i fell to earth and landed on my butt (george weasley love story)

okay so please enjoy, maybe leave me some of your ideas for future chapters!! okay katthanksbyeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chapter 1


Okay so first things first my names Jessica potter, im an angel. Okay let me explain my parents are lily and James potter, I died the second I was born and because I died with a pure heart I became an angel. Everyone says that heaven is where angels live well there wrong, just like any world the land of the angels isn't perfect, anyways when I died my parents went on living and went on to have another child called harry potter he was a year younger than me, but when he was only one they died, and because they were both pure of heart they joined me in the land of the angels. Where I live there is a portal in which up to 20 angels can sit around and watch the mortal world, I love watching the wizarding world it was so fantastic they had magic, angels have magic but it’s different to wizarding magic. The portal is amazing but if you go through it you cannot return until you die in the mortal world. Yes I do have wings, but the good thing about them if you have them pressed against your back they disappear into your skin, well shall we get on with my story....

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