Operation Beautiful.

Operation Beautiful.

For those of you who do not know what Operation Beautiful you can check out my page for details or go to operationbeautiful.com for the whole mission, story, and a way to contact the creator.

Chapter 1

Thanks To All!

I am so pleased right now. How I find users to post Operation Beautiful messages on is that I click random quiz or story, click on the person who created the quiz/story, and leave a message on their page, then continue leaving them on friends of theirs. I created this account only a few days ago, and when I click on a user I find that someone I haven't talked to has already posted an Operation Beautiful message! I saw this a few times this afternoon, and after searching through different profiles I figured out who left them the original message that introduced them to Operation Beautiful, there are several of you, I cannot remember all of your usernames, but you know who you are. ;)

Thank you to all who have helped spread Operation Beautiful to areas it may have never reached, lets keep up the good work ladies! And remember, we can leave Operation Beautiful messages for the boys too, girls aren't the only ones with low self-esteem now-a-days!

Good night, good luck, thank you, and smile, you're beautiful.

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