This is a actiony assasin kinda story. Let me know if I should write more!! :P

Chapter 1


"This is AlphaWolf 217, what's your status, over?"
"Copy that, I'm in the building with CobraStrike. Over."

I guess I should explain. My name is Vanessa. I used to be an ordinary brunette 26 year old. Now I'm codename DarkStar, an extraordinary brunette 27 year old helping take down a goverment conspriricy named Hunt that killed my family.

AlphaWolf 217's real name is Samual. They also killed his family. He was leading the whole operation. CobraStrike is really called Marcus. I find him
annoying but usefull, due to the fact he's always flirting, but he's also a good killer. Right now, it was 10:30pm, I was crouched next to Marcus on a wall above two gaurds.

We were gonna blow the place up.

Our last teamate, Alex, aka CrossEagle was back at base. He had infiltrated Hunt's base and had cameras set up inside. Samuel was lying flat on a hilltop looking through a sniper rifle, ready to take out the front gaurds so we could get inside. "This is AlphaWolf 217 to CrossEagle. How are the gaurds on the outside? Over." Samuel asked as he positioned his rifle, aiming at one of the gaurd's head.

"All good. Take out the front gaurds and you're in. Over." replied CrossEagle as he glanced at the computer screen. He wasn't usually back at base, but he was the one that infultrated the base, so he was the one who had chosen to stay and warn them if anything went wrong.

Just as well; it was freezing. The sky was clear and you could see the stars scattered across the night sky, but the air sent a chill right down my spine. I saw the moonlight reflect off of Samuel's rifle and he fired once. There was a cry from the guard beneath me and he colapsed. A milisecond later, the other guard followed. We jumped down. "That was cool." Marcus said. He had black spiky hair and stunning green eyes that were hidden by jet black sunglasses, although he didn't really need them he thought they were for a good occasion.

"Lets just set the stupid bomb up and get the hell out of here." I said. I loaded my pistol and screwed the silencer on. I had my black balaclava that made me look like some kind of ninja.

We found ourselves running through corridors. Alex could track which part of the building we were in so he could let us know if there was a guard coming the other way, but I was still nervous. Avoiding guards wasn't the worst part though.
There were alarms everywhere, security cameras, and then of course where we had to set the bomb up. We had to plant the bomb in the center of the building, that way the whole thing would come crashing down.

We heard a noise coming from around the corner. "Guys! We've got two guards,
hide!" Alex's voice was crackling through the radio. We pressed our backs against the wall. My grip tightened around my gun. Marcus grabbed my arm."Wait." He whispered. He held up a grenade and grinned. "Smoke grenade."

Marcus pulled the pin and tossed it around the corner. Smoke began to seep around the corner. There was coughing from the guards. "Hold your breathe." Marcus whispered. We crept through the smoke as quickly as we could and came up behind the guards. I pulled out my tack knife and stabbed him in the neck. Marcus did the same. The smoke cleared.

I sighed and looked at the dead guards. Marcus was grinning at me. "What?" I frowned. "You look so damn sexyy when you kill stuff." he grinned. "Oh Marcus you look so sexyy when you shut up." I said sarcasticly. I rolled my eyes and he laughed.

We reached the center of the building. I pulled out the bomb and wired it up. "Okay, how long do we have until this thing explodes. Over." I asked Samuel. "About ten minutes I would get yourselves out before you get blown up. Move it!" He replied.

"That's hardly long enough." murmered Marcus. Suddenly, the alarm sounded. It was a horrific noise, screeching through the speakers. "Shoot." I cursed. "Run!"

We ran like hell. Gunning down waves of guards and sprinting for our lives, we finally reached the exit. There was a screech of tires and a black van turned up, Samuel was in the driver's seat. "Get in!" He yelled. We leapt in the back, and drove away, right before a huge explosion detonated the entire building, blowing it to absolute destruction. Flaming peices of walls flew everywhere, shards of glass and shouting from the remaining guards.

Thank God we didn't die, I though to myself.

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