Friends for Now (Fred Weasley story)

Ok guys,since i love Fred and George equally,im making one for Fred now!

Chapter 3

Room mates.

"Coincidence (sp?!?) we all got in Gryffindor" Fred observed
"Yeah,it is strange" I said
"I would stop complaining,at least we're all together" Breanna said
"Good point"George said
I started eating my food.I looked over at Scott.I was surprised he had any friends,he ate like a pig(Simile!).Alyssa was sitting at the end of the table with Charlie and some other friends i didnt know.I think she might be embarrased be Scott.Or me or Rob.I dont know why though,most people cant even tell we're related,she looks quite different than the three of us.
A few minutes later
"See you guys" Breanna and I said
"Bye"They said walking off to there room
"Lets go"Breanna said
We walked to our room.
We walked in and there were two girls sitting there.We walked in.
"Hi!" I said
They both looked surprised and turned around.
"Im Breanna Summers" Breanna introduced herself
The girl who had long blue hair changed her hair to blonde.
"Im Alice Williams" She said
I looked at her glasses.I smiled.
"I love your glasses!" I said happily
"I love yours too-Hey! They turned yellow!" She said
"Yeah,its a spell." I said
"Think you can do it on mine?" She asked
"I'll ask my sister for the spell" I replied
I turned to the other one who had black hair and eyes that changed with her mood.
"Im Isabel Chambers" She said
"Im Megan Thorn" I said

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