Friends for Now (Fred Weasley story)

Ok guys,since i love Fred and George equally,im making one for Fred now!

Chapter 1

Character info

Ok guys so im gonna make a Fred Weasley love story so when i make it i dont want you to be confused so heres character info:

Name: Megan Thorn
Age:Same as Twins
Year: Starts at one moves along
Looks:Long straight dirty blond hair,grey eyes,skinny,wears big nerd glasses (lol!),tall
Friends:Neville,Lee,Harry,Ron,Hermione,Luna,Ginny,Seamus/ BFF(s) George/Family:Alyssa,Scott,Rob.
Description: Funny,nerdy but not like a smart nerdy more like a minipulitive(sp?) nerdy,brave,outgoing,adventurous,kind,prankster

Name: Alyssa Thorn
Age: Same as Charlie so i think thats....5 years older than Megan?
Year:6( moves on)
Looks:Medium straight blond hair,blue eyes,skinny,tall 
Friends:The Weasley's,other people in her year
Description: Loves animals,funny,smart,kind,nice,helpful,sporty

Name: Scott Thorn
Age:4 years older than Megan 
Year: 5( moves on) 
House: Gryffindor 
Looks: Short brown hair (aprox. the legnth of Fred and George in the Deathly Hallows and uhh if you didnt figure out this is a boy....),grey eyes,skinny,tall 
Friends: The Weasley's,Harry, other people in his year
Description: Loud and kinda annoying,likes to be right,brave,trustworthy,fun to be around

Name:Rob Thorn 
Age: 2 years older than Megan
Year: 3 ( moves on)
Looks: Short dirty blond hair( again aprox. the same length of Fred and George in the Deathly Hallows ad if you havent figured out THIS IS A BOY!!),blue eyes,skinny,
Friends: The Weasley's, Harry,Neville,other people in his year
Description:Funny,clumsy,extremley good at Transfiguration,outgoing,sportish,caring,lovable

Ok so i cant take anymore characters unless you want me to explode!!!!!

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