, so i didnt get hit, and i kind of blasted the status to get away..." You said. Dumbledore just nodded. "Professor" Snape started, "I do believe that these two girls have been telling the truth-" he was cut off "Severus.. I know. Something will be done." He said looking from you to Bree. You stood up. "Im not afraid od Parkinson or Greengrass!" You said, you felt the blood flow to your face. "I know Ms Orialison, but for your safety, something MUST be done." Dumbledore said, and he walked out with Snape. You looked at Bree, and fell back on the couch. You started laughing, "Chelsea... what are you laughing at?!" Bree stared at you, confused. "The fact that Pansy an Daphne are now considered a threat...... Its pathetic, because when it comes to magic... theyre dumber than muggles." You smiled, Bree just shook her head and laughed. You sat there by the fire, just talking. "What time is it Bree?", she looked at the clock, "About 9:50". You looked up at the clock, "Crap!!! Bree, im supposed to talk to Draco in 10 minutes! Come with me!" You dragged her up to your dorm, and put on your pajamas while explaining everything to her. You slipped on this
"Whoa.. so all this with Pansy and Daphne isnt gonna get any better?" she asked, but you were in too much of a rush "No clue! But ill talk to you later about all this" and with that you were out the door, walking down the stairs. You walked over to the couch, and sat down, you heard footsteps behind you, and turned around. "Somebody is a little jumpy" It was Draco, he saw the relieved expression on your face and smirked. He walked over to the couch and sat down by you, and just looked at you for a minute, like he was thinking about something. You broke the silence, "Why did you want to talk Draco?" you asked him, in a curious, yet quiet tone. He smiled. "I wanted to get some answers... like why you were upset when i kissed Parkinson." You just looked at him, you werent too sure what to say, or how to say it, "Why were you?!" you blurted out without thinking. He rolled his eyes, "Because Chelsea, and when we were in the classroom when Bree and Pansy were fighting, when it was just me and you, you were about to give me another reason of what was wrong, but you cut yourself off, what was it?" He looked at you, with a serious expression on his face. "It was because you were making out with Puggy!" you said suddenly getting aggravated. He smirked, "And why did that bother you?" he said eyeing you suspiciously. Great you thought might as well tell him now, or never tell him at all... "Because Draco.. why else would it bother me so much.." You looked down at your slippers. He let out a small laugh. "Seems like somebody has a little crush" he smirked, you blushed, and he saw it, and started laughing. You looked at him trying not to smile. "Whats so funny Malfoy??" You asked in a joking manner. "The fact that you make it obvious you like me, and blush when you tell me." He said smiling. You smiled back, and just leaned back on the couch with your legs across his lap. "Ok... youve gotten your answer, now its time for me to ask the questions." He nodded in agreement. "Why did you act like a jerk to me, before we became friends again?" He was silent for a minute, finally after a long moment he spoke, "Because I knew how Pansy was, and how mental she is. And i didnt want this to happen, her coming after you with Daphne." He said looking down, you smiled, and nudged him with your slipper, and he looked over at you, he saw that you were smiling, and he gave you that crooked smirk you love so much. "Thats sweet... but... you could of just told me instead of making it out like that.. cause it hurt.. ya know?" he looked at you, "Im sorry Chelsea, but i knew you wouldnt listen if i explained it, so I HAD to." You just nodded. "So whats your next question?" He said smiling, you returned the smile, and sat next too him and leaned on his chest. "Uhm... how long have you known?" He gave you a weird look, "known what?" you just rolled your eyes, and pecked him on the cheek, "how long have you known ive liked you?" You asked him, playing with his hand. He looked down at you, you looked up, and blushed, this made him smile, "Ive known since we were little, back in 1st year. Well, I knew you did back then, I wasnt too sure about afterwards, then this year, ive known since you've bound me and Parkinson together on the couch.." You started laughing. "Im sorry, but... what else was i supposed to do?" you smiled, cuddling into his chest. He hesitantly put his arm around your waist. "Draco.. you never told me why you kissed Pansy." you said looking up into his silverish blue eyes. "I only did it because she was there, and I knew you were coming down the stairs, I wanted to see if i could make you jealous enough for me to find out if you liked me." You suddenly felt angry. You sat up straight and your gaze was locked on him. "Draco that is so cold-hearted it isnt even funny!!" You were about to walk away but he grabbed your arm and pulled you back down on his lap, "it worked though, didnt it Orialison" he gave you that smirk that youve always loved. "Why do you even care if i like you Malfoy!?" you spat at him. He looked at you, smiling for a moment, ugh! hes so aggravating! you thought to yourself, he broke the small silence. "I care because ive been waiting for you to finally admit it, so i can know that its ok to do this." you were about to say something back, but he pulled you closer to his chest and pressed him lips to yours. You felt a spark flow through your body, you began kissing him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. You couldnt believe this was actually happening, He broke the kiss and looked into your eyes. "Draco. I have one last question.." he laughed, "of course you do Chelsea" you smiled. "Why did you push me away to keep Pansy and Daphne off my back?" You smiled