A love so wrong.

Well I got bored with the other story i was writing. So i Started this one.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I walked down the train platform with my ipod and book in hand. I stepped on the train ten minutes before it was going to leave, looking for a cabin without anyone in it. I finally found one some what in the back. I see my reflection in the window my waist long blood red hair pulled back in a ponytail, the black end grazing my lower back, my jade eyes, my slender nose, high cheek bones, full, plump lips, soft, pale skin, all tunting me in their own way . My white T-shirt hugging all my curves. I sat down with a thought of self hatered at all the things about me from my mom. My mom is a succubus who fell in love with a wizerd. Well thats how i was put into this world. No one at school knew about my other half besides the teachers. I put my headphones in and started reading my book when my three best friends Harry, Ron, and Hermoine walk in. I give them a smile. Harry sits next to me like always.
" Hey Nat. How was your summer?" Ron asks his eyes still on Hermione. I try to hide a giggle and say " Great. I was in my room the whole time. You guys?" trying to get the atention away from me. Harry grabs my hand sencing my discomfurt. We were about to close the cabin door when Draco, Crab, and Goyle stop by.
" Look boys it's the three muskteers plus one." Draco said to Crab and Goyle.
" Hi dumb, dumber, and dumbest. What goes on in your boring lives?" but before they answer I slam the door in their faces. Ron starts talking right at that monment. I try to listen but I keep going back to the way Malfoy's eyes looked liked the ocean in the monring. Harry sent Ron and Hermione ahead so he could talk to me alone.
" So Nat I was wondering if you would go out with me? I know it is only been four years from the last time I asked"
I shook my head knowing that Harry wanted me to love him in a way I didn't. I ran from him looking for my one friend I could tell this to. From behind me I heard Harry yelling my full name. I found Fred in the Griffindor coridor. I told him what happened. I knew George was close by. Fred and George sat by me so I didn't have to look at Harry. half way though dinner I felt someone looking at me. I turn and see Harry. Our eyes lock for an instent. My eyes swing away from his right into Draco's. Our eyes lock longer then when I did with Harry. Instead of hating Malfoy I kind of liked him from the begining. I knew this was wrong. I couldn't help it. I knew I should hate him and like Harry more than a friend, but Draco did something to me from the begining. "Oh crap!" i thing to myself.

please coment i want info on what you think.

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