Friends for Now (Fred Weasley story)

Ok guys,since i love Fred and George equally,im making one for Fred now!

Chapter 8

Hi guys! I havent written in forever I know,bare with me.

a couple days layyyytttterrrr
Bree,George and I were chillin in the common room.
"Schneblyyy! I cant get this stupid thing in!!!" I was attempting to get my foot into an old pair of my sisters shoes and lets just say that wasnt going well. At all.
"Schnebly?" George asked
"Yeah,its a hill,schnebly hill,but it sounds like a swear word" I said
Bree nodded.
"Riiiggghhhhhtttt" She said
"You act like I'm not normal!" I exclaimed
"Your not normal!" She said
"I am in Canada!" I said
"Oh,so they have insane,crazy,weird blonde girls who are also magical in Canada?" She asked
"Yes." I said
"You are so strange" George said
"I know." I said
Just then Shelby walked in.
"Can I talk to you for a minute?" She asked
"Uh...I dunno....I'm kinda busy with this shoe....." I said nodding towards my shoe
She rolled her eyes and went to her dorm.
"So ridiculous....." George said
"Why don't you just talk it out with her?" Bree asked
I shrugged.
"Eh...its easier to let it sit their awkwardly in the air" I said
"You so weird words don't even describe" George said
Fred walked in and sat next to George. My cell phone just so conveniently buzzed at that moment. Wow,dad.......
"I thought you werent allowed to use muggle devices in Hogwarts?" Fred asked
I shrugged.
"I gotta take this" I said pointing towards my phone,the contact said Will Ferrell.......hehehehehe.
"Hi Dad!" I said as I walked to my room
I could hear them talking about me but whatever.
"Dad,I can't talk right now,I have Herbology" ..... "Ok" ..... "Love you too" .... "Bye"
I sat down on my bed. There was a note from Shelby.
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
He's for me
Not for you
And if you try to take my place
I'll take my fists
And break your face

What a bitch. I could easily beat her up. She didnt even spell break right.....i think.

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