to yourself. You knew the reason, but you wanted him to SAY it to you. To get the satisfaction of knowing you, Chelsea Orialison, made Draco Malfoy, admit his feelings. He smirked. "What other reason would I have for wanting to keep them off your back.." He laughed, and you did too. "Say it Malfoy" you teased, he smiled and shook his head. "FINE Chelsea... the reason is because... I actually like you." You smiled, and felt accomplished. You looked at the clock and it was already midnight. You looked up at Draco, "Well, now that youve admitted what i want to hear... maybe we should go to bed...". "Its getting late, and we probably should be up in our dorms before Parkinson and Greengrass come back.. imagine the headache.." You laughed and started to get up. "Orialison.... so when you were talking to Potter and his pack of mudblood and bloodtraitors, Potter asked you what was going on between me and you." Draco stood up, and walked over to you, staring at you, almost like he was toying with you. You got nervous. You had NO clue what to say. "Uhm.. I-I didnt really say anything was going on, he got the impression....-" Draco cut you off with a kiss. "We have the option to either, have something going on between us, or not, you choice Orialison, dont dissapoint me" He smiled, and gave you a kiss. "Let me know tomorrow at Breakfast" He, yet again kissed you, and dissapeared up to the boys dorm. You ran upstairs to your dorm and woke Bree up. "GET UP BREE BEFORE I MAKE YOU LEVITATE OUT OF BED!!!!" you whisper-screamed in her ear. She shot up. "Jeezus Chelsea!!!! Whats so important! Your acting like Voldemort is under your bed!!" you laughed. "Ha.. funny. But if your gonna be so cranky ill tell you about how mine and Dracos talk went some other time!" you knew this would get her. "Shlt! I forgot! Dont go to bed!! Tell me! PLEASE!" you laughed. You began telling her everything, in details and all. Her jaw dropped. "Chelsea!!! You have DRACO MALFOY.... The HOTTEST boy in the entire school.... I cant believe it!" She jumped on your bed and hugged you. "Thanks Bree, I cant believe it either... the only problem is keeping parasites away from him....". Bree let go of you, and looked at you. "Chelsea, I SWEAR to you, if ANYBODY tried to come between you and Draco... Theyre gonna have heII to pay, because theyre gonna have to deal with both me, AND you." You smiled. You were so lucky you had a best friend like Bree. You both went to bed, and the next morning, you got dressed in
and headed down to breakfast with Bree. You got to the Great Hall entrance, and saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione. You and Bree tried to walk by, but they wouldnt let you. "We need to talk Chelsea." Harry said grabbing you, and pulling you behind a pillar with Hermione and Ron. "What do you want!" you snapped. You were in absolutely NO mood for them. "Look, we want to apologize for coming down on you, we think of you like a Gryffindor. Malfoy is bad news... look at his rep, please Chelsea, we just dont want you to get hurt." You looked at Ron and Hermione, they both nodded in agreement. "Whatever. Thats the second time this year you came down on me for no reason. I appreciate your concern, but i can take care of myself, and i can make my own choices. And if that means associating with DRACO, then im going to do it. Ill see you guys later" You walked away leaving them standing there. You walked in the Great Hall and sat next to Bree. "Where the heII have you been?" she asked sounding worried. "Harry Ron and Hermione pulled me to the side, trying to turn me against Draco. I said what I had to say and walked away." She just nodded. The Great Hall was full, and you saw Draco come in with Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle. For some reason, all the girls attention was always on Draco. You couldnt imagine why... other than the fact that hes so hot! Draco walked over to you. "Hello Chelsea" he said kissing your cheek. You felt a couple dozen eyes on you. You spun around. "Hey Draco. Ive made my decision." You smiled, "Well then what is it?" He asked. "This!" you smiled, and pressed your lips to his, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and his hands wound around your waist. You felt those sparks again. He pulled you closer, and deepened the kiss. You heard gasps, and you felt like the whole Great Hall was watching you and Draco. You smiled, breaking the kiss, and looked around. EVERYBODY, with the excepition of a few people were staring. You sat down with Draco, and started laughing. "Well well well, looks like Malfoy finally got you huh Chelsea?" You heard Blaise say. He smiled and you laughed. Bree was suprised you guys made out in front of the whole school, and then began talking with Ian. Everything was great. Soon everybody was finished eating, and Dumbledore had everybody go to where the Goblet of Fire is. You all began walking down the hall and sat down in the seats around the Goblet. One by one the Champions were called. "Viktor Krum........ Fleur Delacour....... Cedric Diggory" You heard Dumbledore announce all the champions. But then... the Goblet spit out one last name. Dumbledore read it.... "Harry Potter......." everybody looked around. You saw Harry back away. "HARRY POTTER!" Dumbledore yelled. Harry was suddenly pushed in front. Dumbledore rushed over to him. "Harry did you put your name in the Goblet?!" "No! I didnt" Harry protested. "Did you have one of the older students do it for you?!" Dumbledore asked again. "No. I didnt!!" Harry said. Dumbledore had everybody leave to their common rooms. "I cant believe Potter did that!" Bree said. "Its just like him, trying to get more glory" Draco added. You, Draco, Bree, and Blaise were walking down into the Dungeons, and when you got to the steps.. You were shocked to see.... TBC

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