Horror Story ~CHOOSE YOUR OWN DESTINY~ For girls really!

In this Horror Story, You decide your fate!
Good luck dear readers.
(Preferably for girls, sorry boys, you can still read, but it is more of a girly thing!)
At the end of each chapter, there shall be a choice you have too make. And that choice, is yours and yours alone... CHOOSE WISELY!

~~~~Sorry the chapters are going to be short and take a long time to do. For you, I've only written 3 short chapters, for me I've written about 7+. It takes time! SORRY.

Chapter 1

All alone, at home.

You lie in your bed, tired and bored. There's nothing to do. You pick up a random book from your bookshelf, but it looks boring. You look at your mobile, no new text messages or calls. You look on your computer for new emails and notifications from social sites you're on, but again nothing.
It was summer, and yet there was still nothing to do. It was 10:00pm, and even your parents were doing something! They had just gone out to a party, very elegant with wine tasting and all that. You kind of envied them. Not because you wanted to go to some 'suave' party, no that wasn't really your thing. You were jealous of the fact that in the summer holidays, they have more things to do than you! If someone had texted you or messaged you in some way, at least that would've been something. Yet, there was nothing.
You here a noise downstairs. Startled, you jump, then decide to go see what made the noise. You go downstairs, and see a letter lying on the floor. You pick it up, flip it over and see that it is addressed to you!
You run back upstairs with the letter, sit on your bed and open it, surprised. Your friends aren't really the sort of people that wrote, they'd normally use a computer or electronic things to message you. The writing on the letter was so neat, almost perfectly computer-font like. You read the letter.
Dear ______(Your name)_______,
Are you lonely my dear?
No need to be, I shall be joining you later on.
There will be precisely 5 knocks on the door,
and then you will have not very much longer to live this life..
You'll see..

You stare at the piece of paper. 'What the actual hell?' You think, 'What sort of demented person would write this. What kind of sick joke is this?!'
You throw the piece of paper on the floor and then lie on the bed facing the ceiling.
Even though it is obviously some kind of freaky, totally unfunny joke... It still kind of freaks you out. I mean, even if this was a prank, someone would be coming later. It could be that sick pedo geek from school, that would be awkward. It could be one of your ex's, maybe slightly angry? It could be your best friend though, and you hoped if anyone did come it would be your best friend.
Suddenly a knock at the door. And another.
You count them.
'Thank goodness only three knocks! Wait, why am I even worried? It's just some prank!' You think to yourself. You go downstairs to open the door too see a post-delivery man of some sort holding a bouquet or flowers. 'That's strange... All of mums friends know she's married...' you think, I mean who else could the be for?
"Delivery of Red Roses, for a.. Ms. _______Your name here______.."
"Oh, that's me..." You say surprised. Who would send you any of this stuff? You can't think of anyone you know that likes you. You take the roses and go sit on your sofa downstairs after closing the door and saying thank you to the post-delivery guy.
You noticed a card tied to the bouquet. You read it out loud this time.
"For my dearest _______(Your Name)_______,
I love you with all my heart, but I don't think you return my love.
I wish you did, for it hurts everyday too see you and have you not notice who I am.
I shall be with you tonight, my love and you shall not live this life any more, since it has nothing to do with me.
Yours forever and truly,
You'll see.."
You stare at the card. Someone loves you so much that they want to kill you, shows how much they love you. 'What crazy person kills someone they love?!' You scream in your head.
You need too take you mind off this, it's just too crazy. TOO crazy.
You turn on the TV and flick through the channels. Nothing on. You put on your favourite movie and start watching it.
After it's been about 45 minutes into the movie suddenly knocks on the door.
You count once again. Your heart pounding rapidly.
Exactly 5 knocks. You don't know what to do. Your heart racing now, you start sweating nervously and stand from the sofa.

Do yoou...;
Go and answer the door, slowly and carefully...
Ignore the knocking, sit back down and carry on watching your movie. This is a stupid prank afterall... Isn't it?

